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The Forgotten ✯ Kai Parker {1} by ashleylon
The Forgotten ✯ Kai Parker {1}by Ashley
{Book 1} Cassidy Gilbert and Damon Salvatore were no more than a second too late to return from the other side in the midst of its collapse, dooming them to a tragic d...
Hollow Crown ↬ Daenerys Targaryen by moulrose
Hollow Crown ↬ Daenerys Targaryenby Kenobi-Skywalker
"I, Percival Lannister," her breath hitches in her throat, face slacking as she realises what he's doing, "hereby pledge to you, Daenerys Stormborn of Hou...
Broken ~A Hermitcraft Fanfic~ by ReeeeeeeMeow
Broken ~A Hermitcraft Fanfic~by Hxpper
Grian is just a normal hermitcraft guy. He goes around pranking people and having fun, always with a good personality. But then something joins the server, determined to...
Ninjago and Ninjago Movie Crossover by Nomie132
Ninjago and Ninjago Movie Crossoverby °•☆Naomi☆•°
(A/N: Slowly editing) [Written: 2018 - 2021] After making peace with the former evil tyrant known as Lord Garmadon, Lloyd and the rest of the Secret Ninja Force have had...
Calming The Beast by Lone-wolf-fanfics
Calming The Beastby Lone-wolf-fanfics
Once Upon A Time....Logan and Bruce were very much in love. So very much in love that when he had his 'accident' Logan's heart shattered into a million tiny pieces. Loga...
The Remembered ✯ Enzo St. John {2} by ashleylon
The Remembered ✯ Enzo St. John {2}by Ashley
{Book 2} Damon Salvatore killed the only boy Cassidy Gilbert has ever loved, and her sister is in a coma-state until one of her closest friends dies. Cassidy's life isn...
The Girl Who Never Cries (Negan x Reader) by queenvidal-
The Girl Who Never Cries (Negan queenvidal-
When your group got introduced to Lucille, you did not shed a single tear, earning yourself a nickname and peaking Negan's interest. Later, when the Saviors come for the...
Unsure days apart (Mystreet season 7) by LakshyaGupta316
Unsure days apart (Mystreet Lakshya_Gupta
Aaron's blind and his memories are gone Lucinda doesn't have magic and Zane can't say people's names, while Aphmau is grieving over losing her fiancé while her friends a...
Klance COMICS!! by PhantasticAlly606
Klance COMICS!!by Ally
Keith X Lance, the most loved and hated ship from Voltron (don't see why you'd hate it). Staring our favourite emo, mulleted, gay child Keith, and our cool, ninja, sharp...
War of Hearts³ ─ (the 100) by salemshouse
War of Hearts³ ─ (the 100)by 𝐬𝐚𝐛𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐚
( 𝐖𝐀𝐑 𝐎𝐅 𝐇𝐄𝐀𝐑𝐓𝐒 ) the fire still burns ©salemshouse bellamy blake
Red vs Blue Season 7: Male Oc by xSpartanLeox
Red vs Blue Season 7: Male Ocby SpartanLeo
RvB Season 7, As the Reds and Blues get comfortable in their new bases. They reunite with old friends, while also meeting some new ones. The OC Leo is Owned by Me. Red v...
new Love by Whiteflash1
new Loveby whiteflash1
barry is married to Iris but not for long since the split of Caitlin and Frost Barry saw new light in Frost and after she hugged him before she left to turn herself in...
Let Me Down Slowly Δ SPN [ 2 ] by maybankwalker
Let Me Down Slowly Δ SPN [ 2 ]by maybankwalker
[ supernatural -- seasons 6-11 ] Evie Winchester Series: Lovely Let me Down Slowly Beginning of the End I DO NOT own Supernatural, any of the show's characters, or story...
Hermitcraft Fuckshots by youre-Ghosted
Hermitcraft Fuckshotsby youre-Ghosted
This will be in a story like way but at the same times just small oneshots. Just like they will all tie in together some way or another. But you don't have to read every...
Fire, Water, and Time by SGDragon
Fire, Water, and Timeby SGDragon
What if the krux took the whole family. It would make sense, once Ray and Maya where useless there children took there place... until Krux found out how useful they can...
Fly With You - TNS Season 7 by writingandwishes
Fly With You - TNS Season 7by writingandwishes
When Lena arrives at The Next Step, she's more than ready to make her dream team, and go forwards to Nationals, one of the biggest dance competitions of the year. But th...
A new destiny by MirkoMilazzo2
A new destinyby Mirko Milazzo
During the trip to Kings Landing in Season 7, Jon Snow has a vision which shows him what will happen to both him and Daenerys in the immediate future. Will Jon be able t...
Meeting Her (G.O.T.) by witteke21
Meeting Her (G.O.T.)by Joy
Daenerys meets a stranger and her whole life is turned upside down as the past unravels it's mysteries. Daenerys/female OC
Hell or high water by BankOfBullshit
Hell or high waterby R.P.S
Piper Chapman is an CIA special agent on a mission to infiltrate a drug cartel through one of its best importers that being Alex Vause. The agency suspects that Kubra Ba...
Take me away by skittle724
Take me awayby Skittle724<3
If earth didn't know they where here; neither would the galra. It was a safe way. The paladins return to earth cautious of the ways their home planet has become, deser...