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Fix me. by Ameerahtourh
Fix me.by Amira_writes!
Latif is a full time bad boy,he was a good boy but his life changed after he lost his dad.. Ablah is a very good muslimah,she is very calm and loving.. "Why don't y...
Life is beautiful (A muslim story ) by Dr_Sydreh
Life is beautiful (A muslim story )by Sidra Uwais
Life is not about what we want.Life is what HE gives.And when something comes from Allah, how can it not be beautiful? A story inked with love and heartwarming emotions...
Together Forever by FatimaO111
Together Foreverby ﷽
-- We hear many times of couples meeting, spending time together, getting to know one another before getting married and having their happily ever after. How often, tho...
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Hurting Inside ✔︎ by lilactxe
Hurting Inside ✔︎by lilactxe
she wasn't screaming for that moment, she was screaming for all the times she was beat and couldn't make a sound. • • • her face becomes pale and her hands automaticall...
The Circle Of The Qur'an #2[The Arkaan Series|Book One] by Attaruwa
The Circle Of The Qur'an #2[The Ar...by محمد ابن ابراهيم
THE CIRCLE OF THE QUR'AN (#2) "In a world of genius scholars and ascetic saints, of sinners and sorcerers, a world of scheming leaders and kingdoms in turmoil, and...
The Three Struggling Muslimahs by Salmitta97
The Three Struggling Muslimahsby Salma Shaaban Yusuf
This is a story about three Muslim girls who always tried to keep everything they did halaal. Khawla, Rayhanah and Nusaiba strived day in day out to lower their gaze, av...
Are We Okay?? by Mxslxmxh
Are We Okay??by Muslimah
Aminat Rahman's arrival one night may turn to be her last night alone as comes home to find not one but three unfamilar faces in her living room. She is faced with a que...
The Fitnah of Islamic Stories by TheStraightPath
The Fitnah of Islamic Storiesby WalkingToJannah
Do not let your book be a reason for Allah to be upset with you. The fundamental issue of the growing library of Islamic books on Wattpad is the spiritual accuracy of t...
Broken To Become Stronger  by GardenOfReflections
Broken To Become Stronger by GardenOfReflections
In a small town there lived a girl with high hopes and great expectations.Who refused to give in to the traditions thriving in her town.Who denied to be defined by how o...
Set Me Free - The Adhaan (Book I in the SMF Series) UNDERGOING MAJOR EDITING by SunshineAreej
Set Me Free - The Adhaan (Book I i...by Areej 🇵🇸🕌❤️
NOT A JINN STORY *** Most impressive rankings: #1 in Qur'an out of 530 stories #6 in Peace out of 4.28K stories #51 in Spiritual out of 9.58K stories (22nd August, 2018)...
Mori senpai  x shy reader  by ole_2456
Mori senpai x shy reader by Cookies34
First off all I want to say, for this story you will be wearing glasses so yeah, I hope you don't mind that (this is manly because I think glasses are so cute and it fit...
Loving Junaid (Editing) by yhu_so_shy
Loving Junaid (Editing)by Azeezah_Muhammad
Inayat a 300 level student of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, is a striving muslimah who is trying her very best to hold unto her deen but later falls in love with her ve...
Because We Were Meant To Be ✔ COMPLETED  by _EnchantedBeliever_
Because We Were Meant To Be ✔ COMP...by Baburao Ganpatrao Apte
A platonic relationship or a love story? Ayesha Hussain, a young girl from a small town, has small yet big dreams, wants to complete her studies and settle down in life...
Quiz one | ✎ by with_ba
Quiz one | ✎by بنت عبد النور
『O P E N』 ❝Seeking knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim.❞ Quiz time! Anyone wants to participate in a Qur'an based Quiz? You have come to the right place!
The Imperials by Dilaras_Destiny
The Imperialsby Shining Pearls
In a near distant future, eighteen year old twins Musa and Harun are living with their family in a happy ever after fantasy. However, everything collapses when a strange...
I Am A Muslim: Islamic Reminders  by hiba_nina
I Am A Muslim: Islamic Reminders by hiba nina
Wallahi there is good and bad in everything and everyone. If you look hard enough you can see that. You just need to search for it. And soon you will realise the beauty...
Did you know? (Inspirational Islamic Stories) by syedafatima001
Did you know? (Inspirational Islam...by syedafatima001
(((A Wattpad Featured Book))) Best ranked #1 Hadith, prophetmuhammad, Ramzan, Did you know, motivating, etc #2 Quran, #3 Google Alhumdullilah! Since days, I was thinking...
My Dua book by Dr_Sydreh
My Dua bookby Sidra Uwais
Dua is an invisible weapon of a believer. Its an amazing exchange. You hand over your worries to God and he hands over his blessings to you! No dua ever gets unanswered...
Interview with a Muslim Jinn (Completed) by HisanaShajahan
Interview with a Muslim Jinn (Comp...by hisuza small artist
this is the true story i am writing here as always i do . This is the interviw with a Muslim jinn . Their are many things we have to know about Allahs creation so here...
Quran Kalam by naedyzulkafli
Quran Kalamby Dhia
Islamic reminders to fix the hearts of people ❤ Let's be a better Muslim ! Source: Instagram @quransayings www.instagram.com/ quransayings/? hl=en