Astoria by MesmerizingSoul
Astoriaby ☆madison elise
☽Book #1 of the Luna Dea Islands Trilogy. The Luna Dea Islands, other known as the black hole to the human world possesses the lives of thousands of werewolves where the...
  • humanxwerewolf
  • fantasy
  • werewolves
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Sorcery Ice Slayer by sorcerybookclub
Sorcery Ice Slayerby Amelia G
✨The sequel to the short story, Sorcery on Ice.✨ RANKED #42 IN SPORTS!! OMG! A coming-of-age fantasy sports novel spin-off of the Dolyn series! The girl who conquers o...
  • socialnetwork
  • sportsmanship
  • newadult
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WORTH IT (EXO FANFIC AMBW) by africanone
It wouldn't have happened if I hadn't gone there, but am glad I did.- Cerena Okoye Cerena Okoye is a Nigerian singer that went to Korea to help write songs for Exo's for...
  • idollife
  • suho
  • newadult
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Like a Daisy by HarmonysLoveHP
Like a Daisyby Dana Handler
Mary Pyle is a college student from Alabama whose summer vacation took a dark turn when her ex-boyfriend is discovered to be a serial killer and she's believed to be his...
  • drama
  • abuse
  • serialkiller
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Her Twilight (Her Eclipse, #2) by EsteeBooye
Her Twilight (Her Eclipse, #2)by Estée Booýe
from the night of the hospital, all that mirabelle could go through is perplexity. puzzlement from what has happened, and what she is going through, even in her attempt...
  • drama
  • mentalhealth
  • newadult
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Crash Into Me | ✓ by moonraess
Crash Into Me | ✓by tay rae ミ★
[WATTYS 2018 WINNER "THE HEARTBREAKERS" & FEATURED STORY] Natalie Owens' life seems to be going in a downward spiral, and quickly. After losing her photography...
  • contemporary
  • modernromance
  • anxiety
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Carolina Leaps for the Stars by aissatoutb
Carolina Leaps for the Starsby Aissatou Bah
Carolina does what millions of people dream to achieve--chase after her true passion to become a professional dancer. Born in a small and humble town in Colombia, an opp...
  • immigrant
  • chicklit
  • drama
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Blood Bound by Taytay91
Blood Boundby Tay
Maya, a dark sorceress, decides to kidnap a certain Cardinal Alpha from his hotel suite after discovering an ancient scroll in her search for ultimate power. What Maya d...
  • random
  • kidnap
  • generalfiction
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Miss Incomplete by NeekieWriter
Miss Incompleteby ❝ a r s e n ❞
[HIGHEST: #2 in #asiansinlit] Francena Nakamura never expected that, for the usage of her senior year, she'll be helping Julian Dean - star captain of the soccer team an...
  • teenromance
  • youngadult
  • diversity
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Little Sister Song (Wynter Wild #1) by SaraCreasy
Little Sister Song (Wynter Wild #1)by Sara Creasy
Wynter has spent her entire young life behind a chain-link fence in the middle of the Arizona desert. Her search for love starts the day she escapes on a bus with nothin...
  • girl
  • fosterfamily
  • youngadult
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Awkward Meetings, Awkward Greetings  by Emmertins
Awkward Meetings, Awkward Emmi Elizabeth
"So he was playing Twenty-One Questions, was he?" Living as the introvert Harlynn Hill has always been, it's no wonder everything scares her. Anything from bei...
  • awkardmeetings
  • newadultreads
  • covecallahan
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Despair by xo_ehh
Despairby å и g є ℓ
Storm Caster has a scary past. Riley Elborno is a major victim in Chase's sick game of pleasure. Riley's been taking advantage of multiple times Chase Lucius despises wo...
  • sick
  • riley
  • depression
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Parisian Nights by FreddieTomlinswag
Parisian Nightsby FreddieTomlinswag
Raphaelle Ellis is French. She doesn't speak French but her mother does. Lucarter Millard is English but speaks French. When a sudden move to France, leads Raphaelle to...
  • school
  • action
  • royalty
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Kiss Me Dangerous by atiyamunirx
Kiss Me Dangerousby ˗ˏˋAtiyaˎˊ˗
"You were mine a long time ago sweetheart, don't make the mistake of kissing someone else again because next time I won't be as forgiving." His eyes stared vic...
  • player
  • featured
  • newadult
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A Treasure Hunt for Love by EllieRoseLauren
A Treasure Hunt for Loveby Ellie Rose Lauren
Willow opens her locker one day and finds an unexpected note. It doesn't say who it's from, only that the person thinks that she is amazing. Question is, who is her secr...
  • teenfiction
  • treasurehunt
  • funny
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Kiss Me Scandalous by atiyamunirx
Kiss Me Scandalousby ˗ˏˋAtiyaˎˊ˗
"You don't want to get involved with me Ophelia, it'll end in more than tears. They'll be blood and bruises, and pain I can't see you bare." Jonah King was bad...
  • desire
  • gangster
  • romance
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The Age Enigma  by Adrianna_Lee
The Age Enigma by Adrianna Lee
The thing about growing up is that you never really stop growing up. It's constant - continuous. It's difficult in a way that nothing else is. It doesn't get any easier...
  • spilledink
  • poem
  • adulthood
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Crash (Sequel to Unexpected) by accordingtocastiel
Crash (Sequel to Unexpected)by Jayle
Sometimes life can get overwhelming. For Skye Knight, the overwhelming part isn't over yet. When an old flame crashes into her life again, she finds the clarity she's ne...
  • love
  • newadult
  • chicklit
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Leandro Rosario (A Mob Boss's son) by royal888
Leandro Rosario (A Mob Boss's son)by Sarah Royal (Royal888)
Coming soon-At plotting stage This is the story of a son of Vincenzo Rosario (Joe Collier) called Leandro. This is a standalone book. You dont have to read other books t...
  • general
  • love
  • youngadult
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FR∆C†I∅N∆L ∇∅ID by BrechinFrost
FR∆C†I∅N∆L ∇∅IDby Robert Crown
Enter at your own risk. On Earth, re-christened Nightfall, Olympia Manners faces the harsh new world twenty-one years after a cataclysm plunged the planet into an endles...
  • science-fantasy
  • post-apolocypse
  • void
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