Lincoln Lovecraft (A Loud House Fanfic) by Tee-Dawg
Lincoln Lovecraft (A Loud House Fa...by 「Tyzuma」
Eight years after the horrific incident that happened in Royal Woods, the youngest son of Cthulu, Lincoln LoveCraft, returns to the town to find out many things have cha...
  • haiku
  • lincolnloud
  • lucy
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Strange Yarns by JoshSaltzman
Strange Yarnsby Josh Saltzman
WATTY 2016 WINNER of the HQ Love Award! Strange Yarns is a ball of tangled tales. Twisted, knotted, and intertwined. Like Tales of the Crypt, the Twilight Zone, and The...
  • wattys2016
  • shortstory
  • halloween
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Avalon Rising by Retro_Dragonslayer
Avalon Risingby Jinzo Reverb
What happens when a legend is finally fulfilled, only much, much later than anyone intended? When gods and demons fade into legends, and tales of heroic knights and wiza...
  • mythicalcreatures
  • demons
  • godsandgoddesses
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The cult of Cthulhu  by KingAlexanderJ
The cult of Cthulhu by KingAlexanderJ
  • cryptic
  • cthulhu
  • cult
Grotesque: A Psychological Horror Story by CharlesHowardAuthor
Grotesque: A Psychological Horror...by Charles Howard
The Artist saw the Change, and the Change was Grotesque. Through written confession, a nameless artist describes a disturbing interaction with a customer and the horrifi...
  • mystique
  • insanity
  • scary
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Cthulhu's Gate by DrakeZekroz
Cthulhu's Gateby Drake Zekroz
Just something I was thinking about and desperately wanted to write down. Heavily inspired by H.P. Lovecraft. I'm really into him recently.
  • cthulhu
  • dark
  • horror
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Dirt Blocks by Static_is_Life
Dirt Blocksby Static Pants
Just a Terraria Fanfic, may include some mature themes... so... I warned ya.
  • merchant
  • cthulhu
  • terrariafanfic
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Agony (Samgladiator Fanfic) by kittytwisaga
Agony (Samgladiator Fanfic)by Kat
Second in the Torment Series. However you will not need to read the first one first. After Sam's meltdowns and the Yakuzas running around, Mrs Okami decides to send Sam...
  • grian
  • samgladiator
  • misery
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For an Eternity (yandere!cthulhu X reader) by imawerecat
For an Eternity (yandere!cthulhu X...by Diafam
You are nervous when you first move. You don't know anyone at R'lyeh High! But on your first day there, you meet someone you can talk to: Cthulhu. You fell safe around...
  • randomness
  • yandere
  • xreader
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Lovecraft by ChoujuX
Lovecraftby Z
Poetry on the subjects of the strange, fantastic, terrible and otherworldly. A series of poems based on the beautifully horrifying works of H.P. Lovecraft and the Cthulh...
  • eldritchabomination
  • dark
  • lovecraft
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The Heroes of Terraria by FabuJim777
The Heroes of Terrariaby JustAddWater
When Fabuent, a budding mage living in the village of Wysteria, has his village raised by the celestial being known as the Moon Lord, he flees, meeting Andrew, a middle...
  • eyeofcthulhu
  • buildup
  • forest
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Wrath of the Eternal Vol. One, Season One by VsLunar
Wrath of the Eternal Vol. One, Sea...by Vanity
They have arrived. Humans are outsmarted, and on the edge of extinction. The world is coming to a end, and there's nothing anyone can do. Season One Cover done by: @mol...
  • drama
  • horror
  • cthulhu
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il bestiario fantastico delle creature e delle piante della mia mente by kamikazepigs
il bestiario fantastico delle crea...by kamikazepigs
il libro che raccoglie le creature e le piante che mi vengono in mente (con tanto di descrizione) ovviamente posso prendere spunto da qualsiasi qualcosa (!! COPERTINA PR...
  • mia
  • dio
  • bestiaruio
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̶🇭​̶🇦​̶🇼​̶🇦​̶🇯​̶🇸​̶🇰​̶🇦​ | ᴹᵃʳᶜᵒ ᴷᵘᵇᶤˢ by niepoczytalna-
̶🇭​̶🇦​̶🇼​̶🇦​̶🇯​̶🇸​̶🇰​̶🇦​ |...by ᵐᵉᵐ
🇧​🇴​ 🇨​🇿​🇦​🇸​🇦​🇲​🇮​ 🇱​🇪​🇵​🇮​🇪​🇯​ 🇳​🇮​🇪​ 🇼​🇮​🇪​🇩​🇿​🇮​🇪​ć, 🇯​🇦​🇰​🇮​🇪​ 🇮​🇸​🇹​🇴​🇹​🇾​ 🇷​🇴​🇩​🇿​ą 🇸​🇮​ę 🇼​ 🇳​🇦​🇯​🇨​🇮​🇪​🇲​🇳​🇮...
  • kawa
  • cthulhu
  • pszemek
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Wrath Of The Eternal, Volume One, Season Two by VsLunar
Wrath Of The Eternal, Volume One...by Vanity
He has arrived. The slayer of time. The dissolver Of reality. The end. Dagozach, is here. Season 2/4 Here is a cast, just in case you didn't read the one in the story. C...
  • thriller
  • horror
  • romance
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Killing Me Softly by MoonsEnvoy
Killing Me Softlyby MoonsEnvoy
The cult of Cthulhu hasn't given up on bringing the ancient ones back. The arrival of Jane in a certain little mountain town sets in motion a chain of events nobody is a...
  • fluff
  • lovecraft
  • cthulhu
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