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Man and Machine - Male Reader x 2B by MathIsGone
Man and Machine - Male Reader x 2Bby see ya
The Lone Survivor, the last human alive, and the poor soul that had to see the extinction of the human race almost seen through. (Y/N) has been forced to pick up a blade...
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Drakengard & NieR One-shots by Nierest
Drakengard & NieR One-shotsby gestalted!
🍃 REQUESTS CLOSED 🍃 Accepting Drakengard 1, 2, 3 and NieR: Gestalt, Replicant, Automata requests! I also write some of my own ideas. {Fluff, scenarios, crossovers, and...
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The Lost Angel of Hope (9S x Angel!Reader) by SerinaKuro
The Lost Angel of Hope (9S x Angel...by SerinaKuro
Humans have long since lost their beloved home to those alien robots. It seems that even with the android forces being sent down there it was barely putting a dent in th...
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When The Flower Blooms by rinchans-domain
When The Flower Bloomsby Rinny Chan
Mitsuru and Kokoro are different, they are very much opposite to each other. But one day a sudden encounter happened and everything started in a small green house, and m...
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Nier Automata Hidden Secrets That Everyone Should KNOW! by _Zi0n_
Nier Automata Hidden Secrets That...by 🐣
Well if you play the game or not, there are lots of random secrets and other stuff about this game that we loved about how Yoko Taro did this! 03/17/2019 UPDATE: Just re...
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un Xeno en nier autómata by MauroCastagna9
un Xeno en nier autómataby solo soy un tipo que escribe...
los giros de la vida, pueden ser increíbles. quien diría que un día, terminarías una jornada de trabajo en tu rutina diaria habitual, y al siguiente, convertirte en un p...
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NieR: Automata REbuild by SperrigeBiene152
NieR: Automata REbuildby BuzzBees
What happened after the revival of the three androids' 2B, 9S, and A2? Can they move on with what little they have left? The machines are still rampant and the resistanc...
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Humanity's Last by _astrous_
Humanity's Lastby asra's property
After being isolated for many centuries, the day comes where mysterious androids come and rescue you. Now, you have to try and adapt to a new life in a world of ruins. {...
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Reload [Nier: Automata Fanfic] by Seen-Zoned
Reload [Nier: Automata Fanfic]by Tenshi~!
A save file that's a little bit kinder. Or: A world in which humanity is not extinct, Machine/Android life do not rule and everyone is happy. Or as happy as one can be w...
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[S]ayonara Memories (NieR: Automata) by AzureSky15
[S]ayonara Memories (NieR: Automat...by AzureSky15
'What must one have to be considered human?' Happiness? Sadness? Pain? Sacrifice? Hatred? Love? Memories? We are created in the image and likeness of our creators...
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To be Nine's (2B x 9S) by Ichigossu
To be Nine's (2B x 9S)by Ichigossu
The title is only for pun purpose LOL What a great start for description But anyway as you guessed, it's gonna chapters of this two because I ship them *^* They deserve...
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Destiny by glorytoyorha
Destinyby tubes
A human finds herself lost in a new world, with.. machines and androids? Some are allies, and some are enemies.. but which is which?! With the struggle of having amnesia...
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a very short automata fanfic about 2b
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Neir:Automata:Volnutt by adamabyss12
Neir:Automata:Volnuttby adamabyss12
Many thousand years into the future, humanity was on the brink of extinction. In a last ditch effort to save their race, they created 2 seperate machines:the Androids an...
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Rise and Fall: Dawn of a New Age by GamerVioletLighting
Rise and Fall: Dawn of a New Ageby Ally "Violet" Smith
This is a fanfic extension on Ending E of NieR: Automata. Warning; this is 18+. Proposal: Viewer Discretion is advised. Disclaimer: I do not own any Canon characters. Al...
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◊ ⓞⓡⓓⓡⓔ ⓡⓔⓕⓤⓢⓔ ◊ by AmayaTodoroki
◊ ⓞⓡⓓⓡⓔ ⓡⓔⓕⓤⓢⓔ ◊by ♥️ Just Megamii ♥️
☆ No. 6 / Type A ☆ Était une androïde de YoRHa, se battant pour la gloire de l'humanité et la renaissance du monde. → Etant une androïde, elle était dépourvue de tout...
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Humanities last Hope (Nier Automata x Military Soldiers and Marines) by ussamerica2018
Humanities last Hope (Nier Automat...by ussamerica2018
What happens when Me, my brother, and a few of our friends were preserved in a secret laboratory when the Alien's invaded the earth. Then over 9,000 years in the future...
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[S]olitude 孤独 by Hopeful_Mochi
[S]olitude 孤独by Rhi
• A story in verse inspired by part of the incredibly moving tale of Nier: Automata • [WARNING: Contains Nier: Automata game spoilers] A lonely boy experiences love for...
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Distant Histories (A Nier Automata FanFic) by 159357naz
Distant Histories (A Nier Automata...by Just Naz
Most people sometimes wonder what will happen in the near future. Sometimes people wonder if the world will really end like the tales and prophecies told by the past. Al...
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2B or not 2B? by Meeyuh_
2B or not 2B?by ♥♥♥
Just a little love story between 2B and 9S. I ship them SUPER hard. Enjoy the fluff and romance and story! I will also be giving a *little* bit of a visual through photo...
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