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Ready or Not (Sequel to TACM) by kirch_123
Ready or Not (Sequel to TACM)by Sarah
Sequel to Try and Catch Me "Darling, you simply can't find love in the place that it was lost." . . . Ella Branson was over Aspen Carder. She was living the l...
  • soccer
  • sequal
  • youngadultreads
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Against All Odds >> Dean Winchester [1] by AlexandraReve
Against All Odds >> Dean Alexandra Rêve
Book 1 of The Winchester Series I'm okay with your history. It made you who you are. And I happen to be in love with who you are now -Dean Winchester [Takes place before...
  • wings
  • sam
  • spernatural
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Try Guys Preferences [DISCONTINUED] by GreasersNYoutube
Try Guys Preferences [DISCONTINUED]by alien from mars
I love The Try Guys! Here's some fun preferences about them!
  • wattys2017
  • keith
  • yang
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She's Not All That (Buzzfeed/Eugene Lee Yang) [COMPLETE] by wiccathicca
She's Not All That (Buzzfeed/ jamie ♡
At an early age, I remember my mom telling me that I was unique. She always used to say, "You are not born yourself. It is what you become." Maybe that's why I...
  • tryguys
  • zach
  • guys
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Lost in L.A. (Part One) by writer__30
Lost in L.A. (Part One)by Bailey
*currently under the editing stages* drafting is complete with this one... Now to edit it... Number 1 in #Buzzfeed ♡ 12/23/18 ♡ On a long road the finally live out her d...
  • zach
  • keith
  • fanfiction
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Once // Ian Jeffery  by hunniebunjes
Once // Ian Jeffery by Christina Taylor
\\ once // wəns adverb 1. on one occasion or for one time only. When a 17 year old girl named Y/n goes to Los Angles to go to a concert. She accidentally runs into her...
  • charles
  • makeup
  • wattys2018
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Impossibly Possible by EnjoyLiveLove
Impossibly Possibleby Lu
There are three things you must never tell your best friend: 1) You're interested in her friend. 2) What you like about her friend. 3) How you always dream about meeting...
  • humor
  • complicated
  • fate
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✁✃✁✃ the 5th try guy  by ssolae
✁✃✁✃ the 5th try guy by ꌗꌗꂦ꒒
❝fuck, zach-❞ ❝that's really sexual, marlyn! ❞ ❝zach, marlyn is literally the human embodiment of 👉👌❞ ❝more like 👉👈❞ ❝you suck❞ ❝no marlyn, you suck eugene❞ 2k...
  • ned
  • boyxboy
  • eugene
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Impulse ( Harry Styles Abuse Story) by xx_MrsTomlinson_xx
Impulse ( Harry Styles Abuse Story)by xx_MrsTomlinson_xx
Its 2014 and one direction have been together for 3 years now. To the publics eye there all happy young lads living there dream. But to 4/5 of one direction...they live...
  • louis
  • direction
  • hurt
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The New Girl by sandwichetmoustarde
The New Girlby sandwichetmoustarde
"Hey Eugene! Who is this girl? I've never seen her before." "Oh, she's just the new girl." A Eugene Lee Yang fanfiction
  • guys
  • eugene
  • tryguys
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Chimera  by jlemmanki
Chimera by gflemmmm
collection of random one-shots - olivia x benjamine
  • short
  • heart
  • loney
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One New Message (Petekey) by ThePetekeyPrep
One New Message (Petekey)by Sweet Little Dudes
NOTICE: I only ship real people if they have said they are okay with it. The people I have written about are, to my knowledge, okay with shipping as long as you are resp...
  • fanfiction
  • petekey
  • boy
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Remaking Popular Story Covers :) by -Kookie-San-
Remaking Popular Story Covers :)by *✧・゚(*❦ω❦)・゚✧*
I get bored often and I try remaking story covers, so I'll put them in here! If there's a specific one I should do, please PM me or just comment a request~
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Just thoughts. Just feelings. Just people.  by szofi_myself_
Just thoughts. Just feelings. Szofi
I write sometimes to tell my opinion about each situation and to open up about my feelings. I hope you can understand the message and you can empathize with it.
  • pessimistic
  • real
  • poetry
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Account Rates (Open) by SukuraGloss
Account Rates (Open)by AeeEeeIeeOeeUeeYee
Since most are closed I'll make one that's open.
  • comment
  • outerdiamond
  • book
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Quote Board  by TheCircleOfWords
Quote Board by TheCircleOfWords
Some happy, some sad, but there all something to live by. (P.S. I made most of them)
  • bored
  • comedy
  • happiness
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cigarette daydreams // irwin by dandeluke
cigarette daydreams // irwinby dandeluke
"maybe that's why im so in love"
  • irwin
  • try
  • heartbreak
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Poems by LilaLovesTheStars
Poemsby 𝓢𝓽𝓪𝓻-𝓒𝓱𝓲𝓵𝓭
Expressing yourself in words can be calming It's like taking a step in the right direction I hope this inspires people Note: Most of these poems are from real life exp...
  • again
  • mistakes
  • believe
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Cover Shop  by dance1277
Cover Shop by dance1277
[OPEN] Want a cover? Get a cover. Fill out a quick and easy order form in the book and PM [or comment] me it. Within a week I will post the cover as a chapter in my boo...
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