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Highschool dxd: The Darkness In Between The Stars by Xx_DragonTyrant_Xx
Highschool dxd: The Darkness In Valdus Asteria
The universe is vast, so vast that it is never ending. Infinity, True infinity. Ophis may be "infinite" in a sense that she is powerful. Yet there are other be...
The Siren Killer (ultrakill X azur lane) by ilalebisap
The Siren Killer (ultrakill X Drifter
V1 is the first ever machine that is created by humanity using siren technology(A.K.A the cube), unlike ship girl, this machine is not created to have a human-like featu...
Tensura Reactions, One Shots, Parodies  by Rafael-sensei
Tensura Reactions, One Shots, Rafael-sensei
yo reader author here this book contains one shot,short stories,reaction,ship,etc. some of my story is inspired to another fanfic and same are My original story. this's...
Just a Normal Irregularity by NobleToWin
Just a Normal Irregularityby Lee
In this world, there exists three different types of people, Normal, Special, and the Abnormal. According to Ajimu Najimi, every 1,000 years, a certain individual is bor...
The Son Of Azathoth  by Alpha_de_tous
The Son Of Azathoth by The Alpha Of All
Mieczyslaw 'Stiles' Zeno First Son of Azathoth he is an Outer God and an Omnipotent Being he was there for the creation of everything but now he Resides on earth but wha...
HERALD by CorsairAuthor
HERALDby James Donaldson
Nash (Code Name: Corsair) is visited by a supernatural entity bearing a dark warning! HERALD was written as an ancillary prelude to the novel, COSMIC HORROR. The short...
Lovecraft-Inspired Tales by RobbyRobinson
Lovecraft-Inspired Talesby Robby
H.P. Lovecraft needs no introduction; one of the biggest influences in horror literature, and one of the main inspirations I have alongside Stephen King.
Book of the OCs by zetazero246
Book of the OCsby zetazero246
Hi. Guys. You see. I have several Ocs in mind, and most of them are the same guy in different dimensions. Here, I'm gonna show you some of them. It's my first work, so...
A Tale of Fate and Madness [WIP] by NecroticRot
A Tale of Fate and Madness [WIP]by The Narrator
When pushed to the edge of insanity, when staring into the abyss, it is unthinkable to find hope or destiny. Yet, one young man may have found a deeper understanding thr...
Primordial Aeon by user27762906
Primordial Aeonby Ender Darkos
In the beginning, there was nothing, quickly replaced by light, a sentient, true, shining and burning light which prevented everything to appear, then, the light called...
The Interstices by BhootBahadur
The Intersticesby BhootBahadur
What's a horror writer if he hasn't read Lovecraft? Hell, what's a reader who hasn't? I wrote this story overnight, for a gentleman who wanted a script for an indie film...
The Marvelous Misadventures of Walter Guilman: The Witch House by ThomasSto
The Marvelous Misadventures of Thomas Stonožka
Shipwreck survivor and all around stick in the mud Walter Guilman moves into the haunting city of Arkham, Massachusetts to attend the prodigious Miskatonic University. H...
The Hymns of Tourach by LutherDamonForrest
The Hymns of Tourachby L. D. Forrest
A small town have been tormented by the musical creations of a mysterious man named Ulfilias Tourach. Includes an author's note on the story.
The Life of R'lyeh by TraylorTrasch
The Life of R'lyehby Traylor Trasch
Based on Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos 14 years after R'lyeh rises.
Never Ending by newone036
Never Endingby new one
"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown" ― H.P. Lovecraft "That is not dead...