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The Indieverse by hitthepin
The Indieverseby A. Kim
After the Player does some ill-advised file reassignment, waves of sentience ripple throughout the multiverse contained on his computer, and thus begins an epic adventur...
Dripping Ink [Bendy X Reader]  by Amberzoeheart
Dripping Ink [Bendy X Reader] by Amberzoeheart
It was nothing but a dreadful demon that lead me to this godforsaken studio. A demon that only casted fear upon us all. Ink drips down these walls all day and it makes m...
Ink Bendy x Reader - Till Ink Do Us Part by flemingsara
Ink Bendy x Reader - Till Ink Do sara
You're a young and hopeful voice actress in your late teens and your name is (Y/N) Pendle. You had a quite peaceful life until your sister, Allison, and her husband, Tho...
Bendy and Momo in: Hero or Demon (A BATIM and MHA Crossover) by Writer_Spry
Bendy and Momo in: Hero or Demon ( Writer_Spry
After so many loops, our little devil darling; Bendy, has been thrusted into a world where 80% of the population have powers called 'quirks'. Can he survive and thrive b...
Doll~ by Music10157
Doll~by Music10157
*Read to find out lazy*
Am I Not Good Enough? A Bendy x Sammy fanfic by SammyLovesHisLord
Am I Not Good Enough? A Bendy x AC
Sammy Lawrence, a victim of the tragedies of Joey Drew Studios, has fallen head over heels in love with his Lord and Master Bendy, the tyrant in charge. With no brain, s...
Mafia Bendy (Batim x Male OC) by art030603
Mafia Bendy (Batim x Male OC)by Mystery_Imagination
*Disclaimer* I do not own the characters except my own or the story. ================================ This is a story of a young human man who died and is reborn as a t...
Batim Alice Angel x Reader  by th3WolfthatWrit3s
Batim Alice Angel x Reader by theWolfthatWrites
A bunch of Oneshots for Alice Angel from my Quotev account, lemons included.
🖤Bendy x reader🖤 by blusugarcane
🖤Bendy x reader🖤by blusugarcane
After years without the studio y/n decides to go back to finish what his Uncle Joey Drew started and who would had thought she would found her favorite cartoon devil and...
Alice Angel x Female Reader by GodofYouGays
Alice Angel x Female Readerby GodofYouGays
First story up in this hiz houseeeeee!!!!!! There were some alice x female reader. But i wanted to do one myself. Enjoy people.
Masked Ink [Bendy x Reader] ( BATIM/BATDR )  by Fancy__Dancy
Masked Ink [Bendy x Reader] ( Fancy__Dancy
⬆️⚠️THE BOOK COVER IS MADE BY ME⚠️⬆️ (Y/N) lived a normal childhood. It was just her, mom, dad, and her older brother Benjamin. Benjamin had found out "Bendy Cartoo...
I Will Protect You (Ink Bendy X Female Reader) by schapman706
I Will Protect You (Ink Bendy X AuzzieBites
Thank goodness Joey Drew got the wrong address. If he hadn't you never would've come to the studio. You never would've met Bendy. Oh, the things he's done for you. What...
The Inked Angel's Puppy by AmaterasuNoMangaka
The Inked Angel's Puppyby AmaterasuNoMangaka
Years after leaving Joey Drew Studios with her friend, Henry, Y/N gets a letter from Joey asking to come back. Y/N and Henry return to the rundown studio in hopes of fin...
Bendy x cartoon!reader by creepydolly95
Bendy x cartoon!readerby creepydolly95
((Edited version)) yes, you play as a cartoon character like bendy and boris. your a little demon like bendy ^^
Broken Down (A Bendy & The Ink Machine Story) by InkyFalls023
Broken Down (A Bendy & The Ink William
Nobody knew about Bendy's existence but Joey Drew, not even Henry had knowledge of the ink demon hidden in the studio. Thirty years later after the Studio was shut down...
How To Love: Bendy x Reader by ThatOneRag
How To Love: Bendy x Readerby Call me Raggy~!
(This book is 100% completed!) My first story guys! Let me know what you think! Highest ranks cause eh why not: #2 in bendyxreader #9 in bendyandtheinkmachine #16 in ben...
The Archives [a BATIM Fanfiction] by bnandny
The Archives [a BATIM Fanfiction]by mike
Lightly inspired off of Endereye96's fic. It sparked some inspiration and old ideas. I loved it. :) You know the basis. Henry Stein, animator. Stuck in a time loop. Brea...
Ink     Bendy x reader by giggles-official
Ink Bendy x readerby _giggles_official
" Hello Ms. L/n, thank you for coming to this interview. " Joey Drew Studios has been looking for a new voice actress who can draw an original character. Cre...
Sammdy (A Sammy x Bendy Smut filled fanfiction) by pinkflowerpetalsbabe
Sammdy (A Sammy x Bendy Smut 🌺
Yes you can request in the comments of the first chapter! No I don't have any amount of pride or shame, just creativity. Yes it's gay if you don't like it fuck off, yes...