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sick freak(Jinkook) by 98heyaya
sick freak(Jinkook)by heya_lim
where Jin is a respected police officer and Jungkook is a sick freak who commits crime to gain Jin's attention.
The Truth Untold // taejinkook by taejinkookie_
The Truth Untold // taejinkookby ~
In which Taehyung cheats on Jin who cheats with Jungkook.
THE HATE YOU GIVE (Kookjin) by Leahs_archive
THE HATE YOU GIVE (Kookjin)by 2024
A one night stand with a drunken stranger led to Seokjin getting pregnant for a Jeon, one of the wealthiest and most elite family of Seoul. But after the unfortunate d...
The 2nd Option || taejinkook by Cookie_Monsterlol
The 2nd Option || taejinkookby Wᴏʀʟᴅ_Wɪᴅᴇ_𝓙𝓲𝓷
You're fighting me off like a firefighter So tell me why you still get burned You say you're not, but you're still a liar 'Cause I'm the one that you run to first... Hur...
Jungkook In Trouble  by hobiholyknight7
Jungkook In Trouble by Jo
Three years. That's the age of Jungkook's marriage with an unknown man. It was an arranged marriage and he never agree to that arrangement. He run away on the wedding da...
Oof ! Stupid alpha. by AryaNawal1
Oof ! Stupid alpha.by A₹¥@
"Everyone hates me even my dad I don't wanna be a omega I hate myself". "I hate you you're not my brother anymore". "Don't cry everything will b...
Start or Finished  by _Ephemeral_Dream
Start or Finished by _Ephemeral_Dream
Jungkook, a famous actor meets Jimin, a rising actor. Jimin who knows how famous Jungkook is take this opportunity to become famous by seducing him. Taehyung, Jimin's se...
My new Secretary | jinkook ✔️ by JFDbubble
My new Secretary | jinkook ✔️by JFDbubble
(Rewritten) Short story. Hope it's not too boring or too predictable. Jungkook is the boss and Jin his secretary.
You Will Never Be Mine  || jinkook || by yoonjinkook
You Will Never Be Mine || jinkook...by Yeokshinira
Jeon Jungkook is stucked with no option but to marry Kim Seokjin, his parents' choice. Destined with a stranger who took his freedom's out, Jeon Jungkook rebels and Kim...
I FOUND A BOY/JINKOOKby That one girl
I waited for him for my entire life,I can,t even think of someone who is not him. I never told you to wait for me. It,s already decided you have to marry him. This marr...
The Holiday Arrangement | JinKook by kpfics
The Holiday Arrangement | JinKookby Victoria
"What if I went home with you... as your fiancé?" After his twin brother's wedding, Jin feels pressured to bring someone home for Christmas. To get his parents...
BURDEN ✔ by golden_breeze
BURDEN ✔by 레진다리 (HIATUS)
[COMPLETED] Jin x BTS All of the members knew that there's something wrong with their oldest hyung, but they didn't know what. Thinking that their oldest hyung is just t...
MIKROKOSMOS // jinkook by taejinkookie_
MIKROKOSMOS // jinkookby ~
in which kim seokjin is desperately searching for the father of his child who's in the verge of life and death.
The wedding Planner  🎩  by NeWbieeee993
The wedding Planner 🎩 by NeWbieeee993
Where Jin is the event manager of Jungkook'sbrothers wedding and things didn't start well from the beginning Jin hates jungkook the know it all and JK thinks Jin is ju...
MY TIME || jinkook || by jin-ggles
MY TIME || jinkook ||by 𝘣𝘢𝘯𝘨 𝘱𝘥 𝘸𝘪𝘧𝘦 ⁷
Im too lazy to write it now Started; 04.21.20 Ended; 06.08.20 highest rank; #2 in jinkook #1 in taejin
Lost Memories Of You~Jinkook ✅ by Enkai_Umino
Lost Memories Of You~Jinkook ✅by Enkai Umino-Hatake
When Jungkook is involved in a car accident, some tests are done and they find out he has lost some of his memory, though he remembers being in BTS but there is one memb...
in between  by sensitivebangtan
in between by taehyung's hoe
Jungkook's dad surprises his son with a concert ticket for Kim Seokjin's tour stop in Seoul. The younger looks forward to finally enjoying his favourite idol perform li...
prince's affection [TAEGI]  ✔️ by stella_yoongles
prince's affection [TAEGI] ✔️by stella 🤍
"I hate the king,"growled the man,"and I hate anyone with royal blood in them." "oh,that's bad. Because I've came to like you very much." ...
It's not complicated  by JessieJoy086
It's not complicated by Jessie Joy
Bl, romance, comedy and little tragedy, bts characters, Jinkook Start : 14 May 2021 End : 25 May 2021 #1- Jinkook 31 May 2021 #1- Kookjin 21 Jan 2022
They Can't Love Me Like You ❤️ by this_is_be11e
They Can't Love Me Like You ❤️by ♌
အချစ်ဆိုတာ အရမ်းအနေနီးလွန်းရင် မမြင်တတ်ကြဘူးလေ ... အ့တာလေးကို အခြေခံပီး ရေးထားတာပါ... လိုအပ်ချက်တွေကတော့ ရှိနေဆဲမို့ အဆင်မပြေတာလေးတွေ ထောက်ပြ ဝေဖန်ပေးကြဦးခဗျာ ...