Roads To Hell: A Horror Anthology by Sam_Castle
Roads To Hell: A Horror Anthologyby Sam Castle
A collection of horror short stories and flash fiction. Alex is awakened by the sound of a dog barking from inside his house, but he doesn't own a dog. Three boys find a...
  • pulp
  • anthology
  • poe
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Paladin Cycle by Lita_stone_
Paladin Cycleby Lita Stone
An Epic Supernatural Thriller That Not Only Bends Space-and-Time But Also Genres. WHEN A COSMIC WAR brews between the Zodiac races and their gods, the life of a young wa...
  • supernaturalthriller
  • oldones
  • paladin
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The Blessed Dark: A Collection of Gothic Poetry by dracvla
The Blessed Dark: A Collection Sara
Because who can resist the guile of darkness? Poems for the brooding soul. COVER ART BELONGS TO BILL CRISAFI.
  • gothic
  • poetry
  • poe
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Bridges and Keys and Other Weird Tales by AFractaleWriter
Bridges and Keys and Other Weird AFractaleWriter
Volume one of "Fractales by the Fractale Raven Writer ", a series of short stories of various genres involving The Great Beyond, Aeos Prime, and other worlds o...
  • cosmichorror
  • fantasy
  • sciencefiction
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the truth by wi11iamz
the truthby William Garcia
A man was approached by a god known as Nyarlathotep, Nyarlathotep told him the truth of our existence. the god made the man not be engulfed by Madness get can spread the...
  • lovecraft
  • lovecraftian
H. P. Lovecraft - Povídky by Vampirak
H. P. Lovecraft - Povídkyby Vampirak
Předem upozorňuji že žádná z těchto povídek není mé dílo. Pouze vám sem chci předat povídky od génia hororu H.P. Lovecrafta, neboť jsem je na Wattpadu nenalezl v českém...
  • horor
  • hplovecraft
  • lovecraft
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[REDACTED] by ThalioTP
[REDACTED]by ThalioThePro
*WARNING* *The following website has been banned from all reaches by the United States Government. Any unauthorized access are immediately denied and will be put under...
  • horror
  • eldritch
  • lovecraft
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Kamen Rider Necross (Season One) by BigDio
Kamen Rider Necross (Season One)by BigDio
The main series of stories in a larger universe, will update on Tuesdays/Wednesdays until this season ends.
  • kamenrider
  • lovecraft
  • series
Dark Things by Sam_Castle
Dark Thingsby Sam Castle
A collection of dark flash fiction. Cameron's older brother Tony disappeared when she was a child. Twenty years later, he returns, looking the same as the day he left...
  • halloween
  • poe
  • creepypasta
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The Obscure by livinginmymindgirl
The Obscureby T. A. Nelson
Who would have known one night, one stupid act could cause so much destruction and so much horror. Rosaleen Gibbons has everything that night at the annual town carniva...
  • lovecraft
  • sciencefiction
  • gore
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Dreamer's Touch by CarrowBrown
Dreamer's Touchby Carrow Brown
Ghost doesn't want to hear about your problems. She has enough of her own to deal with-like the shingles on the roof, her lacking love life, misplaced tax forms, and dea...
  • femalemaincharacter
  • urbanfantasy
  • fighting
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Neir by UglyFatHuman
Neirby UglyFatHuman
A series of unnerving events witnessed through the mind of an ambitious physics student.
  • lovecraft
  • mystery
  • dark
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In Atom's Orbit by MurphyChapelwood
In Atom's Orbitby Murphy Chapelwood
Wizards! They are not cheap conjurors, nor are they seers, soothsayers, or crude elementalists, or even the dread necromancers, feared by all. Their "magics" a...
  • lorddunsany
  • science-fantasy
  • adventure
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Grotesque: A Psychological Horror Story by CharlesHowardAuthor
Grotesque: A Psychological Charles Howard
The Artist saw the Change, and the Change was Grotesque. Through written confession, a nameless artist describes a disturbing interaction with a customer and the horrifi...
  • darkfantasy
  • cthulhu
  • insanity
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O Triângulo by UnknownPagan
O Triânguloby SoӍɘBøɗɣ
O testamento de um homem que está às portas da morte revela um segredo que guardou desde a sua infância. Algo que ele assistiu e presenciou. Um acontecimento que não tem...
  • paranormal
  • missing
  • creepypasta
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Uma Sombra na Serra do Cristal by LRodriguesR
Uma Sombra na Serra do Cristalby LRodriguesR
Os irmãos de peito Jorge e Ignácio são 2 jovens tropeiros nascidos no início do século passado. Espertos, mas necessitando de dinheiro, acabam aceitando levar alguns pad...
  • ficção
  • noite
  • estrelas
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Birds in a Cage by emilydeibler
Birds in a Cageby Emily
Some memories are best left buried. After losing her first love to a manor fire several years ago, Marcy contends with another devastating loss. Five years after this ne...
  • lesbian
  • spooky
  • mystery
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Cthulhu's Gate by DrakeZekroz
Cthulhu's Gateby Drake Zekroz
Just something I was thinking about and desperately wanted to write down. Heavily inspired by H.P. Lovecraft. I'm really into him recently.
  • cthulhu
  • horror
  • lovecratian
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Where No God Dares Tread by ThomasRussell1
Where No God Dares Treadby I Am Thomas Russell
These aren't stories for the faint of heart or easily disturbed. This collection of short horror stories by up-and-coming author Thomas Russell questions and redefines t...
  • creature
  • simmons
  • blood
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