Dream Catcher by SheHopes
Dream Catcherby Sandra Grayson
(BOOK I IN THE DREAM SERIES) Dani Deleon has a problem. With a single touch, she can see people's nightmares. When she starts to see the nightmares of a sadistic serial...
  • horror
  • trilogy
  • murder
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When A Murderer Hates You by Elaine213
When A Murderer Hates Youby Elaine213
Mason Blackwood is a murderer. Everyone in town stays away from him and he stays away from everyone. But Elora is not like everyone else. When she first sets eyes on thi...
  • thriller
  • murderer
  • forbidden
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The Nerd & The Cheerleader by TLHanigan
The Nerd & The Cheerleaderby T.L. Hanigan
Megan Tipton was your typical small town sweetheart. She was captain of the cheer team, and of course was with the hottest guy in school, and on the football team, Zacha...
  • lies
  • creepy
  • cheerleader
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Joker in the Pack (Romantic Suspense, Completed, Watty Winner) by EliseNoble
Joker in the Pack (Romantic Elise Noble
WATTY 2015 WINNER! Life has dealt city girl Olivia Porter a series of bad hands, but just as she's about to fold, fate intervenes and leaves her with a full house. Out o...
  • featured
  • finished
  • romance
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Eridanus Flooding (A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY) by RC_Pointer
Eridanus Flooding (A WATTPAD Illiterate Author
[WATTPAD FEATURED] At 32, Jack Rhodes is a retired Navy Seal. Well. Retired isn't what he would call it. More like fired. Yes. Fired would be the correct choice of wor...
  • relationship
  • chicklit
  • romanticsuspense
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Can't Comedown (Book 1)  by cestoryteller
Can't Comedown (Book 1) by Oprah Penfrey
Shortly after a disturbing video goes viral, Bethany Proctor is found dead. Following a complicated investigation, Bethany's ex-lover, Porter Brooks, is made the prime s...
  • action
  • badboy
  • series
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Unforgiving Shadow ✔ by anupamarc
Unforgiving Shadow ✔by A Roy
Wattpad Featured Story - Beneath what seems a straightforward lifestyle lies a dark secret. Someone is about to enter Alice Bennett's life and drag her to the depths of...
  • creepy
  • stalker
  • murder
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He would kill for me《Yoonmin》 by tornadood
He would kill for me《Yoonmin》by tornadood
jimin is a normal student at a seemingly average school Everything changed when a killer fell in love for him
  • parkjimin
  • ships
  • murder
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Blood of the Empire by QueenOfSecrets1308
Blood of the Empireby Shruti Srinivasan
In an Empire that was said to be more powerful than the armies of the Gods, a storm has begun to brew. Its cause? A woman. And not just any woman; the most powerful warr...
  • murdermystery
  • dark
  • manipulation
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Killer Instinct by katherinepowell
Killer Instinctby Katherine
Three months ago, four kids were run off the road by a drunk driver and pronounced dead at the scene, leaving their families to grieve and wonder why accidents had to ha...
  • thriller
  • romance
  • drama
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  • emmaduval
  • ghostface
  • elihudson
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Nightfall by cluelessdaddy
Nightfallby ✴ ash ✴
His eyes, akin to the bluest skies Tahlia had ever set her gaze upon, peered into her stark ones keenly. As if, trying to make out her breathing pattern. "Observe...
  • serialkiller
  • dark
  • psychotic
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Escape the Night Oneshots by Sincerely_Sourumeito
Escape the Night Oneshotsby 💙Sincerely,Cassie💙
If you watch Escape the Night, then you might like this book! If you don't...well, don't read I guess. Oh, and yes, there will be spoilers, so be warned. Highest Ranks:...
  • fanfic
  • destormpowers
  • season1
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To Tell An Altswood Lie (The Altswood Saga #3) by ChloeFairchild
To Tell An Altswood Lie (The Chloe Fairchild
After the chaos of two serial killers in Altswood, the island is finally at a calm. Luca Fern and Gabriel Kingston have become media darlings: the heroes of Bottle Islan...
  • action
  • hunt
  • island
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Better Lost Than Found: A Novella (Limited-time only, Wattpad version) by RiofWolve
Better Lost Than Found: A Riley Knight
"Deal?" "Done." When seventeen year old Clare Howard decides to escape from the boring manner of the modern Millennial by spending her summer vacatio...
  • notforkids
  • offthegrid
  • massmurder
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hostage - markbum by arsgucci
hostage - markbumby 敏俊
when mark was held captive by his biggest fan.
  • parkjinyoung
  • author
  • horror
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Undercover (LeviXReader) by AngelDragon428
Undercover (LeviXReader)by AngelDragon428
**Story Completed: 09/02/2018** (Y/n) (l/n) had just finished training as an officer at New York's finest police academy. She is transferred to the heart of the city whe...
  • mystery
  • eren
  • murdermystery
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The Egg at Dumstreet by RainerSalt
The Egg at Dumstreetby RainerSalt
[Completed] A U.S. expatriate is cast into a rainy, foggy corner of Europe. He went there on the pretense to work on his research, but he actually wanted to put as many...
  • romance
  • funny
  • featured
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the 603 midnight express | closed literate rp | by dd_roleplays
the 603 midnight express | kayd
welcome to the midnight express, where everything is just dandy. all spots have been taken.
  • mystery
  • supernatural
  • literate
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Contests & Writing Prompts by mystery
Contests & Writing Promptsby Mystery and Thriller
There are always new mysteries to solve, so what're you waiting for? Challenge yourself with our latest contests and prompts. Winners will have a chance to be featured i...
  • fiction
  • amwriting
  • writing
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