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Naruko Uzumaki: Believe it! {Book 1} by TakeMyPhone_Official
Naruko Uzumaki: Believe it! { I Hate It Here
Naruko Uzumaki is the Jinchuuriki of the nine tails. Being a Jinchuuriki made Naruko's childhood traumatizing and will haunt her forever. Naruko always got hateful glare...
Changes is a Good Thing, Right? by GoddessOfBlack89
Changes is a Good Thing, Right?by Chieko Urimeshi
........ February 04 2019: #3 in Naruko December 30 2018: #82 in RANDOM January 13 2018: #98 in RANDOM January 18 2018: #204 IN FANFICTION December 29 2017: #627 IN FANF...
White Frosted Warrior  by BrittanyWilton
White Frosted Warrior by Brittany Wilton
It had been years since the fourth shinobi war had started, and Naru's mask was failing her. Looking at the bright red moon, she only sighed. There was only one thing sh...
Konoha Academy: A Naruto Fanfiction by CeCeMAnderson
Konoha Academy: A Naruto Fanfictionby CeCe M Anderson
Naruko Mitzuki is a transfer student from Iwagakure. She brings with her a dark past and a fierce attitude. Her first day there, she managed to make enemies and friends...
Naruko x HxH (Slow update) by YuTingFang
Naruko x HxH (Slow update)by Dead/Jojo
Naruko got transported into the hunter x hunter world. Is this her real birth place? Will she find the reason as to why she was transported into this world. Why did the...
I'm in the past? by Luna3464
I'm in the past?by Luna
Bearing Kakashi's child and being thrown in the past while merging with kurama turning her into A daiyōkai, were the least of Naruto's problems. Maybe, saving Yahiko, Sa...
Hard To Say(KakafemNaru) by XAnime_HamasakiX
Hard To Say(KakafemNaru)by AnimeLover
Thirteen year old Kakashi is cold. There are no other way to describe him, he was just cold. But then they get a new teacher. Twenty year old Naruko Uzumaki, the woman w...
Momoku no Kitsune- a Naruto fanfiction by Babywolf-Lover
Momoku no Kitsune- a Naruto Babywolf-lover
When Naru was 9 years old, she went completely blind because of an attack. Sarutobi found and got the girl training so she could still be a ninja. How much different wou...
Demon Siblings by xSeranilx
Demon Siblingsby Anonymous
This is a story about three siblings who stick together no matter what. There names are Naruto, Menma, and Naruko they are triplets who look exactly the same except Menm...
Gender Bender (NaruSasu) by TinkerBell2019
Gender Bender (NaruSasu)by TinkerBell2019
Naruto...or Naruko? which is it?! There's a new student in Konaha High, but nobody really knows their gender... is it male of female? whatever it is, they seem to have t...
demon love by _Kokuyo_
demon loveby _Kokuyo_
One day Grell was harassing Sebastian as usual, when all of a sudden a flash of red appears knocking grell to the ground. Sebastian and Ciel both look to find a fox with...
Agent Uzumaki at Your Service! by LaughableRiver
Agent Uzumaki at Your Service!by LaughableRiver
After leaving Konoha via, Kurama, at the age of 16, Naruko ends up in a new world, different from the elemental nations. She makes a deal with Fury, to only come in when...
Mine (FemNaru) by Nestha4
Mine (FemNaru)by Nestha4
UNDER A REWRITE Team seven is short on ninja, until Tsunade makes an exception to put two sensei on the team. (Femnaru) WHICH SHIP WILL SAIL?! Disclaimer:I DON'T OWN NA...
Leaf Blonde Bubbly Angel  by Starlightfudo
Leaf Blonde Bubbly Angel by Karina Estrada
For many years Naruto Uzumaki, was under a transformation jutus. Her name is Naruko Uzumaki, little genius naive to love. Shocking her fellow ninja. Follow her on her ad...
Unhappy {One-Shot} by _Psycho_Sama_
Unhappy {One-Shot}by Psycho-Sama
Forced to marry someone she doesn't love and never will love.
To the Past!...but wait  by Delta6611
To the Past!...but wait by Delta6611
This is yet another Boruto travels to the past. But What happens when Boruto finds out his dad had a twin sister! Read to find out about Boruto and Sarada's trip to the...
Naruto's younger twin (Slow Updates) by YugiYami1108
Naruto's younger twin (Slow Yukiko Moto
What if Naruto has a younger twin? What if she had not only one, but 6 dormant tailed beasts in her? How would the village treat her? *Disclaimer* I don't not own Naruto...
Too much too early. {COMPLETE} by Naruko7877
Too much too early. {COMPLETE}by *REDACTED*
I don't know just read the story. (SasuFemNaru)
Naruko Uzumaki: The Tale of the Twin by AsianGirl152
Naruko Uzumaki: The Tale of the AsianGirl152
Naruko Uzumaki is the unknown twin of Naruto Uzumaki. She was stolen from Konoha shortly after her birth, and kept a secret. Only the Hokage and select anbu knew that sh...
Return to Konoha! by NarukoKyuubiMode
Return to Konoha!by NarukoKyuubiMode
The sequel to The life of Naruko Uzumaki! You guys loved it, it was FAR more popular than all my other books combined, so here's the sequel. By the way, recomended (Only...