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Half Girlfriend  by KingMoha
Half Girlfriend by Muhammad Abubakar
Minal is a very shy girl in her early twenties, she's known for her friendliness. Her dream is to obtain her PhD before settling down for marriage but things changes the...
SEE  by _H_O_V
SEE by حسنة
Being married to her father's friend's son wasn't part of what Waleeda planned for in her life , yet life played a game of twist and turns for her when she got married t...
RIBAN HAKURI by Ammakatiti
RIBAN HAKURIby Ammah Abdullah
Labari ne akan wata baiwar Allah da tasha wahalan rayuwa amma tayi hakuri ta jure ...Ku biyo ni dan jin labarin wannan baiwar Allahn
FADIMATUU ✔ by zahrah_mukhtar
FADIMATUU ✔by zahrah_mukhtar
"So what are you doing in our house dingy girl?" He asked her coldly. "It's none of your business and please stop calling me dingy girl" She replied...
Replacement Bride by KingMoha
Replacement Brideby Muhammad Abubakar
Amani wasn't ready for marriage, nor was she willing to marry her cousin. She was just 17 and had recently rounded up her secondary school. Her intention was to further...
Broken Vow by zahrah_mukhtar
Broken Vowby zahrah_mukhtar
On losing her husband, Zain Hashim on their wedding day, Hanan Aali made a Vow to remain his widow for the rest of her life. Her Vow seems to be kept, until five years...
Grandpa's Choice |✔️ by fatima_zahra15
Grandpa's Choice |✔️by Fatima Abdullahi
What happens when your grandfather picks you, a happily married man with a heavily pregnant wife, amongst all his grandsons to get married to the granddaughter of his c...
My Destiny by Maryamaaa___
My Destinyby Maryamaaa___
When they have each others name written in their life hurdle will stop them from uniting. Follow me as we uncover the story of kamila and Jawaad!!!! It's...
INSIDE AREWAby Muhammad Abubakar
Same religion, different ethnicity! This story practically revolves around the relationship between two culturally different persons, and the challenges they faced in ge...
AFRA  by thasalat
AFRA by Sa'adatul~anämi
Afra Ahmad kashim. ✨30 years old✨. She's loving and caring. A beautiful young lady, who's trying to chase her dreams of becoming a successful fashion designer in the fas...
Ummu Hani by FadimaFayau
Ummu Haniby Faɗima Aminu Ya'u
Not edited!!! Duk da cewar iyayansu sun mutu, an rasa wanda zai ɗauke su cikin dangi, ummu hani yar kimanin shekara goma sha shida ita ta ɗauki ragamar kula da yan uwant...
Eternal Desires(On Hold) by khadyjatt
Eternal Desires(On Hold)by khadyjatt
~Last BOOK IN THE DESIRE SERIES ~ #1 in Arewa on 4-august-2022
MATAR SADIQ by Pherty-xarah
MATAR SADIQby Fertymerh Xarah
Complete story of a young girl Ummy.
Inked by Nusy_idrisu
Inkedby Blvck_diary
Asad Suhail is a young guy who is poetic, cold , void and always harsh to others. Life was harsh to him so why shouldn't he be harsh to others?. Growing up was tragic fo...
We all have something we want to achieve in life. That was the case for Farhanna. A classical, cheerful with a carefree personality from a reputable family. At her young...
Adiva by miymigu
Adivaby miymigu
Adiva is a young Nigerian girl, who finds herself in a new state just after the loss of her father. Come with her on a journey of, self discovery, friendships,love and t...
BFFs: finding love again✔️ by meemxy
BFFs: finding love again✔️by Nana Amina Alkali Kwairanga
Third of the BFFs series. *** Fatima Abba Sulayman has always been the one to follow her heart. But after what happened to her while in senior secondary school, that ev...
A Peaceful Chaos by BlackPearl_4044
A Peaceful Chaosby Fatima Saad Gidado
After her only friend committed suicide, Fateema vowed to not make any friends again, Even though she had lived all her life without a family, she had to deal with a jea...
Flawed Perfection by Miemie_ado
Flawed Perfectionby Maryam A. Datti
At Twenty-One, Aisha's rancor for both men and marriage should consciously pass as the world's biggest astonishment but that's not quiet all of her, she does not appeal...