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Into the world of Ninjago by Ocean_N_Clouds
Into the world of Ninjagoby Ash_Ne
In which a girl is reincarnated into a world of cartoons as the little sister of the Blue Ninja that does not exist, and went on a chaotic journey with the colorful ninj...
An New Ninjago Generation by JwalaRenukuntla
An New Ninjago Generationby Anti-Hero
These teens are not your average teenagers from challenging first days to the city's new heroes these are the former elemental master's children now see their new crazy...
[ENG] Morro's return [BOOK 1] by Xedise
[ENG] Morro's return [BOOK 1]by Xedise
[TRANSLATION] A story about the ninjas, how Morro returned to their world. They had to do a lot of work, to defeat Morro again and return him back to the cursed realm...
ninjago imagines by sarahthenerd
ninjago imaginesby silly 🩵
Basically imagines of your favourite ninja Started: in Mid July of 2018 Ended: feb 9 2024 ~1K~ 11/18/18 ~10K~04/27/19 ~20k~ 07/17/19 ~50K~03/19/20 ~100k~11/19/20 ~200k~1...
Overload by CeraunoAure
Jay was kidnapped and the Ninja finally get a lead and they do find Jay just... not the way they were expecting there's a bigger piece to the puzzle. a bigger more dange...
Ninjago Oneshots by _stellarmarina
Ninjago Oneshotsby oops
"You're.....the ninja?" "In the flesh." The one in the red commented. "But, I cannot be flesh." The one in silver poked. "I guess yo...
The Ninja That Went To Rehab by Whydihavetogwrite
The Ninja That Went To Rehabby Borger :)
Whats this? A secret addiction that could potentially give you multiple problems?? ------ *Currently under hiatus!!* This fic does go through editing a few times so do...
Sincerely, Nya | Ninjago Jaya AU [Complete] by Dissmisery
Sincerely, Nya | Ninjago Jaya AU [...by Dissy
[WRITTEN IN 2023] Jay Walker was living the dream; stuck in a low-wage job, cramped with his best friend and his dog in a small apartment. The only time he was really fr...
Forbidden Sparks | jaya au  by storiesninjago
Forbidden Sparks | jaya au by storiesninjago
"Would you ever date a teacher?" "No." "Would you ever date your crush?" "Yes." "This is going to be interesting, then."...
"Fly, little bird, fly." (Ninjago X Reader) by LilyIsSusWritings
"Fly, little bird, fly." (Ninjago...by Sus
Y/N Chime, younger sister of Morro Chime, raised by Sensei Wu and his most well trained student. Despite this, she still has never reached her true potential or anything...
ITS YOUR TIME //ninjago x Male\\ by kodaluvsyou
ITS YOUR TIME //ninjago x Male\\by kodaluvsyou
Y/n trained under Mystake ever since his dad had disappeared. One day while Y/n was playing with his powers he has opened a time gap he was hesitant but stepped in. Wh...
The Fiery Princess by L0l_749
The Fiery Princessby L0l_749
Welcome to the new version of the Mistress of fire now named: The Fiery Princess ! :D After a terrible event, Kaya lost all of her memories. She didn't know anymore who...
Lava | Ninjago by Thahash
Lava | Ninjagoby thahash.
[kai x cole] [oneshots] What happens when fire collides with earth? Have you ever wondered how two ninja act when they're in love with each other? ...
Fire Scars (More Than Just Skin) by SixEared_Lotus
Fire Scars (More Than Just Skin)by SixEared_Lotus
The ninja are fighting a criminal when Kai loses control of his fire and ends up burning his teammates. The other ninja are mad at him and yell at him so he runs away an...
Bruises by Lizzylucky
Bruisesby Lizzylucky
Kai is left scarred, physically and emotionally, after the battle between he and Tech Wu in the junk yard. But when Wu's turned back to normal, he can't remember ever be...
Ninjago crossover by Pirnsesnvv
Ninjago crossoverby Zaliya Wilson
The ninja get notice that there is suspicious activity around Hiroshi's Labrinth, so they go to investigate. When they get there someone's already broken in. They try an...
 A Fiery Sleep (A Ninjago Kai ff):Really slow updates by BookWorm112001
A Fiery Sleep (A Ninjago Kai ff):...by BookWorm112001
After Aspheera steals Kai's Fire he falls into a deep sleep. But what would happen if he wouldn't wake up for years? Where are his friends? How long was he asleep? And...
Ninjago reader insert!! (cole x reader) by roomstinker1
Ninjago reader insert!! (cole x re...by googoonator37
In the bustling world of Ninjago, amidst the clash of elemental powers and the constant threat of dark forces, there exists a pair that is just trying to get by. Y/N's b...
𝙈𝙄 𝘼𝙈𝙊𝙍 | various!ninjago x reader by ru3kri3s
𝙈𝙄 𝘼𝙈𝙊𝙍 | various!ninjago x...by ★ 𝐑𝐔𝐄 ★
COMPLETED , DISCONTINUED | you might be asking urself, 'what's it like dating a piece of lego who is an elemental master and is also a ninja?' well i think no longer be...
The Red Diamond Necklace- A Ninjago Lavashipping Story by Justaweeboverhere
The Red Diamond Necklace- A Ninjag...by Justaweeboverhere
Kai and Cole are sent to find a cursed necklace. But what happens after the necklace changes Kai.. Ratings: 38# in Horrorfiction 4/9/22