Coffee by crabbybutterscotch
Coffeeby -ieatjin
In which a girl works in a cafe to forget a boy who forgot her -- a bts fanfiction started: 23/11/16 ended: 10/12/16 [un-edited; under editing]
  • wattys2017
  • taehyung
  • bts
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Finding Cinderella by raindrops_
Finding Cinderellaby kei
[REVISING; WEEKLY UPDATES] He's. . . hot, popular, and proud. She's. . . plain, eccentric, and persistent. There's nothing common between them except that they hated ea...
  • youngadultreads
  • humor
  • fate
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Players (Jimin FF) [Under Edditing ] by I_I_I_hate_snakue
Players (Jimin FF) [Under Hobi_Jung
He is a player. Girls..... he get them all. He is handsome and rich. Girls drool all over him even though they know that he will break their hearts sooner or later. Park...
  • dramtic
  • kimseokjin
  • kimtaehyung
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Seven Steps || Drarry by DorthyAnnDrarry
Seven Steps || Drarryby DorthyAnnDrarry
Upon succumbing to the reality that he might fancy Harry Potter, Draco and Pansy put together a plan to try and win Potter over, one step at a time.
  • harrypotter
  • harryxdraco
  • angst
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FOR YOU (BTS Kim Taehyung) by aifa_kim
FOR YOU (BTS Kim Taehyung)by aifa_kim
Park Hyerin - A happy go lucky girl who in her last year at Medical University. Live with her mother and a little brother after her father die. Has a cheerful side, a li...
  • bts
  • jin
  • bighit
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The Moment I Fall For You by annsgirls
The Moment I Fall For Youby annsgirls
Nivedhitha a fun going lovely chubby girl who doesn't care about anything in this world. There is only one motive for her in life , keep smiling and make everyone hap...
  • melodrama
  • friendship
  • annsgirls
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First Love || Cha Eunwoo by adibah_tofu
First Love || Cha Eunwooby Kawaii Tofu
"I was too late to even regret my actions." -Cha Eunwoo
  • astro
  • melodrama
  • chaeunwoofanfiction
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CLOSER (Book 1) A Dark Romance by achimay
CLOSER (Book 1) A Dark Romanceby May
closer (adverb): to come in close proximity ..... This beautiful man was flawed. He was real ... real in a sense that he was human after all. Fragile. Pitiful. Lonely. ...
  • marriage
  • billionaire
  • closer
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My Cold-Hearted Husband by SalinaTsab
My Cold-Hearted Husbandby Xo_Tae-Tae_Xo
Lee Hyeri, the heir of a popular and famous company in Korea, marry's Kim Taehyung. When conflict occur and the two part ways, how will Hyeri live... as a single mother...
  • drama
  • bts
  • bangtan
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Suho x Jisoo Fanfiction by damnallthetakennames
Suho x Jisoo Fanfictionby damnallthetakennames
This story is about Blackpink Jisoo and Exo Suho which where they both fall in love and go through thick and thin together . ( with some real life event ) Some spoiler...
  • baekhyun
  • kai
  • jisoo
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My Doctor Ke My Gangster by athirahrowlow
My Doctor Ke My Gangsterby athirahrowlow
Bila seorang pakar ortopedik mempunyai housemate ketua gengster.. Eva sering mengganggu Doktor Ryan dan membuatkan hidup Ryan sentiasa penuh dengan insiden-insiden yang...
  • rich
  • gangster
  • handsome
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Going Solo [Interracial] by NiniSotakulove
Going Solo [Interracial]by NiniSotakulove
He was heart-broken, but so was she. She was rambunctious, and he was all about business. When their paths cross Nicole and Jin will have quite a journey ahead of them...
  • chanyeol
  • std
  • disease
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Kau bukan pilihan hati.... namun kaulah yang paling aku cinta
  • melodrama
  • cinta
  • lovestory
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Our Fate by SalinaTsab
Our Fateby Xo_Tae-Tae_Xo
When friendship turns into love, both of them separate, when one becomes a trainee and the other leaves off to the U.S. to become a doctor. As time flies they start to w...
  • melodrama
  • bts
  • fanfiction
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PHAYO < || > THE LAST KISS (1) by venushades98
Its already been almost 3 years Phana and I in relationship.We always happy and love each other.But on our third anniversary Phana supposed to meet me.But he didn't sho...
  • yaoi
  • melodrama
  • love
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The Emperor's Feisty Bride by edeline97
The Emperor's Feisty Brideby Yusra
A vicious conniving cunning man of an emperor falls for the fierce bandit of the west. One has a profound love for the other while the other despises the mere idea of it...
  • novel
  • possessive
  • theemperorsfeistybride
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[v.soo] My Fallen Angel [COMPLETED] by crazykookchim
[v.soo] My Fallen Angel [COMPLETED]by kaye. 👀
"Too bad money can't buy you brains." - Kim Taehyung Kang Jisoo has everything a girl ever asks for -- a rich family, not to mention dazzling and astonishing v...
  • completed
  • melodrama
  • bts
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شَّيْطانُ العُليَّةُ || The Attic's Demon by Bellasamelf
شَّيْطانُ العُليَّةُ || The Attic' Bella~
بيون بيكهيون، محبوس في بلورة لثلاثمائة عام .. ودونما قصد أوقعتها سايو لتحرره، ليصبح مصيره مربوط بها، فماذا سيحدث لكيلهما ؟! ما هو ماضي بيكهيون، وكيف سيصبح مستقبل سايو؟ ...
  • exo
  • romance
  • لوهان
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only you can give me this feeling by whatthefeels_
only you can give me this feelingby 아린
the feelings that his heart had developed for arthit is at other level. he is breathless and restless when the elder is near to him- also when he is too far away from hi...
  • sotustheseries
  • angst
  • heavyangst
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Spring: You Who Came To Me by joyithings
Spring: You Who Came To Meby J
This story is an Autumn's Concerto remake, however I tried to change some elements. I really liked that story and I thought it would be nice to look at it in a sungjoy s...
  • melodrama
  • sooyoung
  • romance
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