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Guardian Angel by myster10n
Guardian Angelby vic
A South Park: Coon & Friends story. Starring: Kenneth McCormick/Mysterion, Karen McCormick, and Eric Cartman/The Coon. Side characters including Cthulu, Kyle Broflovski...
Crimson Court by KeiKube
Crimson Courtby KeiKube
To age is to sin. In a city where immortality is coveted, a lone mother seeks sanctuary from those who crave youth. Following the whispers of a secret society into the b...
hot smuuuut by tentacular69
hot smuuuutby tentacular69
we're all gay here bitches. warning jasper is eher legit this is just our everything story
Yithian Age by VRPGGameEmpress
Yithian Ageby D.K. BlueMoon
A poem I've written about the Great Race of Yith, which is inspired by Lovecraft's Shadow Out of Time.
The Bookkeeper|| Demon Slayer x Reader by Kitnixa24
The Bookkeeper|| Demon Slayer x Re...by Dark Kitsuna
You are just trying to live a normal life but unfortunately fate won't allow such a thing. As you are transported into Demon Slayer. Thank whoever made the world that yo...
Morbus by 7_helleven
Morbusby 7_helleven
Very little made sense, especially the part where he agreed to jump from a space shuttle, with nothing but a parachute, and the clothes on his back like he was skydiving...
Tales from Lichville - Short Horror Stories by Nibbets
Tales from Lichville - Short Horro...by Nick Mesa
Lichville is a town, not unlike your own. Except for the unexplainable paranormal activity that seems to plague the town. From cat demons to masked assailants, there is...
Cthulhu  by XXX_raestar_XXX
Cthulhu by XX_raestar_XX
A modernised version of the classic Hp Lovecrafts novel the call of Cthulhu the story centres around a detective investigating the strange case of people going missing b...
Cthulhu's embarrassment by Xarelsx
Cthulhu's embarrassmentby Xarelsx
Cthulhu the probably most well known elder god.. simply had one thing that might be.. embarrassing. it's totally up for imagination but.. i shall tell you a tale that mi...
the prince of the universe by Xx_swag
the prince of the universeby Xx_swag
(y/n) (l/n) son of a powerful deity and creator of the first creature and the first star. Many gods,demons and other creatures envy him. Thus Zues, Ra, Jade emperor and...
The Tale of Randal Howard Crone by 1cedGuardian
The Tale of Randal Howard Croneby Brandon M. Mistler
"Randal Howard Crone sought powers of which we cannot comprehend, this is his tale, and his last words."
It is the Void by Blazebeard13
It is the Voidby Blazebeard13
Within the vacuum of space lie things that were never meant to be known. Things that should not be awoken. It had seemed like such a simple job at first. Reconnaissance...
Ten minutes by BrutalAlucard
Ten minutesby BrutalAlucard
A very short, Lovecraft-inspired story. After a great creature rises from the ocean, a team of military officials and scientists attempt to organize a response. Hope you...
Creepypastas united by MetalCrow2312
Creepypastas unitedby MetalCrow2312
Hello readers,it's my first fanfic so please don't complain too much if it sucks Anyway in this story i'm going to create a character named mike "the chain" a...
not as it seems by Nateh2o
not as it seemsby nate uchia567
this is a fanfiction on my favorite scp. there just isn't a whole lot of stories on cthulhu that I like so I decided why not make my own fanfic on scp 2662.