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The Tales by JOMARY20
The Talesby ~joMary~
[ONESHOT] GRUVIA. Au. Fanfiction Just a simple family fluff involving our favorite Gray Fullbuster and his wife Juvia Lockser Fullbuster and their kids, Silver and Frost.
Life With a New Baby by _gaymie
Life With a New Babyby Jamie
A Gruvia one-shot about Gray and Juvia's struggles with the new baby.
Mine [Nalu & Gruvia] ✔️ by Kookie_Cooky
Mine [Nalu & Gruvia] ✔️by Joy
Lucy and Gray went on a job together. Juvia and Natsu got jealous so Mira helped them. What will happen?? Date Started: July 06, 2019 Date Completed: March 20, 2020 Enj...
My beloved fraternal twins [completed] by Normal_human_person
My beloved fraternal twins [ Mari
Nashi and Luke are the kids of Lucy Heartfilia and natsu dragneel... but their dad never knew Lucy gets taken but by who? Will lucy ever get to tell him? Or will it for...
The Heart Never Lies - A Gruvia Story by BonneyQ
The Heart Never Lies - A Gruvia BonneyQ
Collection of Gruvia drabbles published on Tumblr.
Far From Comfort  by noodlepads
Far From Comfort by 💧
Gray and the rest of Team Natsu go on a 5 year quest, leaving their loved ones behind. They return 5 years later only to find that everyone has changed, including themse...
The Chase | Gruvia Fanfiction by esmeragda
The Chase | Gruvia Fanfictionby Fairy Tail Fanfictions
No one has ever seen the gloomy side of the clever, classic, and luxurious Juvia Lockser; her life is perfect-that was what people believed. Heartbreaks, rejection, and...
Tomb Of Time And Destiny: A Fairy Tail Fanfic by NataliaRavenX
Tomb Of Time And Destiny: A NataliaRavenX
Highest Ranking: #1 in nalu #1 in fairytail #3 in gajevy #23 in Jellal 🍜🍚🍘🍙🍥🍣🍱🍤🍛🍝🍖🍗🍟🍔 A tomb. Four Handprints. Four Girls. Four Warriors. Two Worlds. Colli...
gruvia in general by ijustwrite_fam
gruvia in generalby fulloxar
there is no ice without water . just like gruvia . enjoy reading my boring fanfictions . any advice about my writings is welcomed. mental note : i do not own the story...
Ignorance Destroys  by Batmanfangirl123
Ignorance Destroys by Batmanfangirl123
Juvia has had enough of Gray ignoring her efforts and tries to confess one last time, and his answer completely shatters her heart. She wanted to give up but a certain m...
Fairy Tail Fanfiction || Gruvia drabbles by inspectingg
Fairy Tail Fanfiction || Gruvia Ren
A collection of drabbles on Fairy Tail couple, Gruvia. (Also published on Tumblr at @inspectingg !! be sure to check it out as i update more regularly there) Cover art...
Music Is Love, Love Is Music: A Fairy tail Fanfic by NataliaRavenX
Music Is Love, Love Is Music: A NataliaRavenX
Highest Ranking: #1 in shikaino 🍜🍚🍘🍙🍥🍣🍱🍤🍛🍝🍖🍗🍟🍔 While in high school Lucy, Levy, Erza, and Juvia all get their hearts broken by their one true love. They ge...
Gruvia One-Shots #WATTYS2019 by MarshWrites
Gruvia One-Shots #WATTYS2019by Marsh
A series of short gruvia stories *REQUEST OPEN* Disclaimer: I don't own any of the character in these stories
Gruvia/Juvia oneshots  by rainwomen12
Gruvia/Juvia oneshots by ruby
Any one shots but juvia must be there and gruvia too or others crack ships between juvia X character. Ship maybe sail or sink ! There maybe some sad ,broken and depress...
With Great Power Comes Great Responsibilty by Emeraldlily16
With Great Power Comes Great Emeraldlily16
In the city of Magnolia, Natsu Dragneel and Gray Fullbuster are two college students who's lives change forever when they encounter two animals who were experimented on...
One afternoon, Lucy, Levy and Juvia were feeling waxed and helpless as they have lost the zeal to continue loving their dense and ignorant Dragon Slayers and stubborn ts...
LET'S START ALL OVER AGAIN by JuviaFullbuster234
MODERN AU GRUVIA FANFICTION After 10 years, Juvia meets Gray and her friends for the first time in Lyon and Meredy's wedding unbeknownst to her that Gray and Jella...
Jalousie by ladyluck1668
Jalousieby ladyluck1668
Gray's not jealous. He doesn't miss her. Jalousie.
The Bad Boy's Slave 「Gruvia FanFic」 by FLYNAB1
The Bad Boy's Slave 「Gruvia FanFic」by 🦋
"WHAT DO YOU MEAN I'M SELFISH!! YOU WERE THE ONE I WORKED AND ALL I ASKED IS FOR A LITTLE BREAK FROM YOU!" Said the blue haired maiden, shedding tears down to...
Love Lost In Time (GrUvia) [COMPLETED] by abigailstewart0314
Love Lost In Time (GrUvia) [ Abigail Stewart
When Juvia gets injured and forgets joining Fairytail and even who Gray is, she finally leaves Gray alone. But, for some reason, Gray misses the Juvia that stalked him...