31 Creepy Words and other Short Horror Stories by ShaunAllan
31 Creepy Words and other Short Shaun Allan
31 words isn't much to tell a tale, but even those few are able to chill your blood. Herein lie super short yet super scary stories, including serials The Night and Hous...
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  • veryshort
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Short Horror Stories {DELETING SOON} by horrorposter
Short Horror Stories {DELETING Sam
  • creepypasta
  • scary
  • ghost
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Fragments of Fear by Michael-Sorbello
Fragments of Fearby Michael Sorbello
Fear comes in many forms, small fragments of dread to inject into our brains until the terror consumes us whole. Featuring a slew of incredibly short and horrific tales...
  • demons
  • featured
  • supernatural
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SHORT HORROR STORIES by mrsmusicloverr
If you want to get scared, this book is definitely for you! Add your library and start reading right now! :) P.S.: Most of them are quotation.
  • mystery
  • shorthorrorstories
  • horror
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the beasts in the boys by _tl3980
the beasts in the boysby _tl3980
series of short horror stories, some based on true events...
  • scary
  • murder
  • truestory
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Soul to Take  by MissKrung-Krung
Soul to Take by Jamellah Bueno
Supernatural disturbances and a "cheating boyfriend". *If you're like me who gets bored easily in reading stories with lots of chapters well this is for you. A...
  • horror
  • lovestory
  • janellasalvador
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Short Scary Stories & Riddles by Pulicene220
Short Scary Stories & Riddlesby Raza Ul Haq
Highest Rank #1 in creepystories Highest Rank #3 in goosebumps Here is a vast collection of Short Scary Stories and Story-type riddles and I hope you're gunna enjoy my s...
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True Reddit Posts by Satan129
True Reddit Postsby Satan129
They are the random scary stories I found from reddit.(DON'T READ IF YOU ARE SCARED EASILY) Few can make you cringe and few can make you stay up at night and few can mak...
  • creepypasta
  • creepy
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Short horror stories  by paigesugarbutts
Short horror stories by Paige ❤️
I love reading short horror stories so I thought I would write some myself! I hope you enjoy! ~all stories written by me although some where inspired from other ideas~ ...
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Collection of Extremely short horror stories ... Most of These stories are not mine
  • spooky
  • dead
  • shortchapters
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Short Horror Stories  by iiananyaii
Short Horror Stories by Ananya Mishra
Random? got this idea while playing guitar. Note ~most of the stories aren't mine. So I'll be sure to put up the source. Some of the stories are graphic and DARK. So be...
  • suicidal
  • counjuring
  • haunted
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Short horror stories by mushymins
Short horror storiesby minnie
You'll get a variety of short horror stories here. I'm not a writer so I have collected these stories from different sources. I hope you won't mind until you're enjoying...
  • creepy
  • haunting
  • spooky
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Misery Plague by Michael-Sorbello
Misery Plagueby Michael Sorbello
Forbidden tales forgotten by time, leaving nothing but darkness and misery in their wake. Sinister, tragic and melancholy stories guaranteed to send a shiver down your s...
  • romance
  • sad
  • gothic
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Short Horror Stories by poetiic_justiice
Short Horror Storiesby poetiic_justiice
A collection of bone-chilling horror stories, all told in 500 words or less. _____________________________________________________________________________ Cover credits...
  • horrorstory
  • shorthorror
  • shorthorrorstories
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|%| - Short Horror Stories - |%|  by _Minty-Mozart_
|%| - Short Horror Stories - |%| by Mïñtÿ
Need something to amuse yourself while you lay in bed? Well.. here you are! Some short horror stories written all by me! [[NOTE: All edits and stories within this book b...
  • creepy
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Scream ( Short Horror Tales) by Black_Rose_Writer
Scream ( Short Horror Tales)by Khan & Hassan
Dare to get scared with some new horror tales ."Scream" revives the hidden monsters in you with each set of stories .Be it the tales of dead towns , cannibal h...
  • creepystories
  • murder
  • shorthorrorstories
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The Horror Tales by Sahil221
The Horror Talesby Sahil
#1 in THE HORROR A collection of spine chilling horror tales from all over the world.
  • flashfiction
  • horror
  • creepystories
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SHORT CREEPYPASTAS by Vial_of_Stardust
Basically crepypastas, scary stories, urban legends etc. but they're short.Enjoy! NOTICE:I DO NOT OWN THE STORIES AND THE ARTWORK FEATURED.THEY BELONG TO THEIR RIGHTFUL...
  • urbanlegends
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ONCE IN A BLUE MOON💀 by benaddict31
Shaky legs, sweaty palms and tensed body. Everyone enjoys a good scare once in a while. Whether we believe in ghosts or not, we all have heard, read their stories and e...
  • scary
  • silence
  • haunting
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Real horror stories: BASED ON TRUE INCIDENTS. (on hold till 2018) by ambrosiamber
Real horror stories: BASED ON Rusha
Highest ranking in short stories 23 (08/10/16) Hey, Thanks for taking your time to actually read my stories. These are my collection of horror stories, I heard over the...
  • knife
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