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Breaking the bad boy by ThiccManTheSavior
Breaking the bad boyby GaryTheChristianSnail
An arrogant, chauvanist prince climbs up a lonely tower by the hair of a maiden, only to find a dominatrix witch. She informs him that his action has broken the truce b...
Mine by darkfantasywriter
Mineby darkfantasywriter
That one innocent girl you fell in love with, that one pretty girl who neglected you, that one amazing girl that grabs everyone's attention. That one euphoric girl who b...
Sold by My5t3ry1nc
Soldby My5t3ry1nc
Daddy's Baby Girl by ThePornPoets
Daddy's Baby Girlby Rc_Gevin_TJ
*Ally blushed and turned back to the mirror, still covering herself. Ted slowly walked up behind her, wrapping his arms around her naked waist. Ally pushes his hand away...
The Video That Changed My Life by thenerdyconvoy
The Video That Changed My Lifeby Just a Fool
Y/n finds herself hypnotized and controlled by her "friend", Jacob. It starts out as just sex, but maybe it might blossom into something else.
Cheater Wedgie Slave by quietwriter1686
Cheater Wedgie Slaveby quietwriter1686
Emily and Jordan had been dating for 4 years, but Emily soon received word that Jordan was cheating. She was heartbroken and wanted payback.
Hanya rekaan semata2 ya. Tiada kaitan yang hidup atau pun yang meninggal dunia
The Phone Call by RemyMcGlashan
The Phone Callby Remy McGlashan
Rosie gets punished for saying her boyfriend isn't kinky enough (pure smut)
Daddy's good girl by kulturedkid
Daddy's good girlby bay.bee🖤✨
these are kinda just my thought when i'm horny put into a story 😭
Luscious by mypleasingmemories
Lusciousby Frances Turner
Stripper x Mafia Boss - - - When Luscious showed up to work, she didn't expect for the strip club to be gunned down and new management to take over, but that was exactl...
Hidden & Nationalistic: Swinging Into Debt by Bettercallthisidiot
Hidden & Nationalistic: Swinging Bettercallthisidiot
Finishing the existence of Poland, Janusz Korwin-Mikke and Brad Pitt for the second time, Zdenko Kotromanić returned home and became a father multiple times, with anothe...
Queen Slave (Aashvi Kaur) by daffamelton
Queen Slave (Aashvi Kaur)by Melton
This is about how a boy ended his life as a loser only by one situation changes his life by a ruthless girl Aashvi kaur starting from study life to till the end of his l...
Devilish smirk by jxane8
Devilish smirkby jane
This story is written mainly for people with vagina, so if you don't have that..your enjoyment probably won't be that satisfying. But now, for all Ghost B. C. fans (wit...
(DISCONTINUED)♡ short nsfw stories ♡ by _dexxiii_
(DISCONTINUED)♡ short nsfw dex
DISCONTINUED!!!!!!! ⚠⚠(some do not include safewords and things like that i apologize for that. some aren't grammatically correct either since half of these were written...
Kai anderson imagines by Bitchynicexox
Kai anderson imaginesby Bitchynicexox
kai anderson imagines, a lot of smut heheheh❤️
Dominator Blazing Through [Honkai Star Rail x Male Reader x Honkai Impact] by Flase_King
Dominator Blazing Through [ Ciel Sakurajima
[HSR x HI w/ M!Reader] {{PLEASE READ THE DESC}} "Captain on the bridge." A familiar mechanical voice sounded as a man steps out of a barely working automatic...
The Wild Hunt (Downworlder Series, #1) by TeaHouseQueens
The Wild Hunt (Downworlder Tea Queens
Book One of the Downworlder Series ~~~~~~~~~~~ Do you know what it feels like to have your current reality torn from your grasp and a new one shoved in its plac...
My Innocent Wife  by Ishqbaaz_01
My Innocent Wife by Ishqbaaz_01
Tej Singh Oberoi the head of family who only wants "HEIR" It's custom of Oberoi's that on sixteenth birthday of son they are suppose to marry girl that's two...
Our Blood Link ( a Vampire Novel ) by YOLOwriting101
Our Blood Link ( a Vampire Novel )by ♡̸ʎol◞
Owen Cleary is a new student who's family is newly stationed in Texas. Moving to a new place, he has become accustomed to dealing with new situations at any abrupt time...
Crimson Romance  by Dilkush_love
Crimson Romance by Dilkush_love
collection of short stories Love is something which is felt by heart. Love doesn't see colour , height , status . It is something which gives us a meaning to our life.