By the light of the moon (SHORT HORRORS) by BennyBedlam
By the light of the moon (SHORT That Guy
Here, there be monsters. A collection of short horrors, from urban legends to original monsters. Get ready to be scared. From spectral dogs, to gigantic monsters from di...
  • story
  • evil
  • ghosts
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Darkest Dungeon by StoneRhino
Darkest Dungeonby StoneRhino
The Darkest Dungeon is a game that borrows a lot from Lovecraftian Lore. it is a world of horror where the hero doesn't so much win but survive another day until either...
  • lovecraftian
  • wattys2018
  • darkestdungeon
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The Portrait Of Lady Blood by maybeiwas2shy
The Portrait Of Lady Bloodby David V. M.
World War II is underway. Germans drop their bombs on the streets of London. Emmeline is charged with being strong for her Daddy and to take care of her Maman and her l...
  • haunted
  • portrait
  • creepy
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Dweller In The Deep: Cthulhu Rising by BodyInTheWall
Dweller In The Deep: Cthulhu Risingby Abdul Alhazred
My ode to the fiction of HP Lovecraft. Highest rank: #591 in horror
  • wattys2018
  • horror
  • christmas
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a test to Thy mettle (WIP) by fervirte
a test to Thy mettle (WIP)by fervirte
what holds a person back? their conscience? their emotions? their knowledge? or is it something greater?
  • lovecraftian
  • hopelessness
  • cosmichorror
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The Thing in the Shadows by Jocealmighty
The Thing in the Shadowsby Daniel Joce
It's been five years since I lost Samantha and the circumstances of that night still haunt me to this day. A therapist of mine instructed me to create an account of the...
  • horror
  • mystery
  • short
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Forest of Ascension by Michael-Sorbello
Forest of Ascensionby Michael Sorbello
An eldritch fog cascades over the home of Adrian Blight. Being the nature loving recluse that he is, he finds himself beckoned by the mysterious fog into venturing furth...
  • ghost
  • dark
  • horror
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Η κενή κίτρινη μάσκα (The Empty Yellow Mask) by Demetris_Athanasop
Η κενή κίτρινη μάσκα (The Empty Demetris Athanasopoulos
Ένα διήγημα -που προσπαθεί να είναι- Λοβκραφτιανού τρόμου , βασισμένο και επηρεασμένο νοερά από το μυθιστόρημά "Ο Βασιλιάς με τα Κίτρινα" του Ρόμπερτ Τσεϊμπερς...
  • lovecraftian
  • yellow
  • λοβκραφτιανή
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Solis by CarlyleLaurent
Solisby Carlyle Laurent
Short story about the birth of a new God.
  • lovecraftian
  • science
  • fiction
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Lovecraftian/ cosmic horror guide. by ww2retold
Lovecraftian/ cosmic horror Nicki Slagle
learn how to write lovecraftian/ cosmic horror!
  • horror
  • lovecraftian
The Sinkhole by TacoBillMcGuinness
The Sinkholeby TacoBillMcGuinness
When the ground shakes under her bed, a woman's life is changed as a sinkhole opens up in her room. But her boyfriend's death is just the beginning. There is something...
  • horrorfiction
  • scarystories
  • lovecraft
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