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Red Riding Hood (Werewolf) by NotSoMuchLove
Red Riding Hood (Werewolf)by Guadalupe
Rose lives in a small village near a forest were many don't dare to enter alone. Tales say that a big wolf lurks in the woods seeking for his next prey. At the age of t...
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A dog? no by Memphisfaith
A dog? noby Faith
When the daughter of the big bad wolf comes strolling in with the vks to their new school full good guys.As she tries to make sure no one doesn't lose their heads what h...
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Wolfie hood X Carlos De Vil by EmoWolf2001
Wolfie hood X Carlos De Vilby Raven
As everyone knows I'm the daughter of little Red riding hood she was actually a thief but no one but the people on the island know that but no one except king Beast and...
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Rejected and pregnant by aidenall
Rejected and pregnantby aidenall
A missing father, a whore of a mother and a brother who is emotionally abusive and angry when around her. That's tough enough right? But what happens when her soul mate...
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A Tale That Never Was [Book 1 of Selvina's Tale series] by GreatGustav
A Tale That Never Was [Book 1 of GreatGustav
Fairy tales aren't real. At least that's what Selvina Whitier always thought before she was taken into a world of fantasy and magic filled with characters she had read a...
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Howling At The Moon//Anon Book by TinyTaco99
Howling At The Moon//Anon Bookby 🌸
"What big eyes you have!" "What a big nose you have!" "What big teeth you have-" "ALRIGHT WE GET IT, STOP JUDGING ME." An anon bo...
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Little Red Riding Hood Meets the Big Bad Wolf by nickelwat
Little Red Riding Hood Meets the Nicole
Annabeth Danvers is a typical 18 year old girl except for one thing. She is a descendant of Little Red Riding Hood. She is part of a line of women who is supposed to pro...
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Big Bad Wolfie by AwkwardTomate
Big Bad Wolfieby Tomato
"Oh, you have got to be kidding me!" I seethed. Harper's mouth fell open. "Did he just say what I think he said?" I blew out a huff of air through my...
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pecan pie [descendants] by madeline-eve
pecan pie [descendants]by madeline eve
"strictly business," she said, you know, like a liar [cover by @mcrtyrs] [post-d1-d3, canon divergent] [ben florian x oc] [audrey rose x oc]
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I Don't Know Where I Belong Anymore (Disney Descendants) by Xenawarriorgod
I Don't Know Where I Belong Xenawarriorgod
"I never wanted to take over auradon." "Then why do you all plan to?" "We just wanted to get away from our parents."
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The Big Bad Wolf by ImaanBasha
The Big Bad Wolfby Imaan Basha
Seventeen year old Stephany has a choice to make:to embark on a dangerous journey with her friends or live a lifetime of happiness with her granny. Her friends want to p...
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~Unique~ by Crazy_Fandom_Fangirl
~Unique~by Fanzy
A Descendants fanfiction! For Cameron Boyce, who made every moment count. You will always remain in our hearts. R.I.P. ❤ Bea Bad Wolf is a unique sixteen year old girl...
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Little Red Riding Hood by EnYi_Carstairs
Little Red Riding Hoodby EnYi_Carstairs
Her skin, pale. Her hood, red Everything about her was a mystery. No one has seen her face. No one knows how she looks. All they know, is that she's the girl with a li...
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Pack Mate || Mal & Jay by SPOOKY_JANELLE
Pack Mate || Mal & Jayby ✰ ⋆ 𝐍𝐎𝐕𝐀
❝ The shewolf belongs to us and only us ❞
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Just Another Wolf Bite by _Peter_Tingle_
Just Another Wolf Biteby Mishapocalypse
In honor of Cameron Boyce Carlos De Vil X Reader You are Y/N BadWolf, daughter of the Big Bad Wolf. You have a brother named Eli who is two years older than you. You an...
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The Wolf (Jay x Reader) by Titania21erzascarlet
The Wolf (Jay x Reader)by Titania21erzascarlet
Your father was the werewolf of many stories; Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, The Boy Who Cried Wolf etc. Ever since Bell and Beast got married your whole...
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The Big Bad Musical One Shot by Miss_lovley_me
The Big Bad Musical One Shotby Miss_lovley_me
The Big Bad Wolf and Evil Step Mother (Lady Tremaine) together? In what universe does that make sense. This one apparently. Buckle in and get ready to find out. Image...
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Big Bad Wolf (Derek Hale X Reader!~) by _JessicaPedersen_
Big Bad Wolf (Derek Hale X _JessicaPedersen_
{COMPLETE} {Might remake it soon}
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A Tale That Could Not Be  [Book 2 of Selvina's Tale series] by GreatGustav
A Tale That Could Not Be [Book GreatGustav
In the second installment of the A Tale That Never Was series, Selvina Whitier, a promising actress from Toronto, finds herself in the clutches of the ruthless Peter Pan...
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Big Bad Luna by SpoonsAndDoggos
Big Bad Lunaby SpoonsAndDoggos
What happens when a soon-to-be Luna's pack is burned to the ground? She goes rouge with her family to survive. She's done things she never used to be proud of but it jus...
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