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Changes is a Good Thing, Right? by GoddessOfBlack89
Changes is a Good Thing, Right?by Chieko Urimeshi
........ February 04 2019: #3 in Naruko December 30 2018: #82 in RANDOM January 13 2018: #98 in RANDOM January 18 2018: #204 IN FANFICTION December 29 2017: #627 IN FANF...
  • changednaruto
  • kurama
  • sakura
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I'm in the past? by Luna3464
I'm in the past?by Luna
Bearing Kakashi's child and being thrown in the past while merging with kurama turning her into A daiyōkai, were the least of Naruto's problems. Maybe, saving Yahiko, Sa...
  • naruko
  • timetravel
◯ Naruko Uzumaki ◯  by nicotinecv
◯ Naruko Uzumaki ◯ by 3 am
Naruto got turned into a girl by the enemy and everyone freaks out, but in the same time, loves it.
  • drama
  • naruto
  • naruko
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Agent Uzumaki at Your Service! by LaughableRiver
Agent Uzumaki at Your Service!by LaughableRiver
After leaving Konoha via, Kurama, at the age of 16, Naruko ends up in a new world, different from the elemental nations. She makes a deal with Fury, to only come in when...
  • kyuubi
  • crossover
  • shield
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Hiding The Monster Within[YURI]: Naruto Fanfiction by PokerFacedPanda
Hiding The Monster Within[YURI]: PokerFacedPanda
Shizuka Kaburaki is an OP, handsome young girl who has an upper part of a female but a lower part of a male. With a rough past, she has turned cold and emotionless, whi...
  • sakura
  • intersex
  • lesbianharem
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Mine (FemNaru) by ramirjc5088
Mine (FemNaru)by ramirjc5088
Team seven is short on ninja, until Tsunade makes an exception to put two sensei on the team. (Femnaru) WHICH SHIP WILL SAIL?! Disclaimer:I DON'T OWN NARUTO, but if I di...
  • kakashi
  • sakura
  • kyuubi
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The girl with battle scars(Naruko story) by MidnightRose00
The girl with battle scars( MidnightRose00
Naruko Uzumaki Namikaze is the jinjuriki of the full nine tails.She puts on a mask every day. No one knows what she's been through. Abused by the village, and not notice...
  • naruko
  • naruto
  • uzumaki
Naruko Uzumaki ( la salvación del mundo ninja) TERMINADA by blanricsel
Naruko Uzumaki ( la salvación LaB
¿Qué hubiera pasado si nuestro Naruto hubiera nacido mujer?¿ Si tuviera acceso al chakra del clan Uzumaki? Esta es l historia de una pequeña ninja a la cual sellaron al...
  • fanfic
  • mundo
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Start all over again (SasuxFemNaru) by Chisato1498
Start all over again (SasuxFemNaru)by babyscience_123
when things get out of hand and your mind overthinks and the feeling of fear creaks into your body and the solution you thought of was to leave... having a child at an e...
  • fanfiction
  • naruko
  • romance
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The Dog General And The Kitsune by user99828394
The Dog General And The Kitsuneby
Hello peps~~~ This my new book, and as you see from the cover this an Inuyasha and Naruto crossover, I hope you like it. What if before Inu no Taishõ or Toga die a certa...
  • femnaruto
  • inuyasha
  • modernlife
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los uzumaki de kirigakure by borutohyuga1426
los uzumaki de kirigakureby black histories
aclaraciones. (aqui viene lo cliche) -minato y kushina vivos. -naruto tiene 2 hermanos menma y naruko. -naruto abandonado. -naruto pelirrojo y 100% uzumaki. (explicacion...
  • karin
  • kushina
  • narutofuerte
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The Abandoned Child: Naruto Fanfiction by jarodlikestowrite
The Abandoned Child: Naruto Spawn of Satan
Minato survived the sealing of the Kyuubi as did Kushina. But after the sealing Minato, Kushina, Jiraiya, and Tsunade take the two younger siblings, Naruko and Menma, aw...
  • kushina
  • naruto
  • mokuton
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All Started With A Smell by KUROneko18219
All Started With A Smellby kuroneko 871
Todo comenzó con un olor. Eso fue lo que hizo que Shikamaru se fijara en Naruto. Algunas cosas sobre el 'chico' simplemente no cuadraban y cuanto más pensaba Shikamaru e...
  • romance
  • narutoshippuden
  • shikamarunara
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Book 1: Complications (NarukoxSasuke) (Completed) by Tmya_Morris
Book 1: Complications ( T’Myaaaaaa💕
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any of its Characters. WARNING: Major Editing Needed! "Sasuke? Who's Sasuke?" "Me you idiot!" I stood up again. &q...
  • narusasu
  • naruto
  • sasukexnaruko
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Una chica llevada a otro colegio y que en ese colegio conoce al alguien que la hace sentir amada espero que les guste y lean si es que les gusta la pareja sasuke y naruk...
  • amor
  • gaara
  • naruko
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El amor de sasuke  (  naruko) by kikiouzumaki
El amor de sasuke ( naruko)by kikio - uzumaki
espero les guste la historia dejen su comentario si les gusto
  • minato
  • amor
  • narukouzumaki
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Different Life Story by KuroiOozora
Different Life Storyby KuroiOozora
Naruto really had no idea what just happened. One moment she and her family were having dinner, another moment later, after tremor and bright light appeared, she was sta...
  • kakashi
  • shisui
  • femnaru
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White Frosted Warrior  by BrittanyWilton
White Frosted Warrior by Brittany Wilton
It had been years since the fourth shinobi war had started, and Naru's mask was failing her. Looking at the bright red moon, she only sighed. There was only one thing sh...
  • era
  • tobirama
  • warring
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Naruto/naruko la reencarnacion de nya-tan by OmarAlejandroMuozTor
Naruto/naruko la reencarnacion Omar Alejandro Muñoz Torrijos
naruto será el jinchuriki del alma y el cuerpo del kyubi, sus padres estarán vivos y tendrá hermanos, rin esta viva, kakashi cuida de vez en cuando a naruto, lo mismo ób...
  • gender-bender
  • naruko
  • naruto
Leaving For the Better - Naruto Neglect Fic by LuvKitties1414
Leaving For the Better - Naruto Alex Hammy, the $10 bill
When he was born, Naruto's parents were supposed to die, but what if they didn't? What if Naruto had two sisters, and was the oldest triplet? What if the...
  • naruto
  • menma
  • narutoneglect
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