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And Then He Fell by bluriver
And Then He Fellby bluriver
Drew Rangle, quarterback of his high school football team, is dating gorgeous cheerleader, Elle Martin. When Drew's parents ask Elle's full-figured twin sister, Em, to...
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Reflection by SugarSha
Reflectionby Sharlette'
"I'm going to make you come harder and faster. I own you, you are mine to control. Every time you look in the mirror, I will be your Reflection." Cassandr...
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Love of a Stray by sarahdanst
Love of a Strayby Sarah Danst
"Joyce is an angel. I love her so much. But can a stray like me love an angel like her?" That's when the god grants his wish and turn him into a human. It was...
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ThunderSnow by lilymae74
ThunderSnowby Lily Mae
When the popular - and devastatingly handsome - Hollywood actor, Eli Colton, is sent to a filming location in Minnesota in the middle of the frigid deep freeze of winter...
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Sweet afternoons by BirdOfTheDark
Sweet afternoonsby Silent_asthenight
26-year-old Lena Young is a curvy lady. She's heavier than the average woman and has been ridiculed all her life because of it. Moving to Texas gave her a new start and...
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Through His Eyes by ann2403
Through His Eyesby ann2403
Hailee Cast is overweight. She is kind, caring, funny, and will die for her friends. She's spent everyday of high school being judged, compared to other girls, and ignor...
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✔ An Overweight Arranged Marriage (EXO 's Park Chanyeol FF) by _galaxystarz
✔ An Overweight Arranged Marriage...by Jeong-Ui 🌙
{OVERWEIGHT series #1//Book1} Genre: Romance, Fluff, Sad, Angst ××× "Do not underestimate what an arranged marriage can do to you." ¤Not your average Arran...
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Curvy by stacylahey
Curvyby stacylahey
Thalia was never skinny. She's Always been overweight, or "curvy" as her friends tell her. Even though she knows curvy is a word over-feminist people say to m...
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Loving Mekhi (boyxboy)(plus size)  by louiistyles
Loving Mekhi (boyxboy)(plus size) by louiistyles
Mekhi aka Bigboii2000 is an online sensation, for the gay adult entertainment industry that is. Mekhi has always struggled with his weight and sexuality. When he turned...
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Fat girl worries by CheneyQ
Fat girl worriesby CheneyQ
Skylar hated that her parents split up, she hated that she had to live with her mother, she hated that she had to move to a different part of the world, she hated her mo...
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Outgrowing the Dorm by PB2271
Outgrowing the Dormby PB2271
One girl's love of food hits new levels when she gets rewarded to get fatter.
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Beauty Comes in More Sizes than Zero by Writer_
Beauty Comes in More Sizes than Ze...by Writer_
"Sometimes he pretends he doesn't know me in front of his friends, but sometimes he makes me feel like Cinderella!" A novella filled with self-acceptance, self...
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Fat Camps and Makeovers [COMPLETED] by makemeover
Fat Camps and Makeovers [COMPLETED]by makemeover
[COMPLETED] [NOT CLICHE] Only one word can describe Brooke Taylor Ashman - She's fat. Brooke is seriously overweight, with the scales tipping at more than 280 pounds. He...
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Chubby girl in the mafia  by marydiva17
Chubby girl in the mafia by marydiva17
Y/n father had given her away to most famous mafia groups in the city called bts. What she did not know her father also promised and other mafia group her called sevente...
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kisses for klutz  by dyingdaydreamer
kisses for klutz by 💚💚💚
With the school holidays just starting, Joan is dreading the boredom the next six weeks will bring her. That is, until a certain blond-haired beauty enters her life and...
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Break Free Roselle by BelWatson
Break Free Roselleby Bel Watson
I live in the most expensive city of the world, a cosmopolitan capital. It's vibrant with all its people, it's loud, it's crowded. It's beautiful. But I'm not part of it...
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Your Numbers and Mine by SecretWriterMan
Your Numbers and Mineby SecretWriterMan
Olivia Keynes is back in a spin-off / sequel to The Numbers Don't Lie! But this time, she's got her eyes set on a man, and his eyes are fixated on her ever-growing fat b...
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Anxiety by ithinkimfine
Anxietyby ithinkimfine
It's not my fault. I mean, I never asked for any of this. I can't help that it's in my genes. I can't help that I'm fat.
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Seven mafia bosses girl  by marydiva17
Seven mafia bosses girl by marydiva17
A chubby girl visiting her past life and seeing what everything was like, and what might if end her life in the past. Falling in love with seven mafia bosses long gone b...
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Loving Charlie by Solitude_madness
Loving Charlieby Solitude_madness
In which a girl discovers the importance of loving herself.
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