Short Scary Stories by Misfortune101cd
Short Scary Storiesby Missy
Short horror stories! Yay! There will be two and one sentence horror stories, five-word horror stories and short stories. Enjoy! I don't own any of the stories...
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  • spoopy
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Creepy Short Stories by priya906
Creepy Short Storiesby priya
Title says it all✔
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  • short
  • shorthorrorstories
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SHORT HORROR STORIES by mrsmusicloverr
If you want to get scared, this book is definitely for you! Add your library and start reading right now! :) P.S.: Most of them are quotation.
  • horrible
  • mystery
  • mysterious
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Fragments of Fear by Michael-Sorbello
Fragments of Fearby Michael Sorbello
Fear comes in many forms, small fragments of dread to inject into our brains until the terror consumes us whole. Featuring a slew of incredibly short and horrific tales...
  • dark
  • sad
  • thriller
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Short horror stories by mushymins
Short horror storiesby minnie
You'll get a variety of short horror stories here. I'm not a writer so I have collected these stories from different sources. I hope you won't mind until you're enjoying...
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Short Horror Stories by Salvitors
Short Horror Storiesby Salvitors
Here Is A collection Of The Scariest, Creepiest And Freakiest Campfire Horror Stories!!!For Anyone Who Likes A Thrill. Prepare To Be Amazed These Stories Are Breathtakin...
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Ghost Stories by katycatslayy
Ghost Storiesby (k)sheerja♡
read at your own risk.
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Not Your Usual Scary Stories by QuillK
Not Your Usual Scary Storiesby Quill K.
I'll be adding to this when I can. Some of my very first pieces. These are strange and obscure, but sure to keep you guessing and afraid. +++++Some may have triggering...
  • chills
  • chilling
  • creepypasta
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They Come for Your Skin by QuillK
They Come for Your Skinby Quill K.
FEATURED ON WATTY'S 2018 LONGLIST ⭐Be quiet if you like your skin... ⭐ There is no escape once it knows you're there. When the alert sounds, stay still and pray a Desola...
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Short horror stories  by paigesugarbutts
Short horror stories by Paige ❤️
I love reading short horror stories so I thought I would write some myself! I hope you enjoy! ~all stories written by me although some where inspired from other ideas~ ...
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  • nighttime
  • blood
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Minuscule Tales by SunsetInfatuation
Minuscule Talesby Sunset Infatuation
Short stories of love and hatred, fear and joy, cowardice and bravery. Words weaved with bottled emotions, written to evoke thoughts out of those who haven't felt in yea...
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Short stories: "Midnight stories" Horror & mystery by canarea
Short stories: "Midnight stories" canarea
Sharing with you messages. Messages from unknown people from unknown places with mysterious fate no one knows when the event began and when its end they just want to sha...
  • agency
  • london
  • midnight
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A Shout in the Dark by Michael-Sorbello
A Shout in the Darkby Michael Sorbello
Dark stories told in one sentence. One last shout before being taken by despair.
  • trauma
  • mature
  • violent
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Cold Weather by minny_king
Cold Weatherby Jaiden Y. S.
A book full of short stories taking around winter time. Come to join Aiden and his friends on their adventures. Get to know more about them as their life goes on, smooth...
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Horror Stories. by cruelbitch
Horror K a t e M a c l a y
This book is for you to stay up all night, afraid that the thin little lady will crawl to you under the duvets. Welcome to the world of horror. #18 in short stories. V...
  • thriller
  • horror
  • creepy
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UNLEASHED by Roger56rat
UNLEASHEDby Roger56rat
An invading army from across the ocean threatens a small peaceful kingdom. Foretelling a war that will devastate everything within reach. Unless a princess is willing...
  • shortstory
  • horror-thriller
  • love
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Song Inspired Stories by anonyuni1234
Song Inspired Storiesby Anonymous
This will be a collection of stories inspired by songs. Basically a small short story based on the song. Basically the story is what I imagine the vibe of the song to be.
  • music
  • songs
  • love
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Scary Stories by cesgonzales01
Scary Storiesby cesgonzales01
Hi! This book is a compilation of our story in our facebook page. We have tagalog and english story here.
  • scarystories
  • truestory
  • shorthorrorstories
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KAUHU by cheekyheronuts214
KAUHUby cheekyheronuts214
These will be short horror stories that may contain some graphic discriptions and some strong language. If you are easily spooked by horror films/books I would advise n...
  • horror-thriller
  • horror
  • shorthorrorstories
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Real horror stories: BASED ON TRUE INCIDENTS. (on hold till 2018) by ambrosiamber
Real horror stories: BASED ON Rusha
Highest ranking in short stories 23 (08/10/16) Hey, Thanks for taking your time to actually read my stories. These are my collection of horror stories, I heard over the...
  • torture
  • scary
  • violent
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