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Forbidden Lovers by BaguetteManOfficial
Forbidden Loversby BaguetteManOfficial
Kamala Khan is Jersey City's favorite superhero. The young girl also happens to belong to a religious Muslim family. (Y/n) (l/n) is not a hero. (y/n) is from a small su...
X-Men: Genesis by BaguetteManOfficial
X-Men: Genesisby BaguetteManOfficial
#1 in Judaism as of June 3rd, 2023 #1 in Polaris as of June 10th, 2023 ------------------------------ The X-Men are gone. Nobody knows what happened to them but it's be...
Unapologetically Muslim by velvet-red
Unapologetically Muslimby مريم عمران
Why do I choose to be a Muslim? Why do I believe in Islam? All the answers you need can be found in this book!
Hebrew Text by DOAuthor
Hebrew Textby D.O. Author
What are these texts? The original bible texts? What do they say? What's the difference? You'll find out reading this book...
RAGE by galaqtic
RAGEby maddie
Violet Bryne is a young, jewish girl from America. The jewish part is important later on. She goes to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She gets sorted into sl...
Stone of Fire: An ARKANE Thriller (Book 1) by JoannaPenn
Stone of Fire: An ARKANE Thriller...by J.F.Penn
A power kept secret for 2000 years. A woman who stands to lose everything. India. When a nun is burned alive on the sacred ghats of Varanasi, and the stone she carried i...
le-olam va-ed by sophieanna
le-olam va-edby c h e r
❝Le-olam va-ed. Forever and ever. You promised, Ben. And then you broke your promise. I guess I’m writing you these letters just to try and figure out for myself where i...
Jewish Fairy Tales and Legends by Gertrude Landa by strawberrycheese08
Jewish Fairy Tales and Legends by...by strawberrycheese08
Disclaimer: All rights belong to Gertrude Landa. I don't own anything.
Religion or Reality by NikolaiNobadi
Religion or Realityby Nobadi
Religions claim to hold the secrets of the universe as well as the details of its origin, but there's a problem: each religion has a different story, and there are quite...
Something More :: the story of Xerxes and Esther retold by jadagoldpoint
Something More :: the story of Xer...by jada goldpoint
Inspired by the biblical story of a Jewish orphan chosen queen in the midst of her people's persecution, Esther's coming to the throne and Xerxes' choosing her is told i...
Jew men and Muslim woman ?: would that be possible ? by SebastianGonzalezCor
Jew men and Muslim woman ?: would...by Sebastian Gonzalez Cortes
Met Asher he's a Jew soldier, he's the best shayetet 13 of the whole country and he was awarded because he has win lots of Palestinian towns to Israel but his life will...
The Star of David by TheKingOAwesome
The Star of Davidby TheKingO'Awesome
At the precipitous onset of June 6, 1944, there lies the souls of the 52nd Infantry Battalion of the U.S. Army. Pondering their soon-to-be, sure-to-be gruesome deaths at...
Jewish Jokes: Tickling Funny Bones or Crossing Antisemitism? by PennyWordsmith
Jewish Jokes: Tickling Funny Bones...by PennyWordsmith
There's a fine line between what's funny and what's offensive. Here is my attempt to draw that line.
TORAH/תורה by JewishYouth
TORAH/תורהby Jewish Youth
Commented and expanded Jewish Torah in Hebrew with English translation. The Holy Torah, the 5 books of Moshe.
Concerning Christian Books by Stahlist
Concerning Christian Booksby Benjamin Stahl
This book will primarily be a collection of very short reviews of Christian books taken from my Goodreads page, and also several reflections on Christian subjects. For a...
Son of Blood and Malice by Ellieastic
Son of Blood and Maliceby Elektra
The fates are spinning their webs. The gods are moving restlessly in their heavenly prison above. The tides are turning, war is coming closer. It's time for the childre...
Judaism by RocknRockyoldacc
Judaismby Rocky Huez
What do Jews believe? What makes Judaism different than other religions? The questions this book will answer ... How do I start practicing Judaism? Are the rumors about...