Pavo by bellatuscana
Pavoby bellatuscana
A story told through a collection of personal internet writings about letting go of labels brought about by psychiatric diagnosis, finding your strength as a woman ravag...
  • narcissism
  • prose
  • psychology
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Author's Note by CAKersey
Author's Noteby Carl-Andrew Kersey
This is for when I do a thing.
  • cinderella
  • lgbt
  • theatre
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The beginning of the end. #PlanetOrPlastic by ttthemixedtape
The beginning of the end. @chacharapppp
This is my first entry for nat geo's #PlanetOrPlastic writing contest.
  • writing
  • humankind
  • natgeo
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Anguish  by sadllamathought
Anguish by nagajuseyo
Contains sad poems, sad quotes, sad topics and love topics as well.✔✔ Warning: You will experience sadness. Read at your own risk❌
  • sadstory
  • dark
  • teen
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ေဆး by mgpain
ေဆးby 칼(M G P A I N)
(ယုတၱိမရွိ တဲ့ ေဆးကုျခင္းမ်ား)
  • essay
  • poem
စစ္​ၿငိမ္​း က​ဗ်ာႏ​ွင္​့အက္​​ေဆး by MayHtet1789
စစ္​ၿငိမ္​း က​ဗ်ာႏ​ွင္​့အက္​​ေဆးby Byeol-614
ခ်စ္​​ေသာ........Emily! ဘဝတစ္​ပါးမွ ရပ္​တန္​႔​ေငး​ေမာ​ေန​ေသာ.....! ​ေႂကြလြင္​့ထိ႐ွမိ​ေသာ စာသားမ်ားအား ျပန္​တင္​သည္​။
  • essay
  • poem
How to Write a Good Fanfic by yemihikari
How to Write a Good Fanficby Yemi Hikari
The journey to become a better writer is not an easy one, but it is a journey well worth the task. This is even so for writers who work with fanfiction.
  • essay
  • howtowritebetter
  • howtowritefanfic
Geno Radio by GenoSizz
Geno Radioby GenoA
Broadcasting directly from my mind and heart... My feeling, My life, My memory.....
  • feelings
  • memories
  • essay
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Tidbits by SheWhoLovesPineapple
Tidbitsby SheWhoLovesPineapple
Short works, school assignments, and freewrites that don't deserve to be their own book. I've ordered them from best to worst. This collection is also published on ficti...
  • college
  • flashfiction
  • autobiographical
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(( BRALLON )) ❛has anyone else done that shitty essay?❜ ❛it's 2:54 in the morning. why the fuck are you asking about homework due in next week?❜ ❛why the fuck are you up...
  • dallonweekes
  • âu
  • essay
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The Right to Be Human: The Purpose Behind Human Rights by RubixCube89201
The Right to Be Human: The Rubix
Rights and responsibilities is the 2014 theme of National History Day Contest, a broad topic. And I chose to write a just as broad topic of human rights. What are human...
  • rights
  • human
  • contest
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Bliss by iridescentpeach
Blissby •nandika•
This is a book containing my personal opinions on politics, ethical dilemmas, and more light-hearted topics such as celebrities and food. And also memes. Feel free to a...
  • political
  • guncontrol
  • prochoice
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On the Wings of Hope: Early Prose by prokhor_ozornin
On the Wings of Hope: Early Proseby Prokhor Ozornin
This book is about a hope and a faith, To help you achieve your spiritual grace, The food for a mind and the joy for a soul, Your wisdom is our reward and a goal. Early...
  • essay
  • prose
  • story
Descriptive writing help by judyjune234
Descriptive writing helpby Libby
This small book should help you doing descriptive writing many sentences or sentence openers to help you with your exams or in class or even writing your own book, this...
  • homework
  • descriptive
  • seasons
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Mula sa Puso at Isipan by kimberly785
Mula sa Puso at Isipanby ♕ⓔⓜⓟⓡⓔⓢⓢ♕
Monologo ( monologue) , skript , tula (poem), dula (roleplay) ,essay (salaysay) at munting storiya (story) A collection of my works /creations specially the ones i made...
  • dula
  • tula
  • pagibig
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comfort in the panic  by xcatchingmoonlightx
comfort in the panic by megan 💙✨
a collection of original, unordered prose, short stories and essays. a collection of my good feelings. status: ongoing 06/04/2018 -> ?
  • relationships
  • shortstory
  • wattys2018
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Why "The Taming Of The Shrew" Is A Tragedy by CosmicAeon
Why "The Taming Of The Shrew" Is CosmicAeon
In which the author explains why, exactly, William Shakespeare's "Taming of the Shrew" is not a comedy and is, in fact, a tragedy that openly displays domestic...
  • abuse
  • domesticabuse
  • tamingoftheshrew
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မင္းမသိတဲ့ကမၻာ  by Andrea_Park_6195
မင္းမသိတဲ့ကမၻာ by Andrea
အက္ေဆးပုံစံေတြဆို ႀကိဳက္တယ္လို႔ေျပာဖူးတဲ့.. Yolandaအတြက္...
  • junxing
  • fanfiction
  • essay
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Romeo and Juliet essays by step2014up
Romeo and Juliet essaysby step2014up
These are a series of essays on Romeo and Juliet that I have written and been scored for. They will be updated each week and are not being put on here to be copied, but...
  • romeo
  • capulet
  • romance
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Random Writings 101 by FortuneInDisguise
Random Writings 101by H O P E
Writing is my bestfriend.
  • random
  • essay
  • yourstruly
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