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Loving The Broken✓ by aishatu_humairah
Loving The Broken✓by mindful pen
Dreams Shattered, Ways blocked, hope lost, Everything comes crashing down. Painful past, hard present, an unknown dimension for the future, Her name is Hauwa Kulu Jid...
Replacement Bride by KingMoha
Replacement Brideby Muhammad Abubakar
Amani wasn't ready for marriage, nor was she willing to marry her cousin. She was just 17 and had recently rounded up her secondary school. Her intention was to further...
a NAÏVE promise by mayro_
a NAÏVE promiseby Hanatu (✿^‿^)
♧C°O•M°P•L°E•T°E♧ 🍕 🍦 🍔 🍟 She's a foodie!!!! 🍧 🍰 🍫 Amuna Bukar Daughter of Bukar and Fatima Raised with the highest principles Very funny girl Talkative But mostl...
HIDDEN DESIRE                           (COMPLETED, 2020) by iamsuhailat
HIDDEN Suhailat Abdullahi
#2nd Hausa 27 November, 2020. #1st Minna 23 November, 2020. #10th Arewa 27 November, 2020. #6th Ice cream 10 December, 2020. #13th apology...
Dear Hammad by _jiddarhtulkhair_
Dear Hammadby Hauwa'u Ishaq Zarewa
A fiction book of two people meant to be, a book about Hammad and Yusrah. Hammad Buba Marwa is a 31-year-old microbiologist, handsome, classy, and coldhearted multimilli...
It all start in June ✅ by khadyjatt
It all start in June ✅by Autan-mama📚
STARTED ON APRIL 9 2022 FINISHED ON MAY 8 2022 #1 in June on 6-may-2022 #5 in patience on 6-may-2022 #3 in tolerance...
Eternal Desires by khadyjatt
Eternal Desiresby Autan-mama📚
~BOOK 5 IN THE DESIRES SERIES ~ #1 in Area on 4-august-2022 Sequel to Distasteful desires.
IN-LAWS  by AeshaKabir
IN-LAWS by D.o.s.t.i✨
IN-LAWS. He's all she loved, Whom she trusted with all her might but she was lazy and uncaring. Khalifah broke Khadijah's trust when she least expected. Her best friend...
Tainted Cinderella ✔️ by ChloroQueen_
Tainted Cinderella ✔️by Addra Sumaiya Ibrahim
Broken, Damaged, Tainted.
Abadan(forever) by meenatsalanke
Abadan(forever)by meenatsalanke
❤️Amina is a beautiful,smart ,loving ,chatterbox and a caring person. She's a straight forward lady until she met Muhammad ❤️ ❤️Muhammad on the other he's a rich handso...
NOORIE  by mss_amee
NOORIE by Shehu Amina
"How is it my mistake? Why are you punishing me? Why do you hate me so much? Why? What have I ever done wrong?" Hauwa asked her mother crying profusely on the...
Untainted Desires ✔ by khadyjatt
Untainted Desires ✔by Autan-mama📚
~BOOK 3 IN THE DESIRES SERIES~ STARTED. ON 20-JANUARY-2021 FINISHED. ON 15-OCTOBER-2021 #1 in mothers. On. 7-08-2021 #1 in introvert. On 16-06-2021 #4...
KALLON KITSE by LadyAyshert
KALLON KITSEby Aisha Halilu M
Kallon kitse ba litaffina bane na marubuciyar nan ne Halima Abdullahi k/mashi
ZUMA by Shatuuu095
ZUMAby Ta masu gari
A story of love ❤️ A heart deforming story💔😫 Ban taba sanin kuka yana saka ciwon ido ba se a kaina, na kasance Inada cika baki ko a cikin kawaye akan soyayyar namiji...
The Life Of Aishah✓ by Zeelove17
The Life Of Aishah✓by Abdulkareem Zeenat Oyiza
A petite beautiful girl was forced to marry her dad's childhood friend son,she got no choice but married him at first the marriage was sour and then came love before the...
Fated Souls✅ by __ruksss__
Fated Souls✅by Ruuruu!👑
"Enough!" He thundered, "Enough is enough Zara, you are the one who broke my heart, why did you do this to us, why?, i've loved you so very much but this...
His Gorgeous Muslimah (completed) √ by bibties_ink
His Gorgeous Muslimah (completed) √by HABIBAH SHEHU
He was now striding purposefully towards her as she tried as much as she could to compose her self. She wasn't wrong. It was Umar. Umar the brashly arrogant, softhearted...
Labiba by bilkyysu
Labibaby bilkyysu
COMPLETED English/Hausa For someone who has never had it easy in life, Labiba believed her world has finally come to an end when she was practically forced into marrying...
DERAILED✔️ by xeinaht
DERAILED✔️by Zinat Abdulkadir
Nadia Suleiman modibbo is who you can define as a beautiful, shy, loving and caring young lady with a painful past. What happens when she's thrown into a conditioned mar...
SULTANA... by Zaynab_yusuf
#20 Zaynab Mohd Yusuf
Highest ranking:#1 in #hausa 12 nov,2021 to date. Guguwar Zamani labarine mai ban tausayi da sanya idanuwa zubar hawaye,mai dauke da nagartacciyar kauna dakuma chakwakiy...