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Our Own Mistakes by SkeneKidz
Our Own Mistakesby Jen
Griffin Flynn is on a short leash, and one wrong step could cause consequences that hurt more than just him. So when new student Evan comes around and seems intent on di...
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The Nerd has a Secret (GxG) by -TequilaMockingBird-
The Nerd has a Secret (GxG)by life hard titty soft
Dylan, or Danielle, has been at the bottom of the West Brookes High food-chain since she began attending. Seemingly a shy, timid, easy-to-push-around nerd, most never lo...
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Hamilton AU - High School *Revised Edition* by jemmymadison316
Hamilton AU - High School * jemmymadison316
When seventeen-year-old scrawny, underfed Alexander Hamilton is kicked out of another foster home, he knows his chances of family and a decent future have ended. He's bi...
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hope for the morning (A Six Fanfic) by littleWolf95
hope for the morning (A Six Fanfic)by littleWolf95
modern AU type thing. Unable to look after her cousin properly Anne employes the help of her friend Jane but is Jane capable of looking after thirteen-year-old Katherine...
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The Fox, The Cat, The Rabbit, The Wolf and The Exhausted Caregiver by Hoseki13
The Fox, The Cat, The Rabbit, Hoseki13
Kakashi is pretty sure putting him in charge of three impressionable children is just a Capital A stupid idea. But what Hokage says, goes. So here goes nothing he guess...
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Maiden of Lies by VanessaChase02
Maiden of Liesby Vanessa Chase
Cassandra is the girl in town that everyone envies. She's pretty, well-to-do, smart, and her parents treat her like pure gold. One day however, Cassandra realizes that h...
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Hooked by BlueBlackInk
Hookedby BlueBlackInk
The only things Runner King got from his parents are his last name and his shitty personality. Everything else, including the name Runner, he's had to find himself. Six...
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Carmen Sandiego Headcanons  by pinkcupcake900
Carmen Sandiego Headcanons by Pink cupcake90
Basically just random one-shots and head canons my sister and I came up with. Cover made by @Starwolf479(check out her profile!) Highest Rank so far: #5 in Carmensandie...
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League of Villains  by Hearth4days
League of Villains by Hearth4days
Warning! Mentions of self harm, gore, abuse, eating disorder, and a suicide attempt. Do you love found family? Cuz I sure do. Expect Shigadabi This story is complete! (#...
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Tightrope by onceuponabook_
Tightropeby onceuponabook_
"I have ten things on my bucket list, and eight of them involve Hartley's untimely violent death." Sarcastic rich girl Lena Montez has hated Jace Hartley since...
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2nd  Floor by Julian-Greystoke
2nd Floorby JulianGreystoke
Matthias is a struggling writer finally able to move into his first solo apartment. He's thrilled to have a place free of roommates and siblings, even though the buildin...
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A Bunch of Revolutionary Manumission Abolitionists by FIORITE
A Bunch of Revolutionary Ellie
sonofZeus: ⚠️EMERGENCY⚠️ Elizabethany: ??? sonofZeus: ⚠️EMERGENCY⚠️ MisterBurrSir: What did you do? freckles: rude Lafryette: What makes you think we did anything wrong...
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rewriting history || k.bakugo x m!reader || by save_the_arctic
rewriting history || k.bakugo x 𝐣𝐚𝐱𝐬𝐨𝐧
the rewritten version of the other kirishima! *oh hold for the time being* started: may 12th, 2020
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Beetlejuice: High school AU by DajiSketch
Beetlejuice: High school AUby DajiSketch
Humans and the residents of the nether world have learned to coexist. At least in the sense that there is a dimensional line dividing them that is never to be crossed. I...
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Cloud Nine by Hearth4days
Cloud Nineby Hearth4days
Kurogiri was designed from the beginning to take care of people. Tomura Shigaraki specifically. But how will he handle taking care of eight people in desperate need of e...
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New Vellarton #1- Cross the Kingdom by starrfast
New Vellarton #1- Cross the Kingdomby Starfast
Crispin is a pirate, trying to seek approval from his father. Kit is the Crown prince of Toltova, preparing for the day where he'll rule as King. Siblings Caleb and Ev...
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Cirque de Délit by ZephyrusRising
Cirque de Délitby ZephyrusRising
Two heirs to a circus empire. A magician running from his past. An acrobat who just wants peace, and his sister who is hiding a dangerous secret. A wheelchair-bound mec...
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The Pixies of Aspana: Book 1 by Lauriee-Angel
The Pixies of Aspana: Book 1by Laur ♡
A group of pixies, with an unknown land spread out before them. An already quiet pixie, Riven, drinks water from a crystalline pool the group had never seen before, and...
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Car Thieves [complete] by EveryNextDream
Car Thieves [complete]by Tanya
In the world of the immune, survival is taken, not given. The year 2027. Edinburgh, Scotland. Disease has swept a deadly path through society. A nightlife mogul with a v...
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Mind Over Matter  by themiswhite
Mind Over Matter by THEMIS ☀︎
❝Yes, I have a duck on my shoulder. No, I don't have a quirk so I couldn't have possibly done that to you. And yes, you're probably going to die. Want a cookie?❞ NOT EDI...
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