Ready or Not (Sequel to TACM) by kirch_123
Ready or Not (Sequel to TACM)by Sarah
Sequel to Try and Catch Me "Darling, you simply can't find love in the place that it was lost." . . . Ella Branson was over Aspen Carder. She was living the l...
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Lost in L.A. || A Try Guys Fan-Fiction by writer__30
Lost in L.A. || A Try Guys writer__30
*Unedited* "Your absence won't break her..." On an attempt to escape self doubt and anxiety, Rachel goes on an adventure by moving all the way to LA for a fres...
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Try Guys Preferences [ON HOLD] by GreasersNYoutube
Try Guys Preferences [ON HOLD]by alien from mars
I love The Try Guys! Here's some fun preferences about them!
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Once // Ian Jeffery  by hunniebunjes
Once // Ian Jeffery by Christina Taylor
\\ once // wəns adverb 1. on one occasion or for one time only. When a 17 year old girl named Y/n goes to Los Angles to go to a concert. She accidentally runs into her...
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Agony by MFeodal
Agonyby MFeodal
Toby is a freshman. Over the past few years he has struggled with an abusive home life and bullying. During the first few months of the new school year Toby comes to ter...
  • abuse
  • deep
  • problem
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All of my drawing by Julia_402
All of my drawingby GameR09
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Decay On The Art of Remembrance \\ Past. by Manan_Mehta
Decay On The Art of Remembrance \\ Manan Mehta
"Nothing can stop me from cutting my hand already. I am done with life. This isn't any typical suicide case. I have been through stuff. People just can't understand...
  • remembrance
  • boy
  • memory
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~A book about ME~ by fathma_fares
~A book about ME~by •فاطامة احب دين•
A book where you can know a lot about me from. I will also share things and stuff that I like. If you ask me I think this book is the BOOK version Of ~ME~
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art high five by MrVxnilla
art high fiveby 🐑🐑🐑
uwu new art book I like to draw and if you want to make fanart of my characters, don't be shy and tag me in it :)
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I'LL TELL MY STORY by IllegalTrash
REMINDER: This is how I remember my life being like, so yeah...hmph
  • mylife
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Issues by HowCanIBeAnOptimist
Issuesby The Onlooker
Random thoughts and stuff, hopefully you enjoy it and can relate to it.
  • lonley
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The New Girl by sandwichetmoustarde
The New Girlby sandwichetmoustarde
"Hey Eugene! Who is this girl? I've never seen her before." "Oh, she's just the new girl." A Eugene Lee Yang fanfiction
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All I Ask Of You (Zach Kornfeld x Reader) by The_Nerd_Geek
All I Ask Of You (Zach Kornfeld The Nerd From Down The Street
What started as a prompt in my preferences/imagines book, turned into a fully fledged story of its own, so here you go I guess. Check out my preferences book too :). Ba...
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Try Too Hard by aestheticpeaches21
Try Too Hardby Cherri Blosssom
I talk, I write and I rant. You willing to listen?
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Contest Entries  by Driftless_Ship
Contest Entries by Asmita
~💫Do read to take a sneak peak at my attempts to write and tell me if you think I have the potential to become a writer.💫~ ~☆My Experiments With Writing.☆~ ~▪Nothing m...
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Love In Many Ways by Nkembu
Love In Many Waysby Umunakwe Chibuchi Nkembu
A beautiful girl has fallen in love with wolf who is a bloody killer, his mission is to kill her and bring her blood to his parents so he can show them he's responsible...
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Dil Ka Dard - Ardeep SS {Sunday} by Sukorian
Dil Ka Dard - Ardeep SS {Sunday}by Sukorian
Deep Raichand agreed to an arranged Marriage with Arohi Singh. Arohi is a very kind hearted woman she fall in love with Deep the moment he make her wear the ring. Deep...
  • hate
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  • misunderstanding
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Impulse ( Harry Styles Abuse Story) by xx_MrsTomlinson_xx
Impulse ( Harry Styles Abuse Story)by xx_MrsTomlinson_xx
Its 2014 and one direction have been together for 3 years now. To the publics eye there all happy young lads living there dream. But to 4/5 of one direction...they live...
  • love
  • niall
  • abuse
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Picture Perfect Girl ✔️ by emma_24_lara
Picture Perfect Girl ✔️by Little Devil
Everlyn has always been different. She hated that. She hated the way her eyes stood out from the rest. She hated how they simmered in the sunlight. She hated how much a...
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