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THAT MONSTERni jagiyasenpai
WARNING: This story occasionally contains explicit violence and strong language (which may be unsuitable for children) and unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adu...
Yiandra once love the beauty and warmth of summer. Because of her melancholic past, she even swear herself not to get a hold of her old-friend Jevon Han when he also lef...
Nights of Deception (In Altum Series #2) ni devenir_
Nights of Deception (In Altum Mimi
IN ALTUM SERIES #2 (Completed) Into the deep of deception, will hearts recognize the lie and able to accept it with blind eyes? **** Life is always unfair. Ito ang pan...
See You Next Spring || Seasonal Series #1 ni monicastellaa
See You Next Spring || Seasonal Kaye Zi
Visiting Japan is one of Angel's biggest dreams since childhood, especially witnessing the famous flowering of the Cherry Blossoms. As a gift from her parents for being...
Lebak series #1: Stars in the moonless night  ni cyreenx
Lebak series #1: Stars in the cyreenx
Renelle Lyane Alcantara or known as Ren is a sporty girl, she's always attentive when it comes to sports. But how about her academics? Well, she always got the lucky nu...
Dreams Ablaze (Town Girls Series 1) ni gorgeousurmine
Dreams Ablaze (Town Girls Series 1)ni Gemmy
Sometimes you think you know your dreams, and the path to achieve them. Pero kung sa pag-abot mo ng mga pangarap marami kang pusong matatapakan, kilala mo ba talaga ang...
Touch Me Please Me Love Me (Devil's Law #1) ni naddie_young
Touch Me Please Me Love Me (Devil' naddie_young
His kisses is like a poison to me. It is dangerous, deadly, and toxic. But what will I do? I am already addicted to his warm, wild, luscious kisses. In every kiss, in...
That Smile ni swaggyIa
That Smileni swaggyIa
Zaijian Calex Lim, a happy-go-lucky and a funny guy. Most and everything he say's are jokes. But is it still a joke when it comes to Lyna Dion Ramirez?
A Circumstance of a Story ni liadimn
A Circumstance of a Storyni LiaDimn
Eleanor Merjilla, she's a girl whom hates life. For her, life is just full of unstoppable circumstances and living is the cause of suffering. They say suffering and pro...
The Musician's Ghost ni Zeen_Zoned
The Musician's Ghostni Zeen Zoned
What would you do if your passion is taken away from you? Not because you fell out of love from it, but because of the memories of the past that kept on haunting you? Va...
Catch Me When I Fall (Isla De Verde Series #2) ni OceanusZab
Catch Me When I Fall (Isla De Foundress.
Fortalejo Cousins 2 of 3. Date Started: May 13, 2021. Date Finished:
Himig ng Nakaraan ni mounthoshi
Himig ng Nakaraanni ⭐
When Sunshine lost her parents, she also started losing herself. And losing herself meant losing everything... that is, choosing to stay away and letting go of the peopl...
Perfect Fake Lovers ni nininininaaa
Perfect Fake Loversni Nina
[NEW CLASSIC SERIES #4] Meet the drummer of New Classic, Fransic Leo Jaranilla.
Sa Pagkubli ni soliscithara
Sa Pagkublini ❁۪۪⸙͎
Mga lihim na kinubli, kahit katauhan ang kapalit. * * * Namuhay ng dalawangpung taon na walang pagkakakilanlan sa sarili, nasusunog sa sariling apoy, at pilit kinukubli...
Glimpses of Yesterday (Isla Contejo #2) ni gery_anne
Glimpses of Yesterday (Isla anne is busy
Isla Contejo Series #2 (2/5) They say, everyone can be the best in almost everything. For Jaeda Mortel, no one is better than the love of her life -- not even herself. H...
Love Back at 1989 [ONGOING]  ni UrFlying_Butterfly
Love Back at 1989 [ONGOING] ni YourFlying_Butterfly
[TAGLISH] While Mara, a married 44 year-old woman, is cleaning up their attic, she found a book that is very familiar to her. When she read it from the very beggining m...
just another crush (another series #02) ni floeful
just another crush (another floe ✷
❝Perhaps beauty has always been present in chaos.❞ **** Eryna Ingrid Merced from Journalism has never felt the need to commit. Sure, she has crushes in every department...
The Antagonist  ni iKnoW_L
The Antagonist ni Fin
She's Claire Dalen Sonic a girl who's giving her adopted sister a hard life. She thinks that her sister stole all her possession including the love of her life, Isen. Wh...