CODE ELDRITCH by theEldritch
CODE ELDRITCHby theEldritch
It's not easy being an eldritch abomination in the 21st century, and when Monroe is kidnapped by strangely dressed and weirdly upfront government agents on a rainy Septe...
  • mystery
  • fantasy
  • bizarre
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Forest of Ascension by Michael-Sorbello
Forest of Ascensionby Michael Sorbello
An eldritch fog cascades over the home of Adrian Blight. Being the nature-loving recluse that he is, he finds himself tempted by the mysterious fog into venturing furthe...
  • psychological
  • haunted
  • demon
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Grotesque: A Psychological Horror Story by CharlesHowardAuthor
Grotesque: A Psychological Charles Howard
The Artist saw the Change, and the Change was Grotesque. Through written confession, a nameless artist describes a disturbing interaction with a customer and the horrifi...
  • bloodandgore
  • macabre
  • cthulhu
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Banquet of Demons (Mara the Archfiend Hunter: Book #1) by Michael-Sorbello
Banquet of Demons (Mara the Michael Sorbello
Plagued with the curse of immortality, Mara travels the gloomy and terrifying landscapes that make up the dreadful world of Zalarith. Accompanied only by her silver clay...
  • mercenary
  • sad
  • morbid
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Real Blood 2 by infuscomus
Real Blood 2by Caleb
Before reading, this is my first official fan fiction and i'm not the best writer. Please give feedback and if you want to complain make it constructive. This is a fan f...
  • funny
  • blood
  • 1997
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The Shadow of Atlantis by KyleJDurrant
The Shadow of Atlantisby Kyle J Durrant
The story of Atlantis has long held a place in the minds of humanity, the mystery of whether or not it truly exists a burning question still unanswered. And if it does w...
  • call
  • lost
  • return
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Dweller In The Deep: Cthulhu Rising by BodyInTheWall
Dweller In The Deep: Cthulhu Risingby Abdul Alhazred
My ode to the fiction of HP Lovecraft. Highest rank: #591 in horror
  • lovecraftian
  • cthulhu
  • horror
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The Gore Farm by Mordran
The Gore Farmby Raoul Ricca
Pilot is a mutant: an artificial creature born from alchemy and human hands. His purpose is simple: serve the human masters, no matter how dangerous or cruel the task. S...
  • gory
  • horror
  • cosmichorror
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Spinner by Darthbruce
Spinnerby Darth Bruce
How far would you go for a good story? I was a writer of words, a spinner of tall tales, a newsman hungry for the story. Everyone about town knew the name 'Marshall Drek...
  • sea
  • lovecraft
  • scared
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Fear takes hold by DarkFantasy1996
Fear takes holdby DarkFantasy1996
What fears lurk in our imagination? How deep are you willing to go to find out?
  • bodyhorror
  • horror
  • lovecraftian
Investigator Müller by Top_Neppu
Investigator Müllerby Eldritch Hare
It's pretty bad, I'll just use this as the foundation to write a proper or at least better story.
  • lovecraftian
  • cosmic
  • paranormal
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Lovecraftian/ cosmic horror guide. by ww2retold
Lovecraftian/ cosmic horror Nicki Slagle
learn how to write lovecraftian/ cosmic horror!
  • horror
  • lovecraftian
High Strangeness *COMING SOON* by elfordalley
High Strangeness *COMING SOON*by elfordalley
High Strangeness /hī/ /ˈstrānj-nəs/ : Referring to incidents of the unknown, peculiar, paranormal, and absurd. The story of Apartment 239 continues! The fate of 726 mis...
  • chilling
  • ghosts
  • thriller
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The Final Transcription of Maria Holdershaw by JDWheeldon
The Final Transcription of Maria Joe Wheeldon
Post World War 2, Miss Maria Holdershaw is stationed aboard the HMS Beacon on a mission to track down fleeing German U boats and decipher the secret intel on board. Afte...
  • mystery
  • cosmic
  • war
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Far Past the Peaks of These Mountains by Ferret-bird
Far Past the Peaks of These dont ask about my parents.
In the slimy belly of Osnye's war-torn city-states, Joyce Halvorsen has led his small gang of thieves to riches time and time again. He's seen it all-personal heists for...
  • gay
  • shortstory
  • gothic
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I Know Where the Dead Ones Go by BenSobieck
I Know Where the Dead Ones Goby Benjamin Sobieck
A pair of police officers doesn't believe the reports about a gruesome creature killing people and stacking the bodies in a bad part of town. The supposed witnesses, mos...
  • humantrafficking
  • paranormal
  • police
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