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it's a minecraft book
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Simply Slighty by simple_is_me
Simply Slightyby Carly
Just some easy going, fundamental words stirred into poems.
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The Friendship Chronicles by xXBlackBloodAngelXx
The Friendship Chroniclesby xXBlackBloodAngelXx
Poems dedicated to all my best friends.....I know everyone has problems they don't show to others, this is a series of poems about the many problems people I know have...
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Stronger Then The Rest by TipsyJune
Stronger Then The Restby Tipsy
Dedicated to @KennaRaphBUSCUS. I know I may be late on reading your last chapter ' I GET YOU ' in your story. But I hope this makes you feel better. :)
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My Social Anxiety is Terrible and I Have Difficulty Interacting by Natalia_agocs
My Social Anxiety is Terrible Y
I hate descriptions. Like, I never know what to write. "In a world where nothing is the same," or starting with a characters description is too cliche. If you...
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He's mine... she's mine... by evangeline001
He's mine... she's Adriana
Evangeline and Alexander are absolutely and completely in love. Evangeline would give anything for him, he was there for her when she could not take the madness in her h...
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The freaky girl by fizziibbs
The freaky girlby fizziibbs
The day I woke I was in a lab the day I woke I was in bed the day I woke I was naked the day I woke I was under a blanket the day I woke I was in a lab on the band all n...
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Running Through Wonderland | Blog by SilverMoonFang
Running Through Wonderland | Blogby ➹Silver➷
Thoughts of a girl, a girl who wishes for more. Who wants the world to shine like a pearl, who wants greater then what seems to be in store. She'll cling to the hope of...
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Try Not to Cry by Rither
Try Not to Cryby Fang
Death should only be a sign that your life has ended. For Amoré, death is only a sign of the beginning of her life. With such a strange name, physical atmosphere, and no...
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upon a star by mikbic5
upon a starby Mikaela Burton
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"Football is a Man's Sport" My Derriere. by reedperson
"Football is a Man's Sport" My Gracie
Elizabeth Kane's life is pretty normal. School, parents, annoying siblings, you name it. But after a life changing accident that her older brother, Gabriel, goes through...
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When Ted And The Bride Of Chucky Had A Baby!!! by JesseLemaster
When Ted And The Bride Of Chucky Jesse Lemaster
Ok so when the movie of chucky ended and the bride of chucky thought he would be dead she met ted now this happened when Ted found out that he wasn't technically married...
Town City: Season 1 by TownCity
Town City: Season 1by TownCity
Town City.... a "perfect" society... or not! In this dramatic series, characters will have to learn right from wrong! Can they handle love, hate, lies, and the...
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Bend Until You Break by LivAndLove
Bend Until You Breakby O D Marie
"How far do you think you can go, huh? How long do you think you can live for everyone but yourself? How far do you think you can b e n d b e f o r e y o u b r...
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My Heart Speaks - Poems by marianaaa
My Heart Speaks - Poemsby mariana
A collection of poems...written by me! Hope you like them! Love, Hate, Friendship, longing, etc. It's all here!
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Ordinary Girl by Iwuv2rite
Ordinary Girlby Molly Kozy
Allie Swagger is your normal girl. Not popular, but not unpopoular. She has two older sisters that are nearly flawless.... But she is only plain old Allie. Allie's life...
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Adventures Of Zara Daughter Of Tauriel by Piggynote6
Adventures Of Zara Daughter Of Lexie Rae Durin White Oaklens...
Me and my mom went for a walk through Lofloria. I have been sent to Rivendel. For a meeting about moving to the West. Also about the enemy. Three days past when I went t...
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What We Learned So Far by messagetol
What We Learned So Farby LH
Poems I have wanted to share to you. My goal in writing is to write things people can relate too. I want everyone to be a part of something and I want everyone to shine...
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A Sad Devine by Loba123
A Sad Devineby Mack Thompson
A bunch of poems I wrote.
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