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An Insomniac's Guide to Not Resting Your Head by Dionysus
An Insomniac's Guide to Not Restin...by Dionysus Despinidis
The premise of the game is that the Protagonists are people who, for various reasons, have been unable to sleep for a long time, and they begin to see the extra doors an...
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A Little Child by Sickyx666
A Little Childby Sickyx666
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From Beneath by Sam_Castle
From Beneathby Sam Castle
It came from beneath... Robert Wallace is an uptight botanist wallowing in his own failure in the backwater town of Ballara. After an earthquake rattles the quiet countr...
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Rust: One by ruzkin
Rust: Oneby ᴡᴡᴡ.ruzkin.edtzy.ru
She died in New York. She woke in Rustwood. After being pushed in front of the subway C-Line, Kimberly Archer finds herself in an impossible town with a husband she's n...
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creepypasta x reader one shots by I-am-weird-trash
creepypasta x reader one shotsby Jamie
I worked hard tee hee please read dont like dont read *insert more things people put in a description*
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Xastur by Barbelzoa
Xasturby Barbelzoa
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Don't Fall Asleep At The Helm by 4DanielleNaomi
Don't Fall Asleep At The Helmby Cthulhu
I have left Wattpad. For any new updates on this story, please comment or message me and I'll post an update. Find newer writings from me at: https://theprose.com/Cthul...
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Lovecraft by TheMisterBear
Lovecraftby TheMisterBear
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Nightmares: A Lovecraftian Fanfiction/Shortstory by TheGreatBigMouth
Nightmares: A Lovecraftian Fanfict...by L.J. Graygaurd
All hail Cthulhu!
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Monsters by JonnyCastoArdern
Monstersby Jonny Casto-Ardern
A series of poems of different styles, united by the theme of monsters. The first ten were my entry into the 2012 Attys. Audio performances can be found at the link belo...
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No More Dreams  by ProphetOfCthulhu
No More Dreams by Scion of Cthulhu
Something ancient is coming to Gotham. Something hungry. And the only one who can see it is an insane man locked up in Arkham Asylum. This story may not follow the Cthul...
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Outsider: A tribute to Lovecraft by Snobunyluv
Outsider: A tribute to Lovecraftby Kristi Brooks
This was a short story I did to pay homage to HP Lovecraft.
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Staring into the Face of Madness by gunslingerslament
Staring into the Face of Madnessby gunslingerslament
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A Little Child by miekekersbergen
A Little Childby miekekersbergen
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The Deep One by DavidGullen
The Deep Oneby David Gullen
Story challenges can be fun, and scary too. As I remember, this one came from a call for submissions for a cowboy erotica anthology. A few of us got talking about this a...
Crimsonfall [A Terraria Fanfiction] by ProtoLink
Crimsonfall [A Terraria Fanfiction]by ProtoLink
Dear Diary. Today is my first day of my junior year in high school. The city built a brand new school on an island just north of the mainland and the grand opening is al...
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Summoning Cthulhu! by Echozz
Summoning Cthulhu!by Echozz
Have you always wanted to summon a creature who can destroy the world? Do you want to doom humanity by bringing havoc and despair upon this world? Look no further! This...
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The Adventures of John Proctor by Jabba232
The Adventures of John Proctorby CJ Thorald
He's John Proctor. There's not much more to say.
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The Necronomicon by Grullok
The Necronomiconby Grullok
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