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Carnal desires of infinity [Deuce] by speedweed4200
Carnal desires of infinity [Deuce]by AJ Maddigan
A new ghoul shows up at school who peeks the interest of Deuce Gorgon, a new friend? Or maybe more. Possible🍋warning
The Siren Killer (ultrakill X azur lane) by ilalebisap
The Siren Killer (ultrakill X azur...by Drifter
V1 is the first ever machine that is created by humanity using siren technology(A.K.A the cube), unlike ship girl, this machine is not created to have a human-like featu...
Supernatural Friends by Big-Chungu
Supernatural Friendsby Idea Bank
Izumi Midoriya always was attracted to the supernatural. Partially due to her quirk, and partially due to her curious mind. The cinnamon roll, having formed some connect...
Kaiju War: Crisis among Worlds(Male Eva pilot reader) by OnslaughtLives_27
Kaiju War: Crisis among Worlds(Mal...by OnslaughtLives_27
Darkness assembles as the fate of many worlds hang in the balance. As timelines, reality, and events are being alter,destroyed and combine. A pilot named Y/n Ikari (a.k...
[BL] Daily Disposable Persona by gaodianshi
[BL] Daily Disposable Personaby Confectioner
As Zong Yan sat in the classroom, he always felt like the odd man out. His body was there but his soul had sneaked out the window. He wanted to do anything, wanted to be...
Reincarnated In The Anime world by Burning-Pen
Reincarnated In The Anime worldby Burning-Pen
All pictures and anime stuff dose not belongs to me it belongs to their original creator
5. P R E D A T O R S : Nightmares by AxisRogue
5. P R E D A T O R S : Nightmaresby AxisRogue
With the breaking of the greatest Pact--the revelation of the Safe Havens' collective existence--the barrier of every haven has fallen, leaving them open and vulnerable...
Xenophobia  by Gerardo933
Xenophobia by Gerardo933
Aliens of a different dimension called the great old ones have come to conquer earth to to take control of humans for the damage they have done to their world. Years aft...
Olympus: High Dimensional Mountain by MasakiHiro
Olympus: High Dimensional Mountainby Masaki Hiro
In 1937, Howard Hughes encountered a flying saucer while flying over an unknown new continent and disappeared. Professor Shockley receives a search request and climbs Ol...
BNHA Great Old One by Bfghunter2
BNHA Great Old Oneby Bfghunter2
can I be a hero I'm a great old one? this was a question Izuku had been asking himself for a while and the answer? he had no clue but he was going to try anyway!
Did you think I wouldn't fight Cthulhu? by NosajPCL
Did you think I wouldn't fight Cth...by Jason Koh
Anos Voldigoad. The Demon King of Tyranny and Arzenon's Lion of Destruction. He's fought and defeated countless enemies before. Nousgalia. Graham. Eques. But he's never...
Eldritch (Yandere!gods x GN!reader) by SophieTheWitch_
Eldritch (Yandere!gods x GN!reader)by Sophie
The Hub is a prison. A prison in between worlds, for the people who've tried to escape their own. Every dimensional traveller will eventually find themselves here, waiti...
The newest classmate of Molly McGee by Masonman2020
The newest classmate of Molly McGeeby Mason man
This is the story of a new classmate of molly McGee and scratch thinks there is something different about him like something not human at all
Hàng lâm - Hàn Thập Tứ (đồng nhân FGO + Cthulhu) by Tocqueville
Hàng lâm - Hàn Thập Tứ (đồng nhân...by Tanya de Tocqueville
https://laohuofu.lofter.com/post/3157bd13_1c811bce0 Hắc ám trọng khẩu vị, Cthulhu đề tài, buông xuống giả tương quan, xúc tua thường lui tới chú ý *⊙▽⊙ Nàng hướng quần s...
Myth tales - Fall of Cthulhu by springtrap3glass
Myth tales - Fall of Cthulhuby springtrap 3glass
A world full of mythological creatures what will happen when they meet
Strange Yarns by JoshSaltzman
Strange Yarnsby Josh Saltzman
WATTY 2016 WINNER of the HQ Love Award! Strange Yarns is a ball of tangled tales. Twisted, knotted, and intertwined. Like Tales of the Crypt, the Twilight Zone, and The...
Safe Haven Saga: Q & A by AxisRogue
Safe Haven Saga: Q & Aby AxisRogue
A Q&A sesh with the readers. Any and all are welcome; ask away! (Description in file)
HERALD by CorsairAuthor
HERALDby James Donaldson
Nash (Code Name: Corsair) is visited by a supernatural entity bearing a dark warning! HERALD was written as an ancillary prelude to the novel, COSMIC HORROR. The short...
Cthulhu's Daughter by livvylu05
Cthulhu's Daughterby bi myself ✨
a queen, child of cthulhu, and demon goddess. a ruler of the most beautiful sector in the world. beloved by many, hated by few, respected by all. seems like she has it a...
SCP- On the run |#Wattys 2019| by cinos0
SCP- On the run |#Wattys 2019|by cinos0
After several SCPs escape because the Foundation's on site warhead fails, an average boy is thrown into the mix when he finds some of the escaped SCPs and helps them to...