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My Obsession with Chloe Claire: BOOK ONE by LithliyaOmorose
My Obsession with Chloe Claire: BO...by Lithliya Omorose
TO BE PUBLISHED LATE 2020 OR EARLY 2021 Award Winning Novel of The Creativity Awards in 1st Place of ChickLit When Luke Armstrong got accepted into the University of Ala...
the captain's girl by oreommeow
the captain's girlby oreommeow
the captain's girl- I Love You...Sincerely It All About Genevieve Marson How She Fall In Love With The School Football Player N The Hottie In School. ***P.S All Charac...
The Fat Girl's Journey To Happiness (COMPLETED) by ImNotaPerfectGirl25
The Fat Girl's Journey To Happines...by Angelyn Hernandez
Being fat her entire life, Ashley Simpson has many struggles, from choosing what clothes to fit her, to judgmental people and building her self-confidence, you name it! ...
Love Yourself First | BTS FF by secretlybangtan
Love Yourself First | BTS FFby .cjz.
"I like you..." Taehyung looks me up and down, his mouth open in a slight smirk and tongue visible. He chuckles. "Lose the weight and then let's talk.&quo...
Break Her by necieelder
Break Herby N
Riley Green, the extroverted, optimistic teen that hides behind her smile, faces Grayson, the annoying, egotistical, jokester, playful, popular guy, that hides behind th...
Badump* by fanficqueen1451
Badump*by Yoonbae
Taehyung and you have been friends since kindergarten, so when high school starts you expect your pact of friendship to uphold. However everything starts changing Tae su...
More or less Easter egg hunting is fun by Story-teller-Flonne
More or less Easter egg hunting is...by Flon-Flon
Shizuku Suzuki sets up an Easter egg hunt around her house so her girlfriend Candy can go ahead and do some hunting for the eggs.. But what Candy doesn't expect is that...
The fat chick and the bad boy by Toxic_love_kills
The fat chick and the bad boyby Toxic_love_kills
Harper is the fat girl who secretly has a crush on her bully, does he feel the same? Or is he just her tormentor? Read to find out. WARNING- contains daddy kink, bdsm...
Losing control (english) by yup4_Drawings
Losing control (english)by yup4_Drawings
Suddenly with an innocent start, the sports protagonist will slowly gain weight feeling a strange interest in junk food, but in the end what will she do to solve the pro...
I like her,she's a BADASS... by aaurii_
I like her,she's a BADASS...by 𝒜𝓊𝓇𝒾
Aurora is an italian, curvy (even though she says she's fat) and shy girl who left her mum and her home because of her violent dad. She's forced to live in a place where...
The Feedersclub  by LovelyGuppy
The Feedersclub by LovelyGuppy's
This story is about feeders and feedee's. Its a short story and contains >stuffing / force feeding / weight gains and strong emotions. If you can't stand this, don't...
Por ti (feederism) by fatgain
Por ti (feederism)by ^__^
Donde tras una relación Gloriana descubre que sería capaz de hacer cualquier cosa por su pareja, tanto así que si él le pide engordar lo haría sin dudarlo.
GHOST  👻 (A Paranormal Romance) by Cocosghost
GHOST 👻 (A Paranormal Romance)by Cocosghost
Frizzy haired and overweight, sixteen year old Elizabeth Summers hears ghosts. She also reads people's auras often seeing when something bad is headed their way. Unfortu...
Plus Sized ✔️ by TomandJerry002
Plus Sized ✔️by Naomi
"You don't have to forgive me but I want you to know that I am fed up of letting self doubt get in the way and I would really like to give this friendship we had a...
feedee journal ~ by feedeeNoelle
feedee journal ~by noelle <3
this is like my third journal • just trying to share my progress!
Fat Girls Return by MissRapunzel
Fat Girls Returnby MissRapunzel
Sophomores Elle Gable and Rosemary Everly live through daily torment because of their weight - 295 pounds each. After a life-threatening prank on Rosie and a humiliating...
fattening up <3  by valen101010
fattening up <3 by gettingfat
feeder journal i'm a minor don't read if u don't like belly fetishes
Petty SideChick : Curvaceous Woman by kiruhime
Petty SideChick : Curvaceous Womanby kim wo hae
Beautiful is weighing under 130lbs. Attractive is having the perfect hour glass figure. jealousy is watching your 128lbs best friend cries about being fat while your sit...
Space Belly by RollsWriting
Space Bellyby Fat Squeezer
Olivia finds herself to be the host of a space parasite which had come out of a meteor that crashed next to Olivia's apartment. Sadly for Olivia, the space parasite need...