Dark Prism by DAlecLyle
Dark Prismby D. Alec Lyle
A Sci-Fi Lovecraftian Horror blended into a Cyberpunk setting...Five disparate pilgrims: a Detective; A Scholar; a Priest; a Healer; and an Artist, banded together to se...
  • supernatural
  • sci-fi
  • paranormal
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CODE ELDRITCH by theEldritch
CODE ELDRITCHby theEldritch
It's not easy being an eldritch abomination in the 21st century, and when Monroe is kidnapped by strangely dressed and weirdly upfront government agents on a rainy Septe...
  • fantasy
  • bizarre
  • horror
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the truth by wi11iamz
the truthby William Garcia
A man was approached by a god known as Nyarlathotep, Nyarlathotep told him the truth of our existence. the god made the man not be engulfed by Madness get can spread the...
  • lovecraft
  • lovecraftian
Grotesque: A Psychological Horror Story by CharlesHowardAuthor
Grotesque: A Psychological Charles Howard
The Artist saw the Change, and the Change was Grotesque. Through written confession, a nameless artist describes a disturbing interaction with a customer and the horrifi...
  • scary
  • cosmichorror
  • caricature
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beyond the stone walls by wi11iamz
beyond the stone wallsby William Garcia
A man with a Troublesome father that snuck out of the house for 2 years after his mother's death, to his curiosity to know more of the book that his father read and the...
  • horror
  • lovecraftian
Scales by TabbysStar
Scalesby TabbysStar
Like a meteor falling through the night sky's atmosphere, the sight of her body folded in on itself combined with her blinding white hair that streaked among the star li...
  • fantasy
  • scifi
  • sciencefantasy
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Lovecraftian by AdrianGuerrerorreque
Lovecraftianby Adrian Guerrerorrequena
Escribo esto agonizando desde mi escritorio con mi provisión de drogas agotada...
  • cosmico
  • lovecraftian
  • terror
Altered by hccavall
Alteredby H.C. Cavall
One year ago, Astin Fell grew horns and wings. One year ago, he fought the Taint, a malevolent force bent on devouring the entire universe. And, one year ago, he won. Bu...
  • fantasy
  • dark
  • mythology
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The Disappearance Of Eli Partens by Kadenn04
The Disappearance Of Eli Partensby Kadenn04
New Harbour city Journalist Eli Partens is investigating the mysterious goings on in the derelict town of Ridgestone. Reports by the New Harbour daily claim peculiar sig...
  • lovecraft
  • fiction
  • horror
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Ascent by BLGainen
Ascentby B.L. Gainen
A teenager caught between an oblivious mother, a sister too young to understand, an abusive alcoholic father, and something horrific in the woods near their small cabin...
  • creepy
  • fiction
  • teen
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