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The Yellow King of Hell (A Hazbin Hotel AU story) by 0M3G4-009
The Yellow King of Hell (A 0M3G4-009
There is a young heir to Hell's throne, but his called a disgrace for his kind nature unlike his older twin sister, Charlie. Shunned through out his childhood, he was lo...
Fear, Hunger and Cosmic Horrors by VonLeporace
Fear, Hunger and Cosmic Horrorsby VonLeporace
The Gods chose me, for them this is just a game, a play, a source of entertainment, for me, it's a life and death situation. But the gods were kind, they offered me a fi...
Adventure Guys by TheIkariWarrior
Adventure Guysby TheIkariWarrior
Wealth. Fame. Power. Gold Roger, the king of the pirates obtained this and everything else the world had to offer. And his words drove countless souls to the seas. "...
ANUGAAMINI- The Boundaries by rumjhum_
ANUGAAMINI- The Boundariesby Rumjhum_
Y E A R 1 9 9 5. ~ "Please fly off to London beta...", she almost pleaded. "I can't Maa...", Anuj sobbed. "She'll get married today..."...
Trolls ★ Ready for this~ by mel_loves_reading
Trolls ★ Ready for this~by Mel
Branch and Poppy get married and after the wedding they kiss a lot and end up having a baby. How will Poppy and Branch handle this situation? Will they be good parents...
Hunters Hunter's Hunted  by Mirror_Maestro
Hunters Hunter's Hunted by Mirror_Maestro
How was he supposed to know turning against the Moon Presence counted as breaking a blood oath?
Footsteps Approaching by Evolution-500
Footsteps Approachingby Evolution-500
'Roll up, roll up, see the amazing Tyrannosaurus Rex, King of the Dinosaurs, in his lair! Perfectly preserved in silicon since prehistoric times, he is brought to you fo...
Vicious Circle by Evolution-500
Vicious Circleby Evolution-500
Following a fateful meeting with a bound and broken Sabrewulf in his prison cell, a troubled Superman finds himself being drawn towards a darker path as new truths are u...
BSD One Shots by Goddess_Pan
BSD One Shotsby Pan
Short form style of writing of Bungou Stray Dogs. Includes; -X reader -Gn!Reader (unless otherwise specified) -Polyships -Romantic & Platonic -Fluff, crack, angst...
4. P R O T E C T O R S : Primordial by AxisRogue
4. P R O T E C T O R S : Primordialby AxisRogue
Safe Haven has begun to evolve with the integration of Xirxine into its society. Things seem to have slowed down, giving the director of Xirxine International--the myste...
y/n x tamaki one shots by slvtforevery1
y/n x tamaki one shotsby slvtforevery1
A INTERESTING love story on y/n x tamaki. Viewer discretion advised. photo creds: Ms. Masked @ms_masked on twt
Bel Fiore  by Mermaidonthebeach
Bel Fiore by Mermaidonthebeach
Corvina Wilson, A strong headed, independent, ruthless and the ruler of her company elysian had been forced to have a bodyguard. Him being a familiar name who hated her...
The Guardian by SeanDanielBarro
The Guardianby Zack Necropolis
Zeus and the Olympians have brought forth chaos into their realm. They are now unto the brink of extinction. They made a wormhole that connects their world into others...
Never Ending by newone036
Never Endingby new one
"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown" ― H.P. Lovecraft "That is not dead...
Journey to the Darkest Dungeon by FollowTheMaelstrom
Journey to the Darkest Dungeonby FollowTheMaelstrom
This is your story - the story of the ruinous heir - and their best attempts to undo their ancestor's grave mistakes. After the evocation of something terrible and unnat...
the Demon-Sultan of all creation by kkepley
the Demon-Sultan of all creationby kkepley
you are y/n Belladonna after your father died Kali and Blake started to abuse you because you looked like your dad but then one day they took it a bit to far and you fel...
Conch by Shimaira
Conchby L.B. Shimaira ⛥
Horror // Eldritch // Short Story ~ Some things found on the beach are better left alone--especially if it seems like an offering on a strange altar. Content warning: P...