The Absence of Knowledge by rpbriggs
The Absence of Knowledgeby R.P. Briggs
[2018 Wattys Winner!] It starts small: Just a noise. Just static. Just a small, black, featureless spot in the sky. You put it out of your mind. You go about your day. B...
  • zombies
  • signal
  • wattys2018
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World Eater by FancySnake
World Eaterby anime boys
**1ST PLACE FEATURED IN HORROR 8-31** Alzar's mind wasn't the only thing that was falling apart. ---- After an emotional outburst lands him in the principal's office, Al...
  • lovecraft
  • cosmichorror
  • wattys2017
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The Queen of Cats by maybeiwas2shy
The Queen of Catsby jb
Dark things swarm around the city. Newspaper-boys are lured into houses, strange mansions whisper into musicians' ears, old men tell tales of vampires, drums boom in the...
  • murakami
  • cult
  • wattys2016
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ELDRITCH NIGHT (Rough Draft) by hammbody
ELDRITCH NIGHT (Rough Draft)by hammbody
Eldritch horrors descend from the sky to consume the world. Only a last-minute intervention by a mysterious Hegemony of Worlds saves Earth, albeit temporarily. Skills, l...
  • action
  • suspense
  • fantasy
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male reader x RWBY  by sabastianRitchey
male reader x RWBY by sabastian Ritchey
I'm a fan of h.p. lovecraft and Edgar Allen poe \_(°_°)_/
  • edgarallanpoe
  • lovecraft
  • xmalereader
Light Beyond The Dark by MarxoGT
Light Beyond The Darkby Black Cat Wizard
A boy named Dauton is fated to save the Wizards of Miracolous from suffering. But Gandot the cursed witch, a big hindrance to him would not let it happen and kill whoeve...
  • closeus
  • light
  • fantasy
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Zenith by Shapooda
Zenithby Shapooda
What if Ichigo couldn't bring himself to use Mugetsu? 11 years into the future, Ichigo finally succeeds in cutting down Aizen, but the price was too high. He couldn't pr...
  • bleach
  • timetravel
  • lovecraft
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"They're Just Stories" by nifakaniga
"They're Just Stories"by Nifa Kaniga
A horror anthology full of 31 gruesome, disturbing, and hopeless flash fiction shorts. Just remember that at the end of the night, before you sleep, they're just stories.
  • death
  • psychological
  • sociopath
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The Axis Project by TheAxisProject
The Axis Projectby The Axis Project
In the year 2135, a horrific computer virus kills hundreds of Promethians, a type of human-like AI, and dozens of humans. The country of Arksyia suffers the most from...
  • ái
  • project
  • lovecraft
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the Demon-Sultan of all creation by kkepley
the Demon-Sultan of all creationby kkepley
you are y/n Belladonna after your father died Kali and Blake started to abuse you because you looked like your dad but then one day they took it a bit to far and you fel...
  • rwby
  • lovecraft
  • neglect
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Grotesque: A Psychological Horror Story by CharlesHowardAuthor
Grotesque: A Psychological Charles Howard
The Artist saw the Change, and the Change was Grotesque. Through written confession, a nameless artist describes a disturbing interaction with a customer and the horrifi...
  • epistolary
  • psychological
  • lovecraft
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Paladin Cycle by Lita_stone_
Paladin Cycleby Lita Stone
An Epic Supernatural Thriller That Not Only Bends Space-and-Time But Also Genres. WHEN A COSMIC WAR brews between the Zodiac races and their gods, the life of a young wa...
  • texas
  • cosmic
  • apocalypse
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My Fishy Nightmare by winstooo
My Fishy Nightmareby winstooo
Sage Joss, 18, is a girl without direction in her life. She passes her days in mediocrity, usually alone, with only a passion for swimming and a strange affinity to wate...
  • drama
  • horror-thriller
  • lovecraft
ABCs by AvionDevira
ABCsby アヴィラ
Love from a different angle.
  • lovecraft
  • shortstory
  • unhappyending
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Cuentos de H. P. Lovecraft by konono
Cuentos de H. P. Lovecraftby konono
Algunos de los cuentos del maestro del miedo a las cosas viscosas y los dioses espaciales. Por puro tenerlos a mano y leerlos más cómodamente. Ninguna de las obras compi...
  • terror
  • cuentos
  • clásicos
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Killing Me Softly by MoonsEnvoy
Killing Me Softlyby MoonsEnvoy
The cult of Cthulhu hasn't given up on bringing the ancient ones back. The arrival of Jane in a certain little mountain town sets in motion a chain of events nobody is a...
  • hurt-comfort
  • cthulhu
  • immortality
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Children of Spies by Baby_girl_gina2457
Children of Spiesby Baby_girl_gina2457
Book One in Children Of Spies Series. --- Audrey Allen- drop dead gorgeous spy, undercover agent and professional killer. Ruthless, deadly and dangerous - she will stop...
  • funny
  • loveandhate
  • bestfriends
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The Texan: A First Agency Story by sutureupmyfuture82
The Texan: A First Agency Storyby Anthony Gonzales
America, 1934. John Cooley, called the Texan, works for a secret government agency. The very first government agency. Created by George Washington himself before the end...
  • action
  • history
  • supernatural
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Classic Tales of Terror by FrightfulFables
Classic Tales of Terrorby D.C. Phillips
Poe! Lovecraft! Irving! Check out these classic tales of terror, updated weekly and curated by yours truly.
  • preternatural
  • anthology
  • supernatural
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Pennywise the Clown vs Cthulhu. by veronicabrwn
Pennywise the Clown vs veronicabrwn
Stephen King's It, vs Cthulhu. Need I say more?
  • fiction
  • king
  • horror
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