My first memory of storytelling was my father reading to me from 'The Hobbit' when I was a child, showing me the pictures and describing Bilbo's adventures in his own wonderful words. As I grew up he would continue to tell me stories, some were based on local myths and legends, others on classic literature such as Poe, and a few were entirely of his own creation. 

More than anything I owe my love for telling stories to my father, and the sense of wonder about the world which he encouraged me to explore. My name is Michael and it means a great deal to me that you have taken some time to read one or two of the stories I have written, born out of that imagination forged all those years ago.

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MichaelWhitehouse6 MichaelWhitehouse6 4 months ago
My latest horror story is out! Fancy a drink? Oh go on, it's just One for the Road...
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No Sleep Was Given

Social data: 11.6K reads. 302 votes. 38 comments.

Description: From the writer of 'Bedtime', 'The Melancholy of Herbert Solomon', 'Tunnels', and 'On a Hill' comes a collection of terrifying tales to chill your bones. Relax by the fire, curl up on a couch, and pull the bed...


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