She's Not All That (Buzzfeed/Eugene Lee Yang) [COMPLETE] by sketchwastaken
She's Not All That (Buzzfeed/ sketch \o/
At an early age, I remember my mom telling me that I was unique. She always used to say, "You are not born yourself. It is what you become." Maybe that's why I...
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Try Guys Preferences by GreasersNYoutube
Try Guys Preferencesby alien from mars
I love The Try Guys! Here's some fun preferences about them!
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Once // Ian Jeffery  by hunniebunjes
Once // Ian Jeffery by Christina Taylor
\\ once // wəns adverb 1. on one occasion or for one time only. Where Y/N gets a trip to LA to go to a concert. Two days before she meets James Charles and she get to d...
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The Try Guys; Eugene by writer__30
The Try Guys; Eugeneby writer__30
*under construction...proceed with caution* ;)
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The New Girl by sandwichetmoustarde
The New Girlby sandwichetmoustarde
"Hey Eugene! Who is this girl? I've never seen her before." "Oh, she's just the new girl." A Eugene Lee Yang fanfiction
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Cover Shop  by dance1277
Cover Shop by dance1277
[OPEN] Want a cover? Get a cover. Fill out a quick and easy order form in the book and PM [or comment] me it. Within a week I will post the cover as a chapter in my boo...
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Try Try Try Again by CDtheAwesome
Try Try Try Againby CD
Drawing from young age bad to current age good. This series shows the process of my drawing skills. I can only get better ... right?
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New Girl At BuzzFeed (Eugene X Reader) by Im-A-taco
New Girl At BuzzFeed (Eugene X ♡
Your the new girl at Buzzfeed. You know almost everyone there, your a big fan of LadyLike and The try guys. When you start working there you notice that one of the try g...
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Try Living With a Boy band. by hannersbananers
Try Living With a Boy hannersbananers
Spencer is an ordinary popstar who's been in the spotlight for a while. When she get the offer of a lifetime to travel around the US for a whole summer on tour with the...
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A I H by smile2d
A I Hby Smiley
"Everywhere is all dark ... Everything is all terrible ... Everyone is all ignoring me ... Why am I having to face to it ? .. No , no !!.. Let me give up...
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Sarah Montana Living In The Boys' Dorm by Cellienda
Sarah Montana Living In The Boys' Cellienda
Krystal Hayden, treated as an outcast in this rich school she doesn't even want to stay in, aren't like any other girl. She isn't spoiled with money and can't meet any c...
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Avalanche //Eugene Lee Yang// ON HOLD by RyleeMarie2000
Avalanche //Eugene Lee Yang// ON Rylee
She was the only Try Girl. Natalie 'Nat' Song is someone who never thought she was special, she was average, didn't have great makeup or fashion skills, never had a rea...
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I'LL TELL MY STORY by IllegalTrash
I'LL TELL MY STORYby Carter🏳️‍🌈
REMINDER: This is how I remember my life being like, so yeah...hmph
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Contest Entries  by Driftless_Ship
Contest Entries by Asmita
~💫Do read to take a sneak peak at my attempts to write and tell me if you think I have the potential to become a writer.💫~ ~☆My Experiments With Writing.☆~ ~▪Nothing m...
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art high five by ZeWalletInspector
art high fiveby Ȩ̸̧͉̞̱͇̌̉̈̆̎͆̒͑̑͛̅͘̕̚r̸͊͆̓͝͠...
uwu new art book I like to draw and if you want to make fanart of my characters, don't be shy and tag me in it :)
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Triple Dog Dare by booksiebooksie
Triple Dog Dareby Nepsa Rae
Short Worth It spin off romance for Craig and Shane and their crazy love story! *boyxboy *All Rights Reserved ©
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My bad [BTS - TAEHYUNG , JIMIN , 수민 SuMin
You love him but will the love last forever ? What if he love you too but ... Please Comment and Vote ❤️ Support 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
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Not Such A Picture Perfect Girl by emma_24_lara
Not Such A Picture Perfect Girlby LittleDevil
Everlyn has always been different. She hated that. She hated the way her eyes stood out from the rest. She hated how they simmered in the sunlight. She hated how much a...
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Summer at Buzzfeed (EUGENE FANFIC) by Karismatyc
Summer at Buzzfeed (EUGENE FANFIC)by Karis
Cherin, a Korean American newly-graduated Biology major is doing an internship over the summer at Buzzfeed--- that's right. Bio major + Buzzfeed. She had only applied be...
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