Her Mistake by Caylamarie8888
Her Mistakeby Marie0423
A 13 year old girl is in for a treat when the people tracking the activity on her phone see what she's been.
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♡Nanbaka Oneshots♡ by uwululu
♡Nanbaka Oneshots♡by 6 ⱠɄ₦₳ 9
The title says it all. I recommend watching the anime or reading the manga before reading this so you aren't confused. None of the characters belong to me, go support th...
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thirteen reasons why⇔gif series.         wattys2018 by strangst_
thirteen reasons why⇔gif series...by ” okay “
" why me?" -4-17-17-
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Lucky 13 by LxT4ever
Lucky 13by Leah
Lily Faulkner grew up with the tales her father told her of 'them'. Her dad kept her safely hidden from 'them' but what happens when Lily herself become a potential thre...
  • wattys2018
  • teen
  • gxg
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13th Doctor Imagines/Preferences (LGBTQ+) by itslaurenjade
13th Doctor Imagines/Preferences (...by 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
Imagines and Preferences of the Time Lord, the 13th Doctor. Female Reader.
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Clannah Texts  by itsjustmekp
Clannah Texts by Kristina
a series of texts between ONLY Hannah Baker and Clay Jensen
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Bensia M22Z by yellownameplay
Bensia M22Zby K.D. Lucille
Bensia Corporation has been running for almost 115 years now. Sponsoring mental health patients and supporting psychiatric hospitals for decacades. But their main purpos...
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7an suger by Dinlivsguide
7an sugerby Dinlivsguide
En helt normal tjej i 7an som av någon anledning blir inbjuden till det coola gänget...
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sans x chara by Shantetheunstobable
sans x charaby Shante Unstopable
Sans has never loved someone ever,but once he met chara he always felt a weird connection with her,besides wanting to kill her every day.Chara felt the same way too.
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Time For Change by Rose_Yavanna
Time For Changeby Rose Yavanna
The doctor devotes her time to finding River Song, but what will happen if she does? What about Yaz's love for the doctor? Does the doctor really love Yaz? Read this boo...
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  • teawithyaz
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?What happened to the company by jaykiheV95
?What happened to the companyby jaykiheV95
نايون بنت تعشق بانقتان .......لكن ماذا يحدث اذا وقعو بمشكل و ساعدهم في حله...خفية عن المجتمع. ؟؟؟
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The Deadly Attraction by s_agenbag
The Deadly Attractionby s_agenbag
A twenty year old rugby player who's girlfriends mysteriously get murdered and a high school girl with a weakness for a mystery. What happens when their paths cross and...
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Anime Characters X Shy Reader Oneshots  by XX_XIII_X
Anime Characters X Shy Reader Ones...by XX
So, I wanted to make this since forever. There aren't really much shy reader fanfics around so decided to make one. I can't do any lemons or limes so... Sorry. Reques...
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Hold On To The Memories by Michelletakako
Hold On To The Memoriesby ミシエル たか子
Seems like Taylor Swift, 28, is starting to remember all the old things... and the old people. Will she be able to know what she really wants? Or will she just... let g...
  • harrystyles
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Creek Green by TheStoryTeller404
Creek Greenby TheStoryTeller
A thread of murders have been happening in Bridge Creek, Oklahoma. A string of murders all leaving behind a note, signed by a mysterious C.G. Creek Andrew is a normal de...
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jersey√  by simplytrippie
jersey√ by simply❤
Jersey Zandyers is a teenage girl who was part of Hannah Baker's trial due to past experience with her ex boyfriend Justin Foley. Now dating Montgomery De La Cruz, being...
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50 Days Being A SLAVE Of Mr. Manyakis by love_mace25
50 Days Being A SLAVE Of Mr. Manya...by Mace WP
The girl meet the unknown seven boys that she didn't know the true identity is..And they have a deal and she got lose and become a slave of the Seven Prince she named it...
  • rainbowcoloredmind
  • chelsea
  • nakahara
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13 Reasons Why Imagines by finnwolfharders
13 Reasons Why Imaginesby finnwolfharders
*complete* This is a book of what the characters would do when they are your boyfriend/ girlfriend (Apart from Bryce, Marcus as they are creepy but they will still get i...
  • marcuscole
  • jeffatkins
  • brycewalker
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Shy (Brennen Taylor) FT COLBY BROCK by Broken_Pieces00
Shy (Brennen Taylor) FT COLBY BROCKby Stupid
"So what's a shy lil girl like you doing on the LA streets at night?" he asks me gently. "hiding from my boyfriend." I tell him. his hands rest on my...
  • fanfiction
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  • brennen
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13 Reasons Why Imagines  by bbbiily
13 Reasons Why Imagines by bby.b
13 reasons why imagines! Includes: Justin Zach Jeff Clay Montgomery Alex Scott Tyler Marcus Comment requests if you have any!
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