Fragments of Fear (#Wattys2018) by Michael-Sorbello
Fragments of Fear (#Wattys2018)by Michael Sorbello
Fear comes in many forms, small fragments of dread to inject into our brains until the terror consumes us whole. Featuring a slew of incredibly short and horrific tales...
  • morbid
  • suspense
  • scarystories
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Ghost Stories by katycatslayy
Ghost Storiesby Ksh♡
read at your own risk.
  • katyperry
  • horror
  • ghost
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Horror Stories by xtotal_chaosx
Horror Storiesby Maddi Holsapple
Read it, if you're brave enough.
  • horrorstories
  • horror
  • scarystories
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Short Stories + More! by MollyDWriting
Short Stories + More!by Molly Dougherty
A amazing collection of all types of literature written by me! I've written poems, creepy pastas, and short stories so far! There's a lot more to come!
  • life
  • horror
  • creepystories
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Short Horror Stories  by iiananyaii
Short Horror Stories by Ananya Mishra
Random? got this idea while playing guitar. Note ~most of the stories aren't mine. So I'll be sure to put up the source. Some of the stories are graphic and DARK. So be...
  • insidious
  • pennywise
  • urbanlegend
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Short Horror Story's by astheworldfalls
Short Horror Story'sby allie
A list of short horror stories for Halloween! Enjoy!
  • shorthorrorstories
  • scream
  • shortstories
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Misery Plague (#Wattys2018) by Michael-Sorbello
Misery Plague (#Wattys2018)by Michael Sorbello
Forbidden tales forgotten by time, leaving nothing but darkness and misery in their wake. Sinister, tragic and melancholy stories guaranteed to send a shiver down your s...
  • scarystories
  • gothic
  • horror-thriller
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Horror Stories by USP-1D
Horror Storiesby Us..
Warning! This book contains rainbows . Grey rainbows.
  • halloween
  • scary
  • tags
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ONCE IN A BLUE MOON? by benaddict31
Shaky legs, sweaty palms and tensed body. Everyone enjoys a good scare once in a while. Whether we believe in ghosts or not, we all have heard, read their stories and e...
  • shortstory
  • darkness
  • paranormal
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One Shot Horrors by RaikkaSei
One Shot Horrorsby Seikina Tsumichi
This is a collection of stories that came from a vivid imagination. One shot stories per chapter. There is no order at all and they are listed with no basis. This is not...
  • collection
  • mystery
  • shorthorrorstories
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Short Horror Stories by Salvitors
Short Horror Storiesby Salvitors
Here Is A collection Of The Scariest, Creepiest And Freakiest Campfire Horror Stories!!!For Anyone Who Likes A Thrill. Prepare To Be Amazed These Stories Are Breathtakin...
  • horror
  • shortstory
  • moral
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Short Pokemon horror stories  by paigesugarbutts
Short Pokemon horror stories by Paige ❤️
A collection of short Pokemon horror stories written by me. There are also a few creepy theories I thought of as well. Enjoy having your childhood ruined!
  • pocketmonsters
  • horror
  • creepy
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Short horror stories by bat_rayy
Short horror storiesby bat_rayy
Short horror stories
  • shorthorrorstories
  • horror
  • creepy
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Thrillers and Killers by aminaleeds13
Thrillers and Killersby Amina Leeds
When a simple knock at the door turns deadly. When a bright light in the sky isn't just a star. When the things that go bump in the night bring chills. Thrillers and Kil...
  • creatures
  • horror
  • scary
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Sort horror story's by beautywolf1
Sort horror story'sby Mathilda__grace
Just a bunch of horror stuff. I hope you in joy
  • horror
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  • shorthorrorstories
Minuscule Tales by SunsetInfatuation
Minuscule Talesby Sunset Infatuation
Short stories of love and hatred, fear and joy, cowardice and bravery. Words weaved with bottled emotions, written to evoke thoughts out of those who haven't felt in yea...
  • shorthorrorstories
  • angst
  • wattys2018
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Real horror stories: BASED ON TRUE INCIDENTS. (on hold till 2018) by ambrosiamber
Real horror stories: BASED ON Rusha
Highest ranking in short stories 23 (08/10/16) Hey, Thanks for taking your time to actually read my stories. These are my collection of horror stories, I heard over the...
  • shorthorrorstories
  • creepiness
  • nonfiction
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Horror Stories & Riddles by El-Kay
Horror Stories & Riddlesby el-kay
Just something to spice up your reading list. Most stories and riddles created by me and some by others (credits to them). Each chapter is different. E N J O Y
  • answers
  • supernatural
  • monsters
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Spookify Stories by laley_leyy
Spookify Storiesby Laleilah
  • shorthorrorstories
Short horror stories  by Lolzor_Inc
Short horror stories by Lolzor.Inc
Just a bunch of scary stories that may chill your bones and make you shiver.
  • guts
  • evil
  • hallucinating
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