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Pyscho  by Srainrain
Pyscho by Sarah
Zac Walker is a billionaire, who hates women's guts, but he also has a strange hobby- torturing people . Meanwhile, Sara Knight is a righteous police officer- a Top Cop...
Inspector Rames by JessWylder
Inspector Ramesby Jess Wylder
Detective Inspector Amber Rames investigates a series of murder cases in 2185 with the help of her new sergeant. Her attraction to him is hard to ignore, but having a re...
The Wolf Among Us w/Male Reader Insert by AwesomeReadingUniver
The Wolf Among Us w/Male Reader ARU
Fabletown, an area in NYC hidden from the mundane world to keep the exiled fable's safe. The men looking out for everyone: the Big Bad Wolf and his undersheriff, Y/n L/n...
The Detective And The Actor by Iwishevery160primos
The Detective And The Actorby ⋆⁺₊⋆ℍ𝕦 𝕋𝕒𝕠⋆⁺₊⋆
(Cover art not mine, obviously) Modern Fontaine, murder mystery. This is a work of fiction. A tangled web of lies.... While attempting to assassinate Furina, she dragge...
The Swiss Murder | Completed by MahaTaqi
The Swiss Murder | Completedby Maha Taqi
*** Featured in Wattpad's official Mystery account's list, "Featured Mystery/Thriller" *** ***Featured in Wattpad's official Mystery account's list, "Ha...
THE WRITER | glass onion : knives out by mayfields_walkman
THE WRITER | glass onion : emily
fem!oc x whiskey - ❝But why on earth would Iris want to kill me, Mr. Blanc? Tell me that.❞ - ❝Simple: Jealousy. Anyone with eyes can see how Miss Allen looks at Miss Whi...
Forever in Your Deadly Heart by SheHopes
Forever in Your Deadly Heartby SheHopes
[COMPLETED] When a handsome hotelier is accused of murder, he has no choice but to rehire the woman he fired after she claims to be a psychic who can prove his innocence...
Falling bullets✔ by bbynim
Falling bullets✔by ℬ𝒷𝓎⇴
❝Dont waste bullets, baby girl. Instead, what do you say we kick some criminal ass❞ TRAILER IN LAST CHAPTER Nobody would have imagined a group of eleven teenage highsch...
Hard To Love...MULTIFANDOM by bangpinkoffical
Hard To Love...MULTIFANDOMby Sia
PROLOGUE 𝑆𝑜𝑟𝑟𝑦 𝑏𝑢𝑡....𝑖 𝑐𝑎𝑛𝑡 𝑡𝑎𝑘𝑒 𝑡ℎ𝑖𝑠 𝑎𝑛𝑦𝑚𝑜𝑟𝑒 𝑖𝑡 𝑏𝑢𝑟𝑛𝑠 𝑚𝑒 𝑖𝑛𝑠𝑖𝑑𝑒 ....𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑔𝑖𝑟𝑙 𝑠𝑎𝑖𝑑 𝑤ℎ𝑖𝑙𝑒 𝑐𝑟𝑦𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑎𝑛𝑑 �...
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𝙂𝙤𝙙𝙆𝙞𝙡𝙡𝙚𝙧 𝙄𝙄: 𝘿𝙚𝙡𝙚𝙣𝙙𝙖•𝙻𝚞𝚔𝚎 𝙲𝚊𝚜𝚝𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚊𝚗 by Night_Moon_Lakmen
𝙂𝙤𝙙𝙆𝙞𝙡𝙡𝙚𝙧 𝙄𝙄: 𝘿𝙚𝙡𝙚� MoonShine🤍
Part 2 of the god killer series. From a quest to save themselves, to a quest to save one of their own from destruction- A story of anger, treachery and sacrifice from th...
𝑫𝑶𝑹𝑶𝑻𝑯𝑬𝑨.   matt sturniolo by starsturns
𝑫𝑶𝑹𝑶𝑻𝑯𝑬𝑨. matt sturnioloby 𝓝.
* 𓈒 𓂅゚dorothea williams moves back to her little farm town after moving her senior year, not knowing that what she left behind was beyond more than a simple love story...
Secrets in the Moon (Crescent City Werewolves #1) by JulieMidnight
Secrets in the Moon (Crescent Julie Midnight
Savage appetites and opulent vices are a way of life in Crescent City, a metropolis split among werewolves and humans. As one of its most beautiful socialites, Cora Mars...
The Ending They Should've Gotten - Monty and Winston  by wontysbby
The Ending They Should've wontysbby
What if Monty didn't die? And what if he and Winston got a happy ending?
Unforgettable Sorrow by ArimeYuki
Unforgettable Sorrowby Arime Yuki
"Perhaps our fate wasn't bad after all don't you think?" >>>Sherliam<<< >>>Moriarty the Patriot<<<
Neon Street: Red Herring by miniChGu
Neon Street: Red Herringby ᎴᏒᎥᎷ🌙
The most powerful families in South Korea gather together in Chantelle Manor for the first time. A formal assembly took a wrong turn when a guest's daughter was found de...
Disease || Hwang Hyunjin ✔️ by PotatoDevil6
Disease || Hwang Hyunjin ✔️by 🔭 𝐤𝐨𝐬𝐦𝐨𝐬🥀
Book Two in the Criminal Series! "What the hell do you mean it's back?" "What I said! The plague of jealousy is back- I don't know how, but it's out. The...
Happy Place || BTS (Taegi, Jikook, Namjin) by EcstaticAce
Happy Place || BTS (Taegi, EcstaticAce
When invited to Hoseok's house, the three couples expect a relaxing weekend with an old friend. However, before they can blink, something strange occurs in the house. Ca...
Unexpected Journey ✓ by samarch_31
Unexpected Journey ✓by Samm
Two Childhood Best friends. Aisha and Divya had not thought that within two months of their graduation, they would come across a death. Their overthinking mind leads the...
Missing Like You by AbbyRoseTyler
Missing Like Youby a.r. tyler
When Isabelle Donovan doesn't show up for work one morning, it calls for great concern. Isabelle has a near perfect attendance record and wouldn't dare miss a day withou...
Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc by Ironmanunmasked232
Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havocby Superhero fan
Akira Inoue and 15 other students, who are ultimate students, go to a school known as Hope's Peak Academy. But, they don't know it is going to be a killing game, filled...