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Embrace the Suck (Bad, #1) ni kissmyredlips
Embrace the Suck (Bad, #1)ni Anya
THIS STORY WILL BE FREE ON AUG 17, 2022. Kenna has long accepted that no matter what she does, each and every relationship of hers won't last. Meeting Saint Del Valle is...
After Death (Hello, Death 3) (Completed) ni TheCatWhoDoesntMeow
After Death (Hello, Death 3) ( Eloisa Madrigal
[This story will become free again on AUGUST 30, 2021] After Natalie escapes death, she finds a silver feather, phone messages from an unknown sender and gets the abilit...
Moving Into My Ex's House ni areyaysii
Moving Into My Ex's Houseni Raice
Georgina is homeless and broke, and her ex-boyfriend came to her rescue by letting her temporarily stay in his house. But with the two of them living together, how big i...
The New Boss is My Husband?! ni purplenayi
The New Boss is My Husband?!ni n a y i
[Published in Print] One True Love Series #1 Lana is living her life on her own terms, free from an arranged marriage and focusing only on her work. And then her husband...
Señorita ni dstndbydstny
Señoritani dstndbydstny
Vida live her life in luxury since her mother lived in with a rich haciendero in the province. Later on, her mom was left with nothing after the man died. Now, Vida's lu...
His Bite (Book 1 of Bite Trilogy) Venom Series #1 ni VentreCanard
His Bite (Book 1 of Bite Trilogy) VentreCanard
On her 18th birthday, Claret finds out that her destiny is to be a healer in Nemetio Spiran, a vampire world where all is not as it seems. ...
As You Lie Awake ni ShinichiLaaaabs
As You Lie Awakeni Ice Bear is Cool
An angel was sent to Earth to protect Violet from evil forces. Unknown to them, it was his wings they were after. ...
Grow Old With A Womanizer (Published Under RISINGSTAR)  ni IHeartThisGuy
Grow Old With A Womanizer ( Leon
I love him but he doesn't love me back. I'm his wife but he's not treated me as his wife. I can forgive a person and let them go. Sometimes It's the best option. It is a...
Grieving Soul [#Wattys2019 Winner] ni nininininaaa
Grieving Soul [#Wattys2019 Winner]ni Nina
[ARDENT SERIES #2] Iarra took the biggest risk of her life-and heart-with Silver Melendrez. But when an unexpected event tears her world apart, her best friend Gio comes...
Sidechick (SPG) [Completed] ni KirbyHue
Sidechick (SPG) [Completed]ni Kirby Hue
"Yes, I'm a sidechick. Kirida, kabit, number two, mistress, sidechick! You can call me by any term you want, all day all night, but I don't care. I'm proud and loud...
The Filthy, Rich Bitch ni JhingBautista
The Filthy, Rich Bitchni Jhing Bautista
Meg is a bitch--and she continues to be one upon knowing that Daniel only married her for his wealthy grandfather's inheritance. But when secrets from the past prove all...
Maid For You (Showbiz Series #1) ni keired
Maid For You (Showbiz Series #1)ni keired
A runaway bride turned yaya. Kyra Sandico, a socialite and the heiress of a maritime company decided to run away from her own arrange marriage. Ang problema, mahirap mag...
TAMING A CASANOVA (Published Under Pop Fiction & Self-Published) ni fedejik
TAMING A CASANOVA (Published fedejik/ Ate Mommy Dean
Dalton Ace Samaniego, nag-iisang anak at total Casanova. Kahit na minsan ay 'di siya nagseryoso sa buhay at naging mapaglaro sa mga babae. Malaya niyang ginagawa ang m...
Hey, Uncle Vance. ni artribetri
Hey, Uncle eris
WARNING!| R-18| Contains mature contents that are not suitable for young readers. Read at your own risk. She's a prim and proper, pretty and innocent. And he's the wild...
The Billionaire's Mistress ni jajangrayter
The Billionaire's Mistressni Just Jenny
Maganda, matalino at mayaman. Ganoon kung ilarawan ng karamihan lalo na sa Business Industry si Clariza Estebas. Siya ang CEO ng Estebas Beauty Cosmetics at siya'y isang...
My Hot Kidnapper Is A Ruthless Billionare [COMPLETED] ✓ ni LOVELESSBUTHOPEFUL
My Hot Kidnapper Is A Ruthless Lovelessbuthopeful stories
GUN LUCIFERO MADRIGAL. He's Ruthless. He's a Demon personified. He's feared by anybody. He can kill in a snap. And lastly, He's my KIDNAPPER? *** Paano kung maglaro ang...
A Slice of Love ni barbsgalicia
A Slice of Loveni Barbs Galicia-Jacob
Passionate baker Jenny Zamora unexpectedly falls for her rich, loyal customer's son, Gavin Trinidad. With the cakes and sweets she regularly bakes for him and his family...
Reincarnated as the Seventh Princess (Book 2/3) (COMPLETED) ni Airosikin
Reincarnated as the Seventh Airos
Book 2 of Reincarnated as the Seventh Princess (Trilogy) READING THE FIRST SEASON IS A MUST❗ Language: Filipino Genre: Fantasy | Romance | Action | Reincarnation Hindi n...
The Trained Wife [Completed] ni secretlychasing
The Trained Wife [Completed]ni Reinn
Rana Eilyn is an eighteen-year old beggar, with no house to live in, believes that one day she will be able to achieve her dreams too. Sa araw-araw na pamamalimos, iba't...
Casimiro's Instant First Lady : ZBS 1 (Completed) ni bluekisses
Casimiro's Instant First Lady : 💙Leyn Z💙
It was one fine morning at Konsehal Casimiro Zaragoza's office-nang may dumating na isang babae at ipinapaako sa kaniya ang anak nito. Pero paano niya pananagutan ang d...