The Heroes of Terraria by FabuJim777
The Heroes of Terrariaby HIT OR MISS
When Fabuent, a budding mage living in the village of Wysteria, has his village raised by the celestial being known as the Moon Lord, he flees, meeting Andrew, a middle...
  • kai-laod
  • jungle
  • corruption
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La Verdadera Historia Secreta De Chile by AlbertoJimenez666
La Verdadera Historia Secreta De C...by Alberto Jimenez
Una historia de Chile modificada, explicando la naturaleza paranormal que ocurre en este país, llamando a Dioses antiguos, destruyendo toda naturaleza y creando un ambie...
  • peleas
  • parodia
  • cthulhu
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Pink Hair and Pentagrams by Acid_Reign
Pink Hair and Pentagramsby Sulfuric Acid
Valentina is part of a community, a very special one at that. They watch out for each other, provide for their needs, and never leave the company of one another. It's al...
  • goth
  • creepy
  • highschool
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Lincoln Lovecraft (A Loud House Fanfic) by Tyzuma
Lincoln Lovecraft (A Loud House Fa...by User of diffrent names
Eight years after the horrific incident that happened in Royal Woods, the youngest son of Cthulu, Lincoln LoveCraft, returns to the town to find out many things have cha...
  • lucy
  • lincolnloud
  • haiku
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Edward Pierce x Wife! reader: Call of Cthulhu by Reyon_Nobela
Edward Pierce x Wife! reader: Call...by Just_A_Phase
The truthseeker finds peace in his beloved. ...for now. -//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//- Pictures used do not belong to me The game and character bel...
  • readerxcharacter
  • wife
  • pierce
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SCP- On the run by cinos0
SCP- On the runby cinos0
When SCP-187 makes a prediction about a containment breach all steps are taken to prevent it but it's not enough. After SCPs escape because the on site warhead fails, an...
  • scp-999
  • scp-035
  • scp-106
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The Axis Project by TheAxisProject
The Axis Projectby The Axis Project
In the year 2135, a horrific computer virus kills hundreds of Promethians, a type of human-like AI, and dozens of humans. The country of Arksyia suffers the most from...
  • cthulhupunk
  • axis
  • ái
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Agony (Samgladiator Fanfic) by kittytwisaga
Agony (Samgladiator Fanfic)by Kat
Second in the Torment Series. However you will not need to read the first one first. After Sam's meltdowns and the Yakuzas running around, Mrs Okami decides to send Sam...
  • samgladiator
  • grian
  • losingmind
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[ROL]LAS 8 RAZAS by DarkInvestigador
[ROL]LAS 8 RAZASby ElRincónDelInvestigador
En este libro, explicaré las siete razas de mi multiverso de mis aventuras y campañas, donde los investigadores pueden identificarse con alguna de ellas, siempre y cuand...
  • accion
  • fanfics
  • aventuras
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Necronomicon  by IsshiUchiha
Necronomicon by Isshi Uchiha
A while ago I started to have nightmares. I was in a lake and it was dark crimson on all sides. Then Cthulhu spoke to me. I was in rlyeh. He told me write a book. I woke...
  • cthulhu
  • necronomicon
The Candle by CharlesHowardAuthor
The Candleby Charles Howard
The wax is Its prison. The fire is Its savior. And you are Its puppet. Lighting a candle. That's all that Stephen did. Now he is under the spell of a creature he doesn't...
  • paranormal
  • occult
  • macabre
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The Tragedy of Rosalie (Prologue) by pastelmountain
The Tragedy of Rosalie (Prologue)by pastelmountain
this is simply the prologue, there will be so much more to come, like an actual plot line!
  • horror
  • mystery
  • cthulhu
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