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The Blind Teacher's Bait. by lola12033
The Blind Teacher's ❤lola❤
~Spinoff to The Artist's Wife~ Love is blind, hope is dark. They say forbidden love is the sweetest type of love, but what they didn't mention was that it was also the m...
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Her Feathers of Grief and Darkness by SummerBluebells
Her Feathers of Grief and Darknessby Summer
This is a story about dealing with past hurt, the loss that came with life, the process of grief that at times is breaking us, and yet in the moment of breaking comes a...
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Letters from an Angel by shakespearian1
Letters from an Angelby Shay Speare
❝Love is blind. At least for you and me.❞ | |Unedited | | A letter written in a moment of a spiritual re-awakening brings two women together. Each o...
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Forbidden Love by TheSpectator5
Forbidden Loveby The Spectator
Amashka and Aryan come from 2 countries who share one of the most infamous reputation for their relationship. Amashka comes from India to New York to explore her prospec...
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Seen. by aliwritessir aliwritessir
Athena moves from her home town, leaving behind all that she knew of her life. With fear she moves to the big city, with the want to start a new, fresh life. But what sh...
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Breaking Rules by iampotterhead05
Breaking Rulesby iampotterhead05
Alexa Machmer's life takes a different turn when her parents die in a car crash.She was nothing but an orphan now. Until,her mother's best friend Amenda Dale adopts her...
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SS and CG by RAWitothem
SS and CGby R.A.
Love is what Ibrahim is known for, yet what is not known is his ability to create schemes, his love of new things, and, most importantly, his desire to be in a relations...
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Just For Tonight by melaniegaleaz
Just For Tonightby Melanie Ann
When Scarlett's dad dies during her senior year of college, all she wants is to be someone else. For one night, she doesn't want to be "Scarlett Alvarez" and w...
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Dreams We Lived By by noriennn
Dreams We Lived Byby 노린니
The town of Udaya is one of the most progressive towns of Verona. People work arduously to become successful and well-heeled. However, as they strive hard to change thei...
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Apex by w1ldflow3r
Apexby astr¡d
Dakota Black isn't looking for fame. He isn't even responsible for submitting his short film that wins numerous awards at a prestigious film festival in New York City...
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Loving her. by Mandalev19
Loving Amelia Levi
Olivia is an overly-heavy college freshman. With a dorm room and a new school awaiting, she's excited to press re-start on her life. But nothing seems to be going as pla...
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The Outlands by ZacAndrews
The Outlandsby Zac Andrews
The old world was destroyed, and from the ashes a new one has been built. After a cataclysmic meteor storm, that caused unrivalled death and destruction, Earth has been...
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Paradox Chaos Drop | Part 4 (Chapter 151-200) |𝑹𝒆𝒈𝒖𝒍𝒂𝒓 𝑼𝒑𝒅𝒂𝒕𝒆𝒔 by sereniity-
Paradox Chaos Drop | Part 4 ( 𝑁𝑖𝑔𝑒𝑟𝑖𝑎𝑛
*This is a continuation of Paradox Chaos Drop Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 for that matter. Please don't read this book unless / until you've read the first three parts, be...
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The Fictionality of My Life. by Reyna_2705
The Fictionality of My Ananya
Essie was just another 16 year old who liked debates, cute stationery and hanging out with her friends. She always had everything planned out, even the upcoming year; Li...
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Love Your Roommate  by MariaE_writes
Love Your Roommate by ᴍᴀʀɪᴀ
Theo doesn't know his dad isn't really his dad, that the man he had been living his entire life isn't really his father, his sister isn't sister, it's all lies. But when...
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Sapphire | Ongoing by baddreamerxo
Sapphire | Ongoingby AT
Sapphire Alden has lived her whole life in lies. For one, she isn't human. Two, she belongs to a parallel realm where magic and creatures only seen in movies and books e...
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Mafia's Little thug by meeshty
Mafia's Little thugby spitfire
A girl bella thug in a Italy shifts to the new city and went to rob but u know interesting part? she caught by mafia and you can assume the rest.... heyyyy.... hey.... h...
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The Shadow of Her Violin by supernegm
The Shadow of Her Violinby Adam Sherif
Highest rankings: #1 in Literature, #1 in violin. A teenager falls for a mysterious violinist and changes the course of millions of lives trying to find her.
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