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Daddy ♡-- Post Malone Smut Fan Fiction by OceanoKennedy
Daddy ♡-- Post Malone Smut Fan Kennedy
Warning: Explicit Sexual content, extreme BDSM and trigger warning. Stressful situations. Ashelia 'Ashe' Farron and Austin Post ran into each other just by chance throu...
Anonymous :The Hactivist Has Risen  by anonisdaddy1083
Anonymous :The Hactivist Has Risen by Mia 💜
In this story, a girl is kidnapped and held captive by the group that calls themselves "Anonymous". What will happen when she meets a dominant and controlling...
My Master by Jazrian_3
My Masterby Ngowari Pricillia Jaja
_Slow Updates_ A submissive at heart, Claire seeks to be dominated in every sense. Fortunately, Bryan is all that and more. WARNING: UNCENSORED!!
Touch Me by KishaWayland
Touch Meby Kisha Danielle
"I could help you plead your case to the chancellor,"-Alexa shook her head to stop staring at him mindlessly-"but you must do something for me in exchange...
Ravisher by Adheeshree
Ravisherby Adheeshree
He took my everything. He caged me. He abused me. He ravished me. He came like a storm in my life but he doesn't intend to leave like a storm.
Babysitter or daddy?  by averywish
Babysitter or daddy? by averywish
Angela moon is a 17 year old high school junior who party's, drinks, and smokes weed, but what happens when she's left alone with a sexy daddy dom 23 year old "baby...
Beta by Avalinda
Betaby Avalinda
Lance is a beta.... totally just a beta. A/B/O universe Voltron legendary defenders Beta! Hunk Beta! Pidge Alpha! Shiro Alpha! Keith Smut Non consensual actions B...
Submission by korielyn
Submissionby korielyn
Highest ranking #1 as on 4th July 2017 "Tell me you are mine" the cold, sharp, merciless blade tried to force me into submission. Into HIS submission. I am not...
His Little Girl by promiuse
His Little Girlby princess
"Will you love me forever Daddy?" "For eternity, princess."
Becoming Baby by babymunro
Becoming Babyby babymunro
A naive young college student finds her calling in the ABDL lifestyle. Warning! This is a work of pure fantasy. If you are easily offended by some of the themes you see...
 The Emperor's Journey by typical_Indiangirl
The Emperor's Journeyby typical_Indiangirl
Note:- This is a complete work of fiction and has no relation to any person living or dead and any similarity found is just a matter of coincidence. After b...
P E A K (PART TWO) by _himeros_
#1- FxM 09/03/18 #3- Dominatrix 09/06/18 #4- Femdom 09/06/18 Part 2 of Climax. Climax is a story riddled with female fantasies. From Italian men with bad mouths, bosses...
SPEC OPS: TANK - RERUNby Guilty as charged
Book one of the SPEC OPS Series. TANK. Warning ⚠️ Smut Soft core Hardcore cunnilingus Finger fuck Cumplay Kinks BDSM Recorded sex Oral DomxSub relationship Dirty talk...
Providence  by PascaleH
Providence by Farmer Pocasqualie
Sequel to Lone Wolf Liam, alpha of the Wind Runners, has won in his battle against neighboring packs seeking to steal his territory with bioharzardous weapons and Seren...
Bullying Rory Gilmore: Rory's 16th by schoolboytales
Bullying Rory Gilmore: Rory's 16thby schoolboytales
Loosely based on the series Gilmore Girls and its beautiful main character Rory Gilmore. It's Rory's 16th birthday and bullies Allison Hargreaves and Becky Quinn from th...
TNO: Pleasure Slave Arc by Blu_Koral
TNO: Pleasure Slave Arcby Blu_Koral
A sidestory arc for The New Order, following the story from the point of view of those destined to become pleasure slaves. Might be a bit confusing if you haven't read T...
The Way He Is by its-the-hypophrenic
The Way He Isby its-the-hypophrenic
I'm gonna bang you on every furniture of my house babe" He whispered in my ear, I gulped and felt shivers down my spine. "your pants, they bother me take em of...
What Can You Do, When Voodoo? (ABDL/Furry/Fantasy) by horatiohusky
What Can You Do, When Voodoo? ( horatiopup!
Kaz has always had a soft spot for the mysterious, gods? Those were cool! Mystical beasts? Awesome! Powerful sorceresses? Totally AWESOME! This fox is all about it! Howe...
Little Witch Academia  Atsuko Kagari Grindelwald  by DerrYBoY3
Little Witch Academia Atsuko DerrY BoY
Akko Grindelwald (as she prefers to be called.) is starting her first year at Luna Nova. She isn't interested in friend's, but she isn't good academically, or so people...
The alpha chimera  by gono66
The alpha chimera by gono66
(Cover art- An Au where theo is brought into beacon hills around season3b and is told to w...