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realistic first time.  by Lomandsbaby
realistic first time. by Lomandsbaby
I'm a bit sick of seeing unrealistic stuff so I'm going to give it a try and write some of my own.
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Husbands But Not  by AidenSummers
Husbands But Not by Aiden Summers
[Completed] Noah is confident. Kent is not. Noah is popular. Kent is not. When a group project ties their knot, everyone at school is shook. But if you ask Noah, it's n...
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Pieces of the Past - [Danona] Book One ✓ by GallifreyGod
Pieces of the Past - [Danona] — 𝐚𝐛𝐢𝐠𝐚𝐢𝐥
❝You can try as hard as you'd like, but you can't outrun the past.❞ For the past 19 years, Winona Ryder has kept a secret. In those same 19 years, David Harbour has chan...
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flowers (akashi seijuro) by Type-zer0
flowers (akashi seijuro)by Zero
Just like flowers, their story grew beautifully; but just like every other living thing, it had an end. Disclaimer: I do not own Kuroko No Basuke. I also do not own you...
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Unholyverse  by Solace_Space
Unholyverse by Solace Space
Religion! Horror! Exorcisms! Piercings! And Gerard is a priest. Disclaimer: This is not my series by Bexless on Ao3
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Pushing the limit by Shadowbelle12
Pushing the limitby Shadowbelle12
Alice was the weird girl of her school. The only people she actually talked to in her miserable teen years were teachers. When Alice befriends a more than unusual Math t...
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a daydream away - namkook by jjarion
a daydream away - namkookby 🕸
in which Jungkook, a sucker for Namjoon, sucks at communication. © 2019.
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Daycare || Daisuga by kittenlasagna
Daycare || Daisugaby トリニティ
In which Sugawara is a daycare teacher and Daichi is a clueless single dad. • • • In the process of being edited!
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Cursed: The Seven Deadly Sins by DestielAutomaticShip
Cursed: The Seven Deadly Sinsby Caitlin
So what happens when Dean gets dragged into a vampire nest but comes out with much more than a flesh wound. Dean is going to experience pride, greed, lust, envy, glutton...
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Fireworks} Drarry Short by WhatIfIDidntKnow
Fireworks} Drarry Shortby l o v e
People say that when you kiss someone you love, it feels like fireworks. ~ Eighth Year/Post War, light angst ~Completed~
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Let me go, Alpha by CompassedShip
Let me go, Alphaby Emi
When your mate is in love with someone else. You should let him go. But what about those newfound feelings or those not so forgettable memories? --- Highest ranks this...
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Maybe I Fell For Her (Various!Bnha x reader) by Jessdoesstuff
Maybe I Fell For Her (Various! I'm Weird
(Y/N) (L/N)'s quirk is mutated. It's supposed to be normal telekinesis, but that's not the case here. When she was four, her dad murdered her mom. He was then arrested a...
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The Marriage Decree by Delilah_Wise
The Marriage Decreeby Delilah Wise
When all eligible wizards and witches are forced into marry in order to increase the population after the war, neither of them thought they'd ever have a chance at happi...
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Until We Meet Again [Tomarry] by Vickironica
Until We Meet Again [Tomarry]by Tori
Harry and Tom, immortal soulmates-thanks to Harry being the Master of Death-decide to do a fun challenge. Tom ends up back in the 1940's, trying to convince a different...
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Isabelle x Mayor | My Greatest Mistake by NoellaBerry
Isabelle x Mayor | My Greatest ❤︎꒰* ॢꈍ◡ꈍ ॢ꒱.*
[COMPLETE] Hi! I'm Isabelle! A loyal secretary in (T/n). Hm? Mayor (Y/n)? He's a simple hard working mayor. Tall, smart, handsome-! I mean... cool? I-I meant cool! I-I s...
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his bottom lip. by Fairly_Soulless
his bottom Fairy Soul
Nagisa Shiota isn't normal. His mother is abusive towards him, and he has terrifying bloodlust. However, Nagisa's life has just changed at an alarming rate. Karma Akaba...
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I Remember You Laughing [Larry Stylinson] by joydilouis
I Remember You Laughing [Larry joydilouis
When Anne's childhood friend passes away, she is inclined to read all past emails she never opened. Those emails reveal startling news that prompt her to make a bold mo...
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OF KINGS AND PAWNS // BXB by dextyrwrites
❝in a kingdom of ash and blood, only the wicked can stay sane.❞ After the waters conquered the land and shadow devoured what remained, six families sat upon thrones carv...
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Those Perfect Flaws || ✓ || PUBLISHED by pialikesbands
Those Perfect Flaws || ✓ || Pia Sanghvi
#1 in Teen Fiction Blaze Ryder is everything Alaska feared. He is eyes and embraces and fallings stars, chocolate and marshmallows, the fizz on soda on the tongue. He i...
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Protection (Drarry) by agentmoppet
Protection (Drarry)by agentmoppet
In the months after Voldemort's death, Draco Malfoy comes to live with Harry Potter under witness protection. But Draco seems somehow different, and Harry is determined...
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