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Player Player by LandonAmeezy
Player Playerby Landon xo
Austin Mahone. Your normal bad boy, with a twist. Katie Lyons. Your normal innocent girl, with a problem. What happens when their paths cross?
Now or Never (An Austin Mahone and Crew Love Story) by Nikki_acm
Now or Never (An Austin Mahone Nikki
For fourteen years Olivia Nicole Collins did nothing but dream of living a life that was more exciting. She started writing when she was eight years old, and found a way...
Just A Bet  by Infinity_sparks
Just A Bet by Someone somewhere
Grace is used to being bullied and self harms to release all the pain. She moves to a new school and meets a boy named Carter. Carter a bad boy and has a different girl...
My Professor [am] by guccimahone
My Professor [am]by jamie ! (:
- he has what you want, but I'm what you need - {alternate universe; age difference; some mature content} -my first piece of fanfiction so please bear with the first co...
The Gym by ameezy24
The Gymby ameezy24
Descriptions are boring, just read the book
In Love With My Bestfriend: Justin Bieber by BMcCann6
In Love With My Bestfriend: BMcCann
Jamie Collins and Justin Bieber have been friends since they were 5. They both secretly liked each other for a while but didn't tell anyone not wanting to ruin their fri...
Bad Things (Camila Cabello/ YN (YOU) / Ariana Grande) by forbiddenloved16
Bad Things (Camila Cabello/ YN ( ✈D
"I asked for their blessings, anyway. I've found out myself that I can't live without you. You know that of course. We may have those shitty fights, we may have tho...
My Dark Secret (COMPLETED) by harryssimp_
My Dark Secret (COMPLETED)by sky
this is literally SO BAD and i wrote this when i was fourteen but i won't stop you from reading lmao it's about alren and ally has a kid and i oop-
Adopted by Ariana Grande?! by IGotGrandeSwag
Adopted by Ariana Grande?!by Sarah
Amelia Johnson was an average girl. Until her live changed for better or for worse...?
My Student..😩😍😌 by AustinMahonesBBG
My Student..😩😍😌by Rose🥀
"We..can't.." I pant, he kisses my neck. "why not baby girl.." he slurs leaving sloppy kisses. "your my student Mr...." I moan in a whispe...
New Beginnings {ACM} by mahonestars
New Beginnings {ACM}by mahonestars
It's been 2 in a half years since Emily gave birth to her and Austin's daughter, Lucy Mahone. 2 years filled with many different emotions. Austin and Emily can agree tha...
Little Darling • H.S (AU)  by harrycherrystyles
Little Darling • H.S (AU) by Talia
Harry Styles, most feared business man in the world, is starting to lose his mind. Freshly divorced and with no one to watch his 3 year old daughter Serenity, he had no...
Imagine: Austin Mahone Edition *EDITING* by CruiseControl
Imagine: Austin Mahone Edition * Katie
Deep passion and love for Austin Mahone.
Meeting Austin Mahone [Editing] by itzgingin
Meeting Austin Mahone [Editing]by itzgingin
[LOOKING FOR A BAD FAN-FIC? HERE YOU GO!]"It wasn't about where you ended up, but the road you traveled. And through that rocky fangirling road to meet Austin Mahon...
Carter Mahone by AmeezyMoans
Carter Mahoneby AmeezyMoans
Everyone would describe Carter as a bad boy, he gets in trouble a lot and some people think he's dangerous. Ali on the other hand is the opposite, she gets good grades a...
Our Promises *Austin Mahone* by austinmahonexx04
Our Promises *Austin Mahone*by austinmahonexx
Nicole is a normal 16 year old girl dating Andrew Constancio, best friends with Alex Constancio and Aliya. Alex gets a girlfriend and her name is Becca, and then Nicole...
Chillin in the Summertime Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone boyxboy by heyystaceyy
Chillin in the Summertime Justin Stacey Renee
The cool popular falls for the nerd. But not the typical love story see. Austin isn't any cool popular guy he's gay, he has a boyfriend, but he's got a hard life. Justin...
Let Me Love You (Ariana Grande/You/Camila Cabello) by forbiddenloved16
Let Me Love You (Ariana Grande/ ✈D
A song that was made out of their love story.. struggles, lies, secrets and friendships would their relationship be fix or will drift apart? **** Ariana Grande/You/Camil...
Falling For You (Austin Mahone Love Story) by understandthesilence
Falling For You (Austin Mahone Taylor
When Gabby has to move to a whole different state because of her mom's new job offer she isn't to happy. She has decided to make this trip miserable for the both of them...