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Elemental Brothers by Miraculous712
Elemental Brothersby Ellen Grace Olesco
Now this is how the elemental brothers came to be. Boboiboy was the superhero boy everyone knew. After collecting all the elements, he still have the feeling of seeing a...
  • ying
  • lightning
  • elements
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The Guardians [Applyfic] by Nightflame66
The Guardians [Applyfic]by NightFlame
A series of one-shot type stories telling the story of The Guardians, before the Glory of being Heroes
  • air
  • death
  • guardians
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Path of Lightning: Origins by Akilice
Path of Lightning: Originsby HopeForLightning
Liz was raised by mercenaries, and for the past 15 years she has been Killing for a living. However, when she finds herself on the verge of death, she realizes that she...
  • slowburn
  • friendship
  • diversecast
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Bought In To Royalty by IvoryMoe
Bought In To Royaltyby Ivory Moe
2,000 years after the Vampire Inhabitants took over our land, I, Daphne Müller; born from a pure breed and mated with a half blood, will be the resurrection and the vict...
  • vampireromance
  • lightning
  • vampirehuman
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Musical Celestial Lightning by misstine_ally
Musical Celestial Lightningby mistie.
[COMPLETED : 16/06 - 2019] Laxus loves music because that calms him down. His magic is Lightning dragon slayer. Lucy loves music because the lyrics always have meanings...
  • lightning
  • romance
  • love
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Asher: I Am The Earth by CityofTroy
Asher: I Am The Earthby CityofTroy
Asher is special... About a year ago, he discovered he has special powers that allow him to control and manipulate water. He hasn't told anyone, not even his parents...
  • elements
  • romance
  • asher
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Zapped! by Sparklecandy285
Zapped!by Sparklecandy285
When teenager Chase puth gets zapped by lightning, he gains lighting powers and becomes the town's superhero called "the zap" and now he must balance his secre...
  • fanfiction
  • lightning
  • charlie
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1.0 | THE SIX by justclaraoswald
1.0 | THE SIXby 𝐒 ☆彡
❝ We never asked for this. We never asked to become something else. But we are. And you have to deal with it. ❞ The story of six ordinary people turned extraordinary ove...
  • aarontaylorjohnson
  • justclaraoswald
  • thomasbrodiesangster
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Time of the Keyblade (KH OC Story) by GrimstoneDX900
Time of the Keyblade (KH OC Story)by GrimstoneDX900
On a world where the inhabitants are masters of time, Arcturus Farron lived as an ordinary teenager, until a accident occurred, resulted in awakening new powers and beco...
  • finalfantasy
  • timetravel
  • transformers
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A Supernatural Kiss by megomo
A Supernatural Kissby megomo
Talia gets taken and is transported to a realm where everyone has supernatural powers. When she finds out she has them as well she is forced into training to fight those...
  • adventure
  • powers
  • sister
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Morphs by MrLonelyIntrovert
Morphsby Ⓘⓝⓣⓡⓞⓥⓔⓡⓣ
The announcement turned the city of London to hell. The announcement that was said on April 17th, 2053. The announcement that scared everyone, the announcement that stat...
  • science
  • electric
  • elements
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BFDI/BFB Fairytales by ISignedUpJustToRead
BFDI/BFB Fairytalesby Losersiancebeepbleh
Basically fairy tales with the BFDI characters. This is a crack book so don't expect good writing lol. Tags will be updated as more stories are added. Also yee this has...
  • icecube
  • lightning
  • teardrop
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Her Savior by Littlearab_19
Her Saviorby Rama Wared
Selene Rosario was next in line to take over as Beta, but only because she was being forced into it. She was unhappy. After another day of her father beating her into sh...
  • time
  • powers
  • family-drama
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A.R.M.Y by CSW1995
A.R.M.Yby C. Swallow
Sally has trouble falling in love in Frankincense City, being the daughter of the Gang of Shadows that rules the underground. She's not allowed to talk to boys, basicall...
  • sexy
  • romance
  • soldier
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Hurricane by Indigo_Crescent
Hurricaneby Indigo Crescent
A white wolf lives deep in the forest. No one dares cross its path. But little do they know she's a fractured soul who longs for the ones she's lost. She's running from...
  • trust
  • running
  • werewolf
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The Elementals by AwkwardBroadwayFans
The Elementalsby AwkwardBroadwayFans
Most people want to be unique. Have special qualities that they can call their own. Intelligence. Beauty. Kindness. Athleticism. They tell us everyone is different. But...
  • different
  • fire
  • air
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The Girl Who Was Struck By Lighting  by darkdoll_01
The Girl Who Was Struck By ...
Maria ( a normally outspoken girl) was struck by lighting. The way she was struck, will be the very thing that will surprise you. This is her story of how she was in...
  • trouble
  • romance
  • crush
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Marvel: Super Soldiers of War by Arrowavenger0724
Marvel: Super Soldiers of Warby Arrow Avenger
A young man wakes up with no memory of his past in an unfamiliar place and takes on the name Keith Wilson. In order to survive, he joins S.H.I.E.l.D (Strategic Homeland...
  • inhumans
  • quake
  • mystery
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lightning mcqueen x reader by RecorderScreech
lightning mcqueen x readerby We're Lit
juicy metal car lips.
  • xreader
  • reader
  • ues
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Flaws And Feathers [NEW VERSION OF BBWW] by Jojo_B
Flaws And Feathers [NEW VERSION Jojo B
Vienna Reyes struggles with her anger. She's a misfit in a sea of grey, and always has the feeling that she's being watched. Her life is pretty much mediocre, but that c...
  • angels
  • fight
  • lightning
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