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IncuBUST by NixiethePixie13
IncuBUSTby Nixie McTavish
In a world where humans know about the existence of supernatural creatures an incubus doesn't have it easy. Especially when they happen to be asexual.
Crazy in Love \* Complete */ by ciolJen
Crazy in Love \* Complete */by CJ
⚠️❌ Mature Content ❌⚠️ Izuku has a quirk in this story. Just not a quirk that would put him out in the field per-say. Izuku's quirk: Succubus Which will mean yes, smut...
Lucifer King by LucifersMistresss
Lucifer Kingby Lucifer's Mistress
His lips broke away from mine leaving me panting like crazy and made their way to my cheek. Leaving a hot trail of kisses from my cheek to my collarbone, brushing the ti...
You are the Princess Succubus. Seeing random demons and ghouls having sex in various places aren't that peculiar under here in Hell, after all your Father *ahem* Lucifer...
Demon Lord's Succubus by nanakawaichan
Demon Lord's Succubusby nana
My Patreon page: Discord chanel: Eve had a perfect life. She was a princess from a prosperous kingdom an...
Once Upon A Pink Haired Girl (GxG - Succubus Story) by OceanBolts
Once Upon A Pink Haired Girl ( Ocean Bolts
Yeah so this is going to be a Yuri/GL/GXG (Because I'm gay like that lmao) ♤ ♤ ♤ Kaoru Tachibana is a 19 year old girl, just starting her new life at her new appartment...
Succubus reader X Izuku by skinnyjs
Succubus reader X Izukuby skinnyjs
Izuku and reader are in their third year of high school, both about 19 or so, Izuku or anyone else has no idea about this mischievous quirk of yours, they all think its...
Reincarnated as the Most OverPowered Villainess by HyperSecure123
Reincarnated as the Most 123
A boy dies due to Truck-sama and gets reincarnated as the most Overpowered villainess of an Otome game which his sister forced him to play to clear the action part. Cove...
Mamono One-Shots! by acasia0972
Mamono One-Shots!by Avaneesh Poojari
Hello there and welcome to my first fanfic on this site! Normally, fanfic isn't my sort of thing, but for this I just couldn't help myself! After spending some time on t...
Sexy as Hell: A More Than Men Novella by Andrea_Laurence
Sexy as Hell: A More Than Men Andrea_Laurence
Copyright 2012 Andrea Laurence Strong, sexy and powerful... the kind of man every woman wants in her life and in her bed. But these men are more. Oh, so much more. Seth...
(Rosario vampire x Male Reader) by mariohiginio
(Rosario vampire x Male Reader)by mario higinio
A Neko a human a vampire and tons of other monsters! (I came a cross a story like this and was like, "You know what! f!ck it" so yeah :3) 2022/DEC/02 #1 - rosa...
Kiss My Ass, Cunt by Creammycum
Kiss My Ass, Cuntby Ronnie
(The title has nothing to a do with the story) "I'm trying to find good dick, alright" - Regatia This is about a succubus in the human world with a demon brot...
Male healer reader x yandere RWBY harem  by wolffrost789
Male healer reader x yandere Robbe Nijs
a cute boy found by summer rose and becomes Rubys and yangs younger brother that they love Very much enjoy!
Strong|Katsuki Bakugou x Reader| by WifeOfBakugou
Strong|Katsuki Bakugou x Reader|by this acc is old
[Being Rewritten] Katsuki Bakugou x FEM! Reader! (Y/N) Kirishima is undeniably strong. She had just recently been rescued after being sold by her parents who were desper...
Future Gohan in Yokai Dimension(A Rosario+Vampire And Dragon Ball Z Crossover) by SuperSaiyanJayden
Future Gohan in Yokai Dimension( Bullet's Husband
Age.762 Gohan was battling the Androids. Once the Androids were about to kill Gohan, a black hole appears and takes the Saiyan-hybrid in the Rosario+Vampire universe...J...
Succubus (Mafia! My Hero Academia X Reader) by Bakus_bitch991
Succubus (Mafia! My Hero Lauren
Why would the Mafia take me in? They all seem so nice but there the bad guys right? In this world the Mafia men wear dog tags, showing how powerful they are it goes from...
Foxtails and Fairytales: Reckless Adventures in Another World by NathanielWilhelm
Foxtails and Fairytales: NathanielWilhelm
A tragic 17 year old boy dies as just another number in a massacre. He wakes up reborn as a baby with a fox tail and ears. Born in a world of swords and magic the youth...
The Succubus's Plaything by hallupus
The Succubus's Playthingby Hal Lupus
I wake up in an environment which I don't recognize. It's black as pitch. No wait. I can see a little detail. In the leftmost corner of the room a dim candle was alig...
Ben 10: Alien + Vampire by 1102Smeagol
Ben 10: Alien + Vampireby 1102Smeagol
Ben Tennyson's gone through it all: Aliens, Magic, Warlords, and such. Now he's facing a new challenge: High School. However, the High School he's gone to is one for Mon...