What It Seems (MGK)

What It Seems (MGK)

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I heard the other people singing on stage while I was getting ready. Tonight was the Shaker Heights High School talent show. I've done this every year, and yet I was still nervous. I was a senior this year, so this is my last one. 

"I still don't know why you're nervous. You do amazing every year. This year shouldn't be any different." my best friend, Mckenzie said.

"Easy for you to say. You don't have to go out there and perform in front of the whole school."

"Who said you had to?" she asked me, making a point. "But, now I am. You're gonna be amazing. I'm surprised you haven't gotten anywhere yet with that voice of yours."

Honestly, I didn't think I was that good. But everyone tells me differently. I won first place all the years I've done the talent show, but that doesn't make me think any different.

"My dad wouldn't allow it anyways. He hates the fact that I sing at these things."

"Well, you're all done! Look in the mirror!" She said, excited. She was amazing at doing make-up ...

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amyrebecca1 amyrebecca1 Jan 28, 2014
I just started reading this and it's awesome. I have my own MGK story that i started writing. I just put up the first chapter and would love it if you checked it out. Thanks (:
Lyssa19xx Lyssa19xx Jun 29, 2013
@ellolovato I know! I'm at 9k now...I didn't think anyone would actually read it lol But I'm super happy it's gotten so many reads.(: