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fifth harmony / you Vampire by Larahopkins07
fifth harmony / you Vampireby Larlie Jacent Hadden
Something happened but what you may ask your feelings were taken away emotionally and physically so you can't feel anything mentally You can't smile you can't laugh you...
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By My Side // Dinah x You by lauready
By My Side // Dinah x Youby evan
No matter what happens, you'll be by her side. Dinah/You high school AU. Heavily featuring other 5h members.
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We Found Love by beanie_lauren
We Found Loveby beanie_hatfield
Lauren found out her fiancé was cheating. Camila found out her son isn't hers. Then they found each other. g!p Posted: 06-15-2019 (Cannot be reproduced in any form, tran...
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Only You Can Save Me by m4ndyp4ndy
Only You Can Save Meby Amanda
Camila is trapped in her marriage. She meets Officer Jauregui. Will Lauren be able to save Camila before it's too late? G!P Lauren Rating is Mature for sexual content an...
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Camila & the Beast by guccivespucci
Camila & the Beastby guccivespucci
Camila makes a deal with the town's infamous beast-the vampire Lauren. The deal: Lauren will no longer prey on people from her town, especially Camila's family, if Camil...
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HMU  by clexylexy
HMU by Sarah
Messages between Ally, Dinah, Normani, Lauren, and Camila. (#1 in Fanfiction 7/18/17)
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Wrong Number? - Lauren/You by MusicBandsFans
Wrong Number? - Lauren/Youby M
G!P You Y/N gets added to a group chat, where she doesn't know anybody. Maybe she'll become friends with the people in the group chat or maybe she won't. Many things hap...
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Dear Camila (Camila/you) by fiestyfirefly
Dear Camila (Camila/you)by fiestyfirefly
Camila/You G!P you You are currently serving in the Army you have been there since you were 18, and you contract is 4 years, it is soon coming to an end. You have been d...
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Lust And Love (Lauren / You) by iamgraciee
Lust And Love (Lauren / You)by gracie
What happens when you're forced to live with your sister, Camila Cabello? What happens when you fight with your sister? Will you fix it - or not? What happens when you c...
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Promises Are Made to Be Kept [Camren] by jumpingjunipers
Promises Are Made to Be Kept [ jumpingjunipers
Two years ago Camila and Lauren split up and Camila left Miami. But now she's back, determined to get her life back, and maybe that means Lauren too. [CONVERTED] all rig...
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That's What friends are for  by Jaureguicharm
That's What friends are for by W.G
We can easily miss the obvious G!p Lauren (Smut warning)
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Love and Trust (Camila/You) by allabout_gaylife
Love and Trust (Camila/You)by Allabout_gaylife
Y/n Y/ln is a famous YouTuber who makes cover videos. She's also a bit of a Harmonizer. She meets Camila Cabello at the local Starbucks she can't believe her eyes. They...
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Bullies (Fifth Harmony/You) by CamilaIsSmexy
Bullies (Fifth Harmony/You)by g
You've been bullied by these five girls since Freshman year and now you are a senior. What if feelings change? Or will they always be bullies. Maybe once a bully,always...
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just gal pals | camren au | completed by bleghhhh_
just gal pals | camren au | bleghhhh_
'Pop sensations Camila Cabello and Lauren Jauregui out at dinner! Check out pics from the gal pals' night out!'
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Unsteady (Normila) by allabout_gaylife
Unsteady (Normila)by Allabout_gaylife
(I really like Normila, sue me.) 25 year old, Camila Cabello was the playgirl who was known all over the nation. She had the hot model girlfriend, she was heir to a mult...
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Alpha to Alpha (camren) by yojauregui
Alpha to Alpha (camren)by yojauregui
The Jauregui pack and the Cabello pack were inseparable. Until one mysterious night, that changed everything. ((credits to @/korslay for the cover))
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Moon Child (A Camren KidFic) by youngmxn
Moon Child (A Camren KidFic)by aj
Camila Cabello is a twenty-four-year-old upcoming first-grade teacher. She is returning after taking time off from a divorce. She has a lot of growing to endure along...
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Let Me In (Lauren/You) by lolo3345
Let Me In (Lauren/You)by lolo3345
"Can I have a hit of that?" I heard a raspy voice say behind me. I didn't have to turn around to know who it was. "Smoking is bad for you, Lauren." I...
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Speak (Camren) by camrenjelly
Speak (Camren)by camrenjelly
Camila was just a teenage girl with autism, that's all she was ever defined as. Until she met Lauren, the psychiatrist's daughter and star softball player of her highsch...
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