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Akame ga Kill! - Killer of the East by MnMs171
Akame ga Kill! - Killer of the Eastby InspiredFool
There's a new Assassin in town. He comes from the East with a black over coat, and a hood covering his face. People who catch a glance of him are lucky if he lets you li...
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Akame ga Creed! ✅ by matthewlr17
Akame ga Creed! ✅by matthewlr17
{COMPLETED} [Warning: Intense Violence and coarse language. I recommend watching Akame ga Kill if you haven't seen it yet, its a good show.] The Hooded Assassin returns...
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Esdeath x Male Reader - The Right Path by TheNinjaAtWar
Esdeath x Male Reader - The Right...by TheNinjaAtWar
After battling in Esdeath's special tournament, you're now an official member of the Jaegers. Things go well until you were told the truth about the Capital and it's gov...
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Long Live the Revolution: An Akame Ga Kill x Titanfall Tale by After_Hours_Writer
Long Live the Revolution: An Akame...by Austin, An Author of Stuff
You know where this is going by now.
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Caring RWBY Girls x Depressed/Cheated OC by SonicKev101
Caring RWBY Girls x Depressed/Chea...by SonicKev101
(A/N: I do now own RWBY. It belongs to Rooster Teeth and Monty Oum. My OC belongs to me.)
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I Love Papa by lamargardiner
I Love Papaby lamargardiner
(Y) (L) a boy who never thought that he'd be a father only at age 18. Now watch as he gets girls and maintain a family. Contains RWBY, Senran Kagura, Highschool DxD and...
The One Where We All Survive (Akame Ga Kill Harem) by JPPoole
The One Where We All Survive (Akam...by JP Poole
Have you ever seen Akame Ga Kill and hated that your favorites characters all died? Well, I'm fixing that! This is my take on the story where everyone survives. I DO NOT...
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The separatist general male reader x Akame ga Kill  by Whiteowl818
The separatist general male reader...by Whiteowl818
When the darth sidious was killed General Y/N decided to make a treaty with the republic and they became one big protectors of the galaxy. When General Y/N was called wi...
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Akame Ga Kill x Male Reader by ChristianRodriguez85
Akame Ga Kill x Male Readerby Christian Rodriguez
(Y/n) was a young boy who lived in the capital. He lived happily with his family that is until he knew what their true intentions really were all his life they faked the...
Shinobi x Assassin - Naruto fanfiction(COMPLETED) by Weissmann96
Shinobi x Assassin - Naruto fanfic...by P.M Weissmann
An Assassin who has outrun her utility... The birth of an avenger... Akame(from Akame ga kill) is in a slump after the victory of the revolutionary army... She knows on...
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The Natural Hunter (Akame Ga Kill x Male Evolved Reader) by The_FanFicFan
The Natural Hunter (Akame Ga Kill...by TheFan
Blacklight, the rumored Imperial Arms made from a virus found on a meteorite. If only had two previously recorded users. Alex Mercer and James Heller. Now how did it end...
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Akame ga Kill One Shots by MyFanFictionalLife
Akame ga Kill One Shotsby Cari Akise
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iBoy (Multiverse Harem) by JPPoole
iBoy (Multiverse Harem)by JP Poole
You're the most talented assassin of all time with ability to control electronics. On your way to defeating APE and Salem, you attract a bunch of ladies. I DO NOT OWN RW...
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I'm Just A Soldier (Akame Ga Kill! x Captain America!Male Reader) by Domo-kun99
I'm Just A Soldier (Akame Ga Kill...by Domo-kun99
(F/N) Rogers was sent by Avengers to retrieve the Soul Stone at the past before Thanos managed to do it first thus preventing the Snap. Everything not happened as expect...
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Esdeath x male reader by masterN20
Esdeath x male readerby Mastern20
I will say this so I do not have to put in every chapter I do not own akame ga kill or any of the companies that support the show or made it as well as the images I do...
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Welcome to Crossover High( Male reader x crossover Harem) by PhionexTeen83
Welcome to Crossover High( Male re...by PhoenixTeen83
Read to find out
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Yandere Esdeath x Mute Male reader by FalloutRamos
Yandere Esdeath x Mute Male readerby Fallout Ramos
Malereader is my first time that I'm making for you readers because I would love to do this idea. I hope you guys enjoy my story have a nice day people
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Akame ga kill: Male reader insert. by 9rdaley3
Akame ga kill: Male reader insert.by 9rdaley3
I hope you all enjoy this. If you do vote for it.
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The Little Assassin (Male child reader X Akame Ga Kill) by ChrisReiniger
The Little Assassin (Male child re...by Shadow Nexus
In a team of deadly assassins where survival is uncertain, is there really any room for a child?
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Our God and Savior[Rewriting] (Akame ga kill x Male Godzilla reader) by Tanker980
Our God and Savior[Rewriting] (Aka...by Tanker980
Godzilla, the teigu that created with the other 42 teigus. Godzilla is one of the 19 monster teigus. Godzilla is the most powerful of all. The empire's who made these te...
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