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somnium by titanically-
somniumby Mic
For what seems to him to be forever, he's been the personification of human fears. Every day is the same; he paints their fears according to the things that scare them t...
Hetalia x Philippines  by RizalovesSweets
Hetalia x Philippines by RizalovesSweets
Join my ¡OC! Maria Clara Reyes on her meetings, moments,and adventures! This is just a bunch of short stories and there is no specifical ship in this fanfiction but the...
States, States, and more States! by BarusuIsBestBoi
States, States, and more States!by ImmaSleep
Just the awesome and beautiful states of my awesome country!
Please Don't Hate Me by FrUK_lover
Please Don't Hate Meby Arthur Kirkland
Everyone has somebody. Everyone has a hero. Everyone has hope. Everyone has joy. Everyone has good memories. Right? Well, everyone except one.
The Little Dementor | Harry Potter by ririhepburnette
The Little Dementor | Harry Potterby ˗ˏˋririˎˊ˗
A Demetor is nothing but a creature that feeds on happiness and souls. Just like a mosquito that feeds on blood to live. [Not your typical Harry Potter fanfiction] © 201...
To Play With Words by caffeineahoelic
To Play With Wordsby Carmel S.
My mind's favorite hobby and my heart's favority remedy. [This is a collection of poems written to express emotions, to twist reality's truth, and distort a perfectly si...
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The Meanings of Life by AyeshaMohanut
The Meanings of Lifeby Ayesha Mohanut
Poetry about life, empathetically realistic to situations we usually face in our life. Words here does not rhyme together just as life is unpredictable. Life does not al...
Where the Flowers Bloom Unwatered by ShanitaG
Where the Flowers Bloom Unwateredby ShanitaG
A collection of poems written throughout several stages in life, journeying through the human condition through the lens of black girlhood and black womanhood.
The Planets by willatree2
The Planetsby Amanda
Dancing Around the golden one are eight planets all the same. Each with a distinct personality bringing light past their own name. -Willatree2
Son of the Legend by 8Cyber8
Son of the Legendby Ya Boi Cyber
A boy takes up his father's legacy, as the man who created new life once again...
Thoughts and Poems are the Same Thing by GoGreenEv
Thoughts and Poems are the Same Ev Paige
An ever growing collection of poems (thoughts) about everyday life and the world around us.
Desolation Separation  by areasontofly
Desolation Separation by Ace
COVER ART CREDIT: not-the-fortunate-ones on tumblr! Content Warning...
Palindrome: A Poetry Collection by Nightfest
Palindrome: A Poetry Collectionby Nightfest
This collection explores the waning of platonic love and the nostalgia of missing someone who wasn't good for you; the idea of missing someone without wanting them back...
If the Months Were People by KrumblyDragon
If the Months Were Peopleby Lizzie
This is just a little short story type thing I did. It's about the cycling of the months if they were people. Random. Very random. But I hope you enjoy it! :)
Thoughts Of An Overthinker by RoshanKuttayi
Thoughts Of An Overthinkerby Roshan Kuttayi
Some thoughts should be written ..
Tiger and Goat by BeatrixLowe
Tiger and Goatby Beatrix Lowe
A tiger meets a goat and, due to some misunderstandings, decides not to eat him...yet. The unlikely pair embarks on an adventure about trust and promises, forging a bond...
A Grain of Sand by karitorusenpai
A Grain of Sandby no
"The soft sloshes made by the liquid become stabs, filling me with anguish." "Will I ever reach dry land? What's the point of being here?" This onesh...