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The Notebook by AK_MsCheilo
The Notebookby Ms. Cheilo
A girl had seen a mysterious notebook from their school and brought it home, not knowing that it would bring her into misery. She started having a dreams about deaths an...
strangers in a relationship by atemongyani
strangers in a relationshipby rhianne vintero
what happened if a mysterious, cold and player girl will meet the weird and badboy do strangers fall at their first meet?
Escaping My Devil School by Ellijah_091708
Escaping My Devil Schoolby Ellijah Jenrey Laguatan Lucban
Sa isang malayong lugar ay matatagpuan ang isang paaralan na puro patayan ang nangyayari. Isa na dito sa mga nakulong ay si Abie. Siya na kaya ang susi para makalabas sa...
The Seven Deadly Sins (A Dark Universe storyline) by WinterWolf1997
The Seven Deadly Sins (A Dark WinterWolf1997
This story takes place way before the events of my first book Called "A Dark Universe". In this book you are going to know each story of every monster which ar...
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Who's Next? by akosimariya_0
Who's Next?by akosimariya_0
Sa mundo kung saan hindi mo masisiguro kung magigising ka pa, hindi mo masisiguro kung mananalo ka, hindi mo masisiguro kung mamamatay ka na. Sa mundong hindi pwede magm...
Silenced By Death  by acam0101
Silenced By Death by Andrea C.
Girl investigates suspicious activity and finds father dead.
Wasteland by PurpleReborn
Wastelandby Isaias Gonzalez
Woken up to find himself in the middle of a desert filled with danger and mystery Santiago must find out how he ended up in this world filled with revenging ghouls, slav...
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Brookston Cemetery  by Breathing_poetry
Brookston Cemetery by ⓔⓢⓜⓔ
EMMA STONE IS DEAD. Morgan Knight couldn't stand the fact that her neighbor was dead with a murder on the loose. But what was worse was that Emma left clues for her to...
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The Unknown Killers by mysterioslyinvolve
The Unknown Killersby MysterioslyInvolve
Past must be past. But what if the 'PAST' will come back? This 'PAST' is the reason of the killings inside the Amydia Academy.A lot of innocent students have been killed...
Different Genre Stories by HunterWolfy
Different Genre Storiesby HunterWolfy
The title says it all.
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𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝟔𝐈𝐗 by mintyfresh-
𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝟔𝐈𝐗by bebecita
when will children ever learn that golden cages are still cages?
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Wink It by JosephineGieske
Wink Itby Josephine Gieske
What happens when a simple card game becomes more than a card game? What happens when people start dying? "I do hearby pronounce you as leader...This is a game I am...
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love on the rocks by steffsstories
love on the rocksby sweetsteff
''hey are you okay'' zack tore of the ropes pulling her closer ''no my head hurts and your brother has gone crazy he says you killed lola whoever that is'' zack turned a...
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I don't know by gay_Slytherin
I don't knowby Dylan Julius
Random shit I've done in class, friends have come up with, or I've just thought of.
August 24th by rafaela_bara
August 24thby 𝕽𝖆𝖋𝖆𝖊𝖑𝖆 🎃
Something terrible happened on August 24th, and Sahar and Everett are the only ones who know about it. They share a secret, a deadly one, and it still hasn't let go of...
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The Warmth I Seek by WolfChild96
The Warmth I Seekby WolfChild96
For a young seventeen year old teen, a one night stand was a way to escape his loneliness and pain; to hold onto a night of love no matter how fake it was. The unloving...
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The Redeemed Cursed by RLGraf
The Redeemed Cursedby Rebecca Graf
What if the stories of vampires we were told is only partly true? A woman stumbles upon the truth when she is targeted by those who want more than her blood. It will tak...
Blood isn't always thicker than water by djreader2017
Blood isn't always thicker than djreader2017
People say blood is thicker than water but family isn't just about blood. Family is about faith and loyalty, and who you love. If you don't have those things, it doesn't...
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Always Watching by Coolbean145
Always Watchingby Leah
A high school girl with a feeling that there is someone out there, always watching. And once the street lights turn on...
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The Devil's Due (A Jack Carson Story) by ChristopherRaymond
The Devil's Due (A Jack Carson Christopher Raymond
Doing the right thing ain't cheap...not when you've got to pay the devil's due. After a lab explosion leaves him changed forever, wanted fugitive Jack Carson knows only...
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