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After Death (Hello, Death 3) (Completed)

After Death (Hello, Death 3) (Completed)

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Eloisa Madrigal By TheCatWhoDoesntMeow Completed

After Natalie escapes death, she finds a silver feather, phone messages from an unknown sender and gets the ability to foresee death. All of which lead her to unlikely love.


When Natalie Lacierna wakes up after surviving a freezing death inside an ice factory, she has three curious things in her possession. A silver feather from somewhere and someone she no longer remembers; the ability to foretell deaths and see death gods roaming the Earth; and the memory of someone close to her with whom she used to talk frequently with on her phone. 

As she puts her life back together, she moves into a rental house owned by Lolo Dimos. At the house, she gets acquainted with Lolo's grandson, Henry, a college professor who looks very familiar but she cannot place. At first, living with Henry is trying - he speaks very little and intimidates her. However, over time, the two become close as they talk about angels, death, humanity, and God. Before long, Natalie falls for the professor. As they get closer, so too does Natalie get to figuring out the mystery of the silver feather and the phone calls from the unknown sender. What she finds is heartbreaking but comes with the glimmer of redemption.

After Death is a sequel to the epistolary story, Hello, Death, and supplementary short story, A Walk With Death.