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Wil Stories

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Darling | All16 | ✔ by JadeQueen100
Darling | All16 | ✔by Jade
Sang Sorenson, the darling of the universe, is the sweetest, nicest person you will ever meet. Her parents are wealthy and kind to all, including their beloved daughter...
Sang's the 1: Introductions {COMPLETED} by IAmCandi
Sang's the 1: Introductions {COMPL...by AcademyAddict
NOTE: I'm editing this story now! Not planning on changing any content. I'm just fixing typos, punctuation, grammar, etc. If you see any errors (including plot errors/ho...
Lost  In The Dark/ all 16 by wassup_3345
Lost In The Dark/ all 16by No one_cares
*All this chapters are unedited* Sang Sorenson lives on a world that your statue represents you by your dragon. Some are not lucky enough to even have one and certainly...
The Elites by ShantiLynn
The Elitesby Shanti Lynn
When Kayli Winchester was 16, she met 5 guys who she fell in love with. Shortly after, she made choice to leave them behind to save her brother, Wil, from being separate...
abide⋆joey trotta by HiIlikeyourface
abide⋆joey trottaby Em(o)ily
This was the 1st Toy Soldiers fanfic on Wattpad, if you didn't know. :) Regis High School has recently accepted girls into the prep school. It's a school made of student...
Home. by The_maze_games_fan
Home.by The_maze_games_fan
As Gally helps the new greenie out of the box, something clicks. But what happens to Captain Gally?
Troublemaker by samami14
Troublemakerby sam
"What's your favorite color, and why?" I smirked. "Pink. It's the color of innocence, of naivete, of a helpless damsel. And every man is weak for a percei...
afraid|| chris chambers  by damianswaynes
afraid|| chris chambers by #equality
"you're scared,right?" "no shit." copyright @-starryeyedhowell I do not own "stand by me" Achievements: #21 in #standbyme #10 in #chrischam...
OF MY OWN CONFESSIONS (Wil Ohsmford love story) by Luna_Ray
OF MY OWN CONFESSIONS (Wil Ohsmfor...by Léla Newlon
I'm Enoleia. I went through hell my first stage of life. I thought it would be all over then I woke up to Elves and demons. Yeah all that good stuff. All this put on me...
Looking for shelter (PrincessRover AU) by darksoul_brightsmile
Looking for shelter (PrincessRover...by darksoul_brightsmile
It started when Eretria found Amberle in front of her dormroom looking for shelter because her room was occupied by her roommate and her boyfriend... #174 in modernau #1...
Four Boys Who Changed My Life: A Stand By Me Fanfiction by madelinejane328
Four Boys Who Changed My Life: A S...by janemb328
It was the first day of junior high, it was my first day in Castle Rock, Oregon. What a small town. I was walking inside the building as I saw 4 boys standing outside. T...
GOOD movies by _cloudyxvibes_
GOOD moviesby aple juse🧃
GOOD movies starring Wil Wheaton, River Phoenix, Corey Feldman, Corey Haim, Sean Astin, and Mike Vitar (some of them dont. i just love all these movies)
stuck :: corey haim by haimhoney
stuck :: corey haimby haimhoney
"so i made a wish and now i'm stuck in 1989. great. just great." .○*✧ ◯ ✧*○. ellie jane brooks was the younger twin sist...
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I'd Choose You. (Amberle X Eretria AU) by Pizza2Ryoth
I'd Choose You. (Amberle X Eretria...by Pizza2Ryoth
"Yeah well, what if I'm not the 'Good Guy'?" She said with guilt in her voice, while focusing her vision to the ground. "What if none of use are the Good...
Zakara: Fire Within (An Allanon Fanfic) by becketharowndy
Zakara: Fire Within (An Allanon Fa...by Becketha Rowndy
Zakara is a sixteen year old Druid/Human, who runs away from her abusive uncle. Her aunt is worried sick and sends someone, that Zakara thought was only a legend, out to...
salvation⋆joey trotta by HiIlikeyourface
salvation⋆joey trottaby Em(o)ily
"Joey, is that you?" "Yeah.." (Sequel to Abide)