BALLET AND BOXERS; Larry Stylinson (harry!tops) by louehhazzah
AOB MPREG. "you're an omega, he's an alpha, it'll work out perfectly!" "Nialler. I'll never get a chance with him." "chonces are for losers Lou...
  • harrystyles
  • boyxboy
  • onedirection
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virgin pink - l.s. by LustForLou
virgin pink - LustForLou
the AU were Louis falls for his moms new boyfriend, but he doesn't seem to like Louis, mainly because he's straight.
  • larry
  • bottomlouis
  • sublouis
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At Your Service by blessthekellic
At Your Serviceby blessthekellic
After Louis finally comes out of the closet, his parents don't take it so lightly and end up kicking the blue eyed boy out of their so called "loving home". Ti...
  • larry
  • ceoharry
  • louistomlinson
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at your service • narry au [ completed ] by narrymademedoit
at your service • narry au [ nics
in which niall works as a servant for harry for as long as he can remember. he cares for him more than his own life and he also might have fallen for him even though he...
  • onedirection
  • narrysmut
  • narrystylan
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You Are The Only One (Larry Mpreg) *Editing* by Iki_Gaka
You Are The Only One (Larry Mpreg) Haz_cuppa_Lou
"Don't you understand?! You must be fucking stupid!" Harry shouted. "Listen here carefully. I don't even want to marry you. You're my parent's choice, not...
  • louistomlinson
  • harrystyles
  • niallhoran
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Blue Ice | Larry Stylinson by Sarah16794
Blue Ice | Larry Stylinsonby ▪sarah▪
[COMPLETE AT 33.4K] ❝Don't ever try to get near me! I don't wanna see you.❞ Harry had slurred in his face looking him in the eye. ❝I-I don't understand,❞ Louis managed t...
  • sweetlouis
  • wattys2018
  • louisandharry
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Beautiful Soul {L.S} by be-my-sunshine
Beautiful Soul {L.S}by We've Discussed It
LARRY STYLINSON, AOB, HIGHSCHOOL AU. Louis is an omega that just wanted to feel safe, protected and loved. When Harry first laid eyes on Louis, something in him sparked...
  • topharry
  • complete
  • omega
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Make You Mad by LouisSmolBean
Make You Madby LouisSmolBean
"Make him miss you!" "Make him go mad." "Make sure that you're the best he's ever had!"
  • drama
  • louis
  • liam
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King Harry ♕ l.s by livebystyles
King Harry ♕ l.sby sophie
LARRY, ABO, TOP HARRY, BOTTOM LOUIS, MPREG, FUTURISTIC / MEDIEVAL / DYSTOPIAN - "Harry?" "Yes, Lou?" "I have something to tell you. I lied to yo...
  • werewolf
  • niall
  • larrystylinson
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My Little Stripper [l.s.] by xlivinglikelarryx
My Little Stripper [l.s.]by Larry?
Louis gets asked to work at the biggest strip company in London owned by Harry Styles, things get heated pretty quickly but will it all work out? Having a relationship w...
  • niallhoran
  • zayn
  • larry
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Him [Zarry] by Prisonerwithavision
Him [Zarry]by Z
"Harry this isn't healthy. You're obsessed. I can't believe you go to all that trouble just to look at him." "Of course I do," "I have to.&quo...
  • boyxboy
  • love
  • bottomzayn
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Boots & Booty - Larry Stylinson  [Ageplay] by hisoopsforhishi
Boots & Booty - Larry Stylinson [ Pastel Pink
One where Harry wears boots and Louis has booty. . . . Ageplay (DDLB) Little!Louis Daddy!Harry This book may contain triggering content for some people. So please, rea...
  • liampayne
  • zaynmalik
  • ddlb
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Mate || L.S  by BethanyCortez
Mate || L.S by BethanyCortez
Locked in a tower, a blue eyed arctic wolf dreams of escape. Behind the crescent moon is an alpha trailing the scent of its mate. Inspired by "Wolves" Selena...
  • sexy
  • omega
  • alpha
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Step Brother //L.S// ❌ by babylovehazza
Step Brother //L.S// ❌by harrehslou
Louis is Harry's stepbrother. When Harry's dad leaves, Harry has to stay with Louis and his mum. Louis is completely against the idea. When they were little, Harry pick...
  • topharry
  • bottomlouis
  • danhowell
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Teddy bears(L.s) by noradjones
Teddy bears(L.s)by LarryStylinson
Sometimes I just get so stressed out, mad, or angry. But I can't do anything about it, whether i'm at work or talking to my sister.. I get the urge to cry when someone m...
  • larry
  • stylinson
  • daddyharry
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smut by kj1974
smutby kj1974
bottom louis and bottom harry centric one-shot/series. if you want your work taken down message me and i will.
  • bottomniall
  • stylinson
  • oneshot
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Be a Good Baby; larry stylinson [  top!harry bottom!louis flowercrown!louis ] by larryinboxers
Be a Good Baby; larry stylinson [ abi & jas
"That's my seat." "O-Oh, I'm so-sorry." OR The one where Louis is an innocent little boy who loves to wear flower crowns and Harry is kind of an assh...
  • lgbt
  • flowercrownlouis
  • louistomlinson
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A Turn Of Events [Larry] by TropicLarries
A Turn Of Events [Larry]by trash with sass
"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry! I wasn't paying attention!" A feminine, but slightly raspy voice hurriedly rushes out. Harry picks himself up, looking up and then d...
  • actorharry
  • rudeharry
  • topharry
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My John smith (l.s) by nahspn
My John smith (l.s)by nahspn
"I'll protect him until the day I die" Harry & Louis are married secret agents. And Louis life is in danger.
  • bottomlouis
  • harry
  • larry
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Checkmate, Sir (A Larry Stylinson Fanfiction) by LSFiction28
Checkmate, Sir (A Larry LSFiction28
Harry Styles used to be Louis Tomlinson's high school bully. Now, Louis is a world famous CEO and Harry is in need of a job. The only job that doesn't seem that bad is t...
  • topharry
  • louistomlinson
  • bottomharry
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