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Adventure Time: Mayhem by Whobadooba
Adventure Time: Mayhemby Whobadooba
In the penultimate chapter of the "Ooo's Most Wanted Saga," the dreaded Machine-Eaters finally arrive.
  • evil
  • aliens
  • lovecraft
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The Absence of Knowledge by rpbriggs
The Absence of Knowledgeby R.P. Briggs
[2018 Wattys Winner! Updates Fridays!] It starts small: Just a noise. Just static. Just a small, black, featureless spot in the sky. You put it out of your mind. You go...
  • urbanhorror
  • horror
  • lovecraft
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The Queen of Cats by maybeiwas2shy
The Queen of Catsby david
Dark things swarm around the city. Newspaper-boys are lured into houses, strange mansions whisper into musicians' ears, old men tell tales of vampires, drums boom in the...
  • anamnesis
  • trippy
  • cult
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ELDRITCH NIGHT (Rough Draft) by hammbody
ELDRITCH NIGHT (Rough Draft)by hammbody
Eldritch horrors descend from the sky to consume the world. Only a last-minute intervention by a mysterious Hegemony of Worlds saves Earth, albeit temporarily. Skills, l...
  • gamlit
  • action
  • scifi
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Tentáculos y Ojos by KizuatoKotei-sensei
Tentáculos y Ojosby Kizuato Kōtei-sensei
En esta antología de relatos relacionados al Horror Cósmico, se explorará los más oscuros senderos de los temores primitivos que se esconden en los rincones olvidados de...
  • gotico
  • azathoth
  • ciencia
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male Lovecraftian reader X monster musume by kkepley
male Lovecraftian reader X kkepley
you are one of the outer gods from Lovecraft's stories and you decided to go into monster musume just for shits and giggles. You already new what was going to happen but...
  • anime
  • monstermusume
  • horror
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Juegos Literarios by Coxksept
Juegos Literariosby Coxksept
Bienvenidos sean todos ustedes a la primera edición de los Juegos Literarios. Traemos para su entretenimiento a doce concursantes que serán divididos en tres equipos de...
  • chuya
  • dazai
  • agenciaarmadadedetectives
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the Demon-Sultan of all creation by kkepley
the Demon-Sultan of all creationby kkepley
you are y/n Belladonna after your father died Kali and Blake started to abuse you because you looked like your dad but then one day they took it a bit to far and you fel...
  • rwby
  • horror
  • lovecraft
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Reincarnated In Another World With My Smartphone by AkoSiRimuruTempest
Reincarnated In Another World 🔪彡 iShroud 彡
Oh no, the Hero is accidentally killed by God because of the mistake the Hero starts a second life in a parallel world. God revives his body and he is allowed to take an...
  • teenfiction
  • japan-based
  • romance
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Role Play: Lovecraftian World by SundialPsycho-Rolles
Role Play: Lovecraftian Worldby SundialPsycho-Rolles
Este es al que acostumbras. Aquí, la cordura es algo que puedes perder como pierdes tus llaves, la esperanza es algo efímero y lo raro y bizarro se vuelve cos...
  • locura
  • cordura
  • terror
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Spawn of the Pickle Loaf by BenjaminBeck
Spawn of the Pickle Loafby Benjamin A. Beck
Our tragic hero lives a relatively normal life for someone surviving the apocalypse. He spends his time walled up in his safe house, eating canned food and watching tele...
  • monsters
  • psychological
  • eldritch
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Kaiju War: Crisis among Worlds(Male Eva pilot reader) by OnslaughtLives_27
Kaiju War: Crisis among Worlds( Kevin Hernandez
Darkness assembles as the fate of many worlds hang in the balance. As timelines, reality, and events are being alter,destroyed and combine. A pilot named Y/n Ikari (a.k...
  • neongenesisevangelion
  • evangelion
  • rei
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The Old Lie of the Dead Lands by VivaHate1
The Old Lie of the Dead Landsby Sheridan Shadrack
'A brave man once requested me - is it to be or not to be? And I replied, 'oh, why ask me?' An experimental meta-horror-story I considered publishing under a pseudonym...
  • historical
  • revolver
  • action
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The End Of Autumn by KubaTheKreator
The End Of Autumnby Kuba Korzonek
In the early 18th century, A small hunting settlement on the Hudson Bay must learn about it's past in order to survive the coming winter. It keeps getting colder, and pe...
  • wip
  • hell
  • iroquois
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Devouring Stars by Streethawk93
Devouring Starsby Jon
A man doing his PH.D. Gets more than he bargains for .
  • lovecraft
Blood dos 1997 fanfiction by infuscomus
Blood dos 1997 fanfictionby Caleb
Before reading, this is my first official fan fiction and i'm not the best writer. Please give feedback and if you want to complain make it constructive. This is a fan f...
  • new
  • gaming
  • blood
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Strange Stories of the Midnight College Archives #1 by Solomanic_
Strange Stories of the Midnight AugustusSoloman
A collection of stories originating from the Midnight College Archives; strange stories adopted into a literate form by Augustus L. Soloman, wondrous artwork provided by...
  • mythos
  • lovecraft
  • creative
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The Obscure by livinginmymindgirl
The Obscureby T. A. Nelson
Who would have known one night, one stupid act could cause so much destruction and so much horror. Rosaleen Gibbons has everything that night at the annual town carniva...
  • creature
  • dimension
  • lovecraft
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The Axis Project by TheAxisProject
The Axis Projectby The Axis Project
In the year 2135, a horrific computer virus kills hundreds of Promethians, a type of human-like AI, and dozens of humans. The country of Arksyia suffers the most from...
  • revolution
  • ái
  • cthulhu
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