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Star Crossed Enemies by mortaldarkangel
Star Crossed Enemiesby April Mendez
*Highest Ranking: #1 in Historical Fiction!* Mark is a proud soldier. A soldier in the Nazi Army but, nevertheless, he knows he was born to fight for his country. The...
  • worldwarii
  • wwii
  • jewish-holocaust
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Star Crossed Journey by mortaldarkangel
Star Crossed Journeyby April Mendez
Sequel to Star Crossed Enemies. Tentative title and cover that may change in the future. More information soon.
  • historical
  • hiding
  • german
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Queen of Persia by preciious-diamondz
Queen of Persiaby preciious-diamondz
A real-life romance about faith, hope and love that happened over 2000 years ago. Based on the biblical account of Esther, a young Jewish orphan chooses to go against ye...
  • jealous
  • beauty
  • bed
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The Holocaust  by itscottomyo
The Holocaust by ¢нℓσє
Zeke Fränk taken from his home and stripped of his family, but not his friends can he and his buddies (and girlfriend) escape Aucshwitz? Hi, I'm Zeke this is the story...
  • 1stbook
  • ww2
  • hitler
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Ben Shapiro my hero by Pastel_bunny101
Ben Shapiro my heroby Pastel_bunny101
You were abused by your lesbian father and your gay mom puts you up for adoption there after 5 years you meet your new father Ben Shapiro who saved you from your abusive...
  • daddy
  • illegal
  • memes
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Chasing Colours by SmexyLermaniac
Chasing Coloursby Sasha
"Mein Kampf. My struggle. It is different for everyone, is it not? I just didn't want to see the world from someone else's point of view. I have my own story, so do...
  • author
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  • hitler
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Jacob's Story (Holocaust) by Real_AllAboutFnaf
Jacob's Story (Holocaust)by L J
Jacob Metzger is a normal 16 year old boy living on a farm with his mother, father, brothers, and sisters in 1944. Jacob's life is like a routine; a routine that's just...
  • teen
  • jews
  • holocaust
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Night of the Forgotten by kelsikrazy
Night of the Forgottenby Kelsi Scogland
Jewish girl Ida has no memories of when she was little. She lives in a village and runs a bakery, the only thing she remembers what to do and loves. She is taken by nazi...
  • jew
  • jewish
  • adventure
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The Boy in Turquoise (Torm x Medd) by F1teM3
The Boy in Turquoise (Torm x Medd)by Johny Shark-
((Cover Art Not Mine!!)) Torm's life was pretty good. He was in a great school, he was pretty rich, and he has a best friend named Patricia. One normal day, after he ge...
  • triggerwarning
  • jews
  • ewmatt
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le-olam va-ed by sophieanna
le-olam va-edby c h e r
❝Le-olam va-ed. Forever and ever. You promised, Ben. And then you broke your promise. I guess I’m writing you these letters just to try and figure out for myself where i...
  • cute
  • judaism
  • letters
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Not All Germans are Nazis by JENfaerl
Not All Germans are Nazisby JENfaerl
Himmler's 15 year old Daughter, Lurette, hates everything her father does. She secretly spies on her father's meetings to gain information that can help her save the Jew...
  • justwriteit
  • nazi
  • love
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Hitler x reader oneshots by Thespiciesmemes
Hitler x reader oneshotsby CrispyLunch
This is a story about Hitler and you falling in love and creating memories, whether they be in the bedroom or the chambers.
  • jews
  • erotic
  • aryan
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Who Knew It Was This Hard Being A Jew?! by oOReadersRuleOo
Who Knew It Was This Hard Being Percabeth
If you want to know how Jews really feel deep down, this is the book for you. I am not trying to degrade the religion of Judism but this some times happen to me. If you...
  • ilove
  • judism
  • donutsorpineapples
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As Long As You Love Me by aminaandzaina
As Long As You Love Meby Amina and Zaina
Book #2 of the Song Series As Long As You Love Me ~ Justin Bieber ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "As long as you love me, we...
  • songseries
  • arabelle
  • equality
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Jokes by AngelFarkas
Jokesby AngelFarkas
All different types of jokes, sorry not sorry if some offend you. I own non. non of these are about me or my family. Thank you.
  • bar
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  • newb
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The light to your soul ( Quotes) by x-Fearless-Queen-x
The light to your soul ( Quotes)by لبيك يا حسين ❤️
" What you do when you are alone is the person you truly are" alone _ imam Ali The Holy Prophet [s] advised: "When making a decision to do something, thi...
  • christians
  • qoutes
  • islam
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Hitler's Baby (Mpreg and Gay) (Hitler x Reader) by agirlyotaku
Hitler's Baby (Mpreg and Gay) ( ♡ Amore ♡
Hitler's big dick broke through the condom and *bam* now you are a pregnant man.
  • jewfetus
  • masterrace
  • hitler
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The Boys On Birch Street  by KailynKms
The Boys On Birch Street by Kai
In the year 1960, a young black girl moves into a Jewish neighborhood where she meets three boys, who quickly become her close friends.
  • amandlastenberg
  • comedy
  • 1960s
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Tomorrow Will Be Kinder. by ficklehearts
Tomorrow Will Be monique & meli
In a small, quaint town near the south of Germany, lives Libby; full name Lisbeth Bonevie, with her mother, father and older brother, Matthieu. Libby is a normal 17 year...
  • jew
  • hitler
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The Holocaust by MiracleCrown
The Holocaustby K. L. Moffate
The Holocaust was the mass-murder of about 6 million Jews during World War 2 (1941-44.) This mass murder was most prominently carried out by concentration, death, and la...
  • hitler
  • pain
  • miraclecrown
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