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 ❀HIS❀BRIDE❀ by Angelwriter16
❀HIS❀BRIDE❀by Dahgurl_Oma
BOOK TWO of ✿THE STORY OF US✿... : : It was an accident that her High school sweet heart got her pregnant, an...
Likes Also Attract. #PROJECTNIGERIA. #wattpride #wattpad by haybee_queen
Likes Also Attract. haybee_queen
Meet Florence a beautiful biochemist, she had everything she wanted from money to the perfect family to the perfect job but what she lacked and wanted was the perfect re...
AYAD by orimiye
AYADby orimiye
An interracial story of love, betrayal and friendship. The Ayad family. They are wealthy, extravagant and genetically close to perfect. Prior to marriage, all prospecti...
Damien's attraction by PearlMurphy
Damien's attractionby Pearl_writes
He came back for revenge....but the sparks are back too Meet October Obiakor; The Nigerian spoilt child born into a rich family with no aim for her future. She was okay...
Misfortunate (Completed) by TheOmoope
Misfortunate (Completed)by Iduh Vivian Opeyemi
Labeebah Sheriff, known as 'BeebahShe' in the south and simply 'Beebah' in the north is your girl-next-door actress, likes to hide indoors but has enough vanity to see h...
UNENDING AMOR✓ by Macedonia2901
UNENDING AMOR✓by Macedonia2901
Best designer Lisha is seen to be a crazy lady who doesn't give a damn about anything, everyone believes she has a beautiful and perfect life but she had her insecuritie...
BEING A TEEN SERIES: THAT GUY by TheOfficialSemiloore
BEING A TEEN SERIES: THAT GUY (BOOK 1) Every single teenage girl fantasizes. And most times they fantasize about the same thing. About THAT GUY. THAT GUY, she'll have...
Forever Yours (A Nigerian Hausa Love Story)✔️ by arummees
Forever Yours (A Nigerian Hausa arummees
Abubakar Aliyu his parents's puppet. They make all the decisions in his life for him due to their social standards. But he escapes using his arranged marriage. He ga...
His Infidelity (Book Two In The Possession Series) by Nikepo
His Infidelity (Book Two In The 𝒻𝒾𝓁𝓉𝒽𝓎 𝓈𝑜𝓊𝓁𝓈🥀
The Maxwells must either shatter or stick together as they go through different challenges. ______________________________________________ "I love you so much it hu...
LIKE STARS   by TheOfficialSemiloore
| PUBLISHED ON HINOVEL | | PUBLISHED ON RNOVEL | | PUBLISHED ON READOO | | PUBLISHED ON VOLCANOEBOOK | "Love is needing someone, Love is putting up with someo...
It's Me Vs You by MabelOsagiede
It's Me Vs Youby Mabel Osagiede
They say Money makes the world go round, Is that true? They say no man is an island Prove it? They say happiness can be found in one's f...
Ojuju Kalaba 2.0 by AmbassadorsNG
Ojuju Kalaba 2.0by Ambassadors Nigeria
Remember when you used to look out your windows at night into the darkness and imagined the horrors that laid within? When the shift of a shadow could mean Ojuju was dra...
PUNKS VERIFIED✅ by Macedonia2901
PUNKS VERIFIED✅by Macedonia2901
Kikiopefoluwa is a smart, outgoing and brilliant girl who had five friends; the ever stupid Bimpe, ever foolish Doyin, ever sappy Khalid, ever jerky Kunmi and the ever w...
When Powers Collide by Doodeelolaski
When Powers Collideby Joonie's pringle
"I've told you, when you're with me, you cut all that alpha macho shit!" I warned him, pointing towards his chest. "Do you know I'm not you're mate ?"...
A New Dawn (Complete) by NonyeUwakwe
A New Dawn (Complete)by Uwakwe Chinonye
"You know you are not getting any younger. You need to settle down for God's sake. Your sisters are all tied down to their men but yet here you are without a man. A...
BEING A TEEN SERIES: BIMBO by TheOfficialSemiloore
BEING A TEEN SERIES: BIMBO (BOOK 4) That line, that fucked up imaginary line. I like you, you like Bose, Bose likes John, John likes Feyi, Feyi like Kunle, Kunle like Ju...
VILE by Uche_Valery
VILEby ....
Tomike is a young Nigerian programmer living in Boston, trying to pave a way for herself far away from her home country. She seems to have it going all good for her, but...
His Woman by jhemma456
His Womanby JB
[COMPLETED✅] ✨Third place winner🏆🏅 in the category "short story" of The carnation awards.✨ #1 out of 169 jealousy I turned around to leave severally but I c...
P for Perfect by the_nErd_goldE
P for Perfectby *Gold*
6 high schoolers battle the expectations from their parents, their school and the society at large. Faced under such pressure each battle with their demons differently...
Along Came Timi by Dhreem
Along Came Timiby Joyce
Love can change people. Love Endures. Love can't be explained. Love is REAL. 'Along Came Timi' is a love story about two teenagers who's only wish is to be together. ...