Datura by Mickeyw99
Daturaby Myst
(The third part of this story has dark themes but that's the only part that does I promise) Datura is a genus of nine species of poisonous vespertine flowering plants. T...
  • fantasy
  • mystory
  • succubus
Rise of the Kingdom (Book 1 in RITM series) by BarbaraMaslow
Rise of the Kingdom (Book 1 in Barbara
1st book of my "Raised in the Mafia" series. Aleksander Volkov is one of the most powerful Mafia boss in Russia. His father raised him to be like him, but he...
  • crime
  • love
  • russianmafia
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My Story ~{My Ocs}~ by WereWolfHoi
My Story ~{My Ocs}~by Cinnamon-Roll-Potato
Ashton Peterson is a werewolf girl with dreams but she is introverted so she has never been good around other people. Then when she was excepted into her dream school -G...
  • music
  • mystory
The disaster by taetae_oficails
The disasterby taetae_oficails
Your and your brothers (Taehyung and Jungkook) go to tree bark academy school and meet up with jimin and jin eveyday in the sme place untill one day something wired happ...
  • mystory
He's The One by SkylerhZero
He's The Oneby SkylerhZero
This was a true story of mine...skl
  • army
  • notrumored
  • mystory
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THIS IS ME by Weirdchick007
THIS IS MEby Emily
This is me. To be honest, have you ever thought to yourself about something you never want to forget. A memory for instance, over time details become foggy. I don't want...
  • mystory
  • truth
  • thisisme
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My Antisepticeye Story by Bre_the_Derp
My Antisepticeye Storyby Bre_the_Derp
This was a thing i had to do for school but also thought i would post it to. This is MY Story about Anti and what he did to Jack. Darkiplier also makes an appearance in...
  • dunno
  • jacksepticeye
  • mystory
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My Story by Mackenzie_Sakura
My Storyby Saki - Gaming, Writing, & Rol...
The story of how I got to where I am.
  • mystory
  • thenandnow
Making a difference  by Chloemarie132
Making a difference by Chloemarie132
A bullied teenager now President of America read her story
  • presidente
  • bulied
  • broken
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My Story by thenerd0621
My Storyby thenerd0621
Hi my name is....I'll keep that a secret for now. This is my's not over yet, but I wanted to write about what's happening.
  • mystory
  • truth
Gay Boy by DominoProductions
Gay Boyby DominoProductions
The story of a young man finding out who he really is and how to embrace who he truly is. - Issac Van, Who many call very loyal and friendly is finally discovering who h...
  • gaylove
  • gay
  • gayfiction
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WE ARE FAMILY by tresssah
The story of my family and I-everything in between, behind closed doors and our ancient, dark burgundy curtains over our broken blinds and muggy windows. An autobiograp...
  • autobiography
  • keller
  • tresca
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This is about meee by willysapphire23
This is about meeeby Nadine
Stuff, I don't know.
  • real
  • notastory
  • mystory
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Rants by HotTrashRightHere
Rantsby Da At_Gurl
hello I've gone mad
  • buliies
  • expidition
  • rants
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Save Me Before I fall by Cookiecat_411
Save Me Before I fallby Madison S. Bailey
This story is centered around a high school student in freshman year. Her religion being Wiccan kinda makes her an outcast to most because she lives in a northern state...
  • romance
  • wiccan
  • trialanderror
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A Band Of Outcasts by ThatOneNorski
A Band Of Outcastsby ThatOneNorski
What if Isaac was discovered in his mother's basement and was sent to an orphanage? (Your basic run of the mill retelling of the Binding of Isaac.) ((The cover art i...
  • azazel
  • nonbinarycharacter
  • whatif
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Random Short Storys. by Waffledragon5566
Random Short The Good Kind Of Apple
Storys about my OC's and other stuff.... You can do a request if you want im open for anything. Welp, enjoy.
  • dragoons
  • humans
  • mystory
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Never give up! by NadZ1805
Never give up!by NadZ1805
Chapter 1 - it's real Chapter 2 - theirs Chapter 3 - welcome back Chapter 4 - never stop Chapter 5 - human Chapter 6 - him Chapter 7 - her Chapter 8 - stop for sec Cha...
  • myjourney
  • mylife
  • mystory
The Silence of My Mother by pandapotato123
The Silence of My Motherby pandapotato123
i wrote the story by hand.
  • writer
  • publishthestory
  • mystory
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