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The Fox, The Cat, The Rabbit, The Wolf and The Exhausted Caregiver by Hoseki13
The Fox, The Cat, The Rabbit, Hoseki13
Kakashi is pretty sure putting him in charge of three impressionable children is just a Capital A stupid idea. But what Hokage says, goes. So here goes nothing he guess...
Parenting101 by PrinceOfUchiha
Parenting101by Takashi Uchiha
Indra and Ashura just wanted to rest in peace. Their spirits were far too old to be babysitting their reincarnations, yet here they were. The best way to fix the situati...
Saviors || DREAM SMP by MaybeAngel7877
Saviors || DREAM SMPby ✨ Angel ✨
Dream SMP x TEEN!Reader GENDER NEUTRAL There will be no romance in this book; the reader is still a minor Main Characters; Y/N, Dream/Clay, Georgenotfound/George Side Ch...
Ender | Ranboo Adoption SBI by _just_snakess_
Ender | Ranboo Adoption SBIby sneks :)
As a mute ender hybrid, Ranboo has never experienced much love or affection until Phil decides to adopt him. But it takes time to heal, and not everyone is welcoming of...
Thief | SBI MCYT by faevorite_
Thief | SBI MCYTby j 🍄
Tommy has been struggling for years to scrape by the bottom line. Unfortunately, for him to even scratch the surface of that line, he had to turn to pickpocketing and th...
Ranboo One Shots (Ft. Philza and Technoblade) by PerkyWombat
Ranboo One Shots (Ft. Philza and PerkyWombat
Ranboo one-shots. Features Philza Minecraft and Technoblade. All PLATONIC! Trigger warnings before every chapter. If cc's are uncomfortable this will be taken down. ➳W...
the child? by sushi_103
the child?by Depressed Child
its 1:38 am and i had a genius idea Inspired by @weegalaxy on tiktok u should check them out theyre pog! lowercase is intentional
The demon prince (who is a human) by 3cc3nr1c98
The demon prince (who is a human)by RareShipHell98
One night Douma gets bored. He goes for a walk then meets with little Tanjirou in the forest. They talk and then he accidentally becomes said boys adoptive father. And a...
But Not Alone by yooosuckitgreenboy
But Not Aloneby yooosuckitgreenboy
Tommy wasn't used to being on his own in stressful situations, especially when you get cornered by a scary british teenager and a scary short guy in an alley at 2 in the...
Boba And Bagels by XDCryptidBoyXD
Boba And Bagelsby The Local Vamp
(Y/N) is just your average bakery employee, working to pay for rent after his parents kicked him out. Well, he's as average as you can get with police just letting murde...
pleasing a storm || an sbi family by LVJYofflline
pleasing a storm || an sbi familyby percy
cover art by snapp_art on twitter! go leave a follow, i will know if you dont : ) tommy henley is a storm. he's angry and aggressive, and loud and mean. that is, on the...
Empyrean Iris Story Collection by starrfallknightrise
Empyrean Iris Story Collectionby Charlie Starr
A growing collection of Humans are Space Orcs stories that details the adventures of Dr. Krill, Adam Vir, Sunny, and other crew members of the harbinger as they fight to...
Toxic Thoughts by DramaKelly
Toxic Thoughtsby Kelly
There is much more to Bakugou Katsuki than meets the eye. When the class tries to break down his walls, they find things that shock them to their core. !! TRIGGER WARNIN...
Shadowsinger by kensy_lane
Shadowsingerby Kensy
"Perhaps this is death and it's playing a game with me. Maybe that's all death is, reliving the moment it took those that you most loved." Kaira's life ends wi...
Please Forget About Me  by mniejnizzero
Please Forget About Me by Sey Cinnkins
Everything was going well. Maya got her first summer job, she was finally earning money. She was on the right track to become independent in the future. Then, mom had a...
Safe and Sound (Katsuki Bakugou AgeRe) by katsaboo
Safe and Sound (Katsuki Bakugou kats
A series of short stories set in the same universe centered around Katsuki age regressing ^.^ (SFW ONLY PLS!! DO NOT ADD TO DDLB/MDLB/AGE PLAY/ABDL/BOTTOM OR SUB BAKUGOU...
Raising Tubbo by pyronapp
Raising Tubboby Nap!
[ cover was drawn and edited by me ] A little boy with blueish-grey eyes finds his way into a home with three boyfriends, and they just couldn't say no to not keeping hi...
Risk and Reward by kensy_lane
Risk and Rewardby Kensy
"It was perfect. Everything we'd dreamed it would be. The only thing that wasn't me." After the events of Shadowsinger, Solstice is coming up. The...
Burning Bright: An Avengers Fanfiction by ArkhamGirl
Burning Bright: An Avengers ArkhamGirl
Ever since Lila was 7 years old, she had been running from S.H.I.E.L.D. Finally, after almost 7 years, Nick Fury has finally been able to catch her. But when the Avenger...
Wild things || The Quileute Tribe by Frayed-Apart
Wild things || The Quileute Tribeby Fray
"Come to where the wild things are." Male oc x Seth Clearwater Male Oc x Leah Clearwater Male Oc x Embry Call Male Oc x Jacob Black