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War, Elements, and Magic by ThatGuy86
War, Elements, and Magicby That Guy
After over 600 years of war in the World, the nations of Oslionia, Rikta, and Tufe have arisen as the only nations able to continue/ exist during the conflict. With ever...
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The Kingdom's Fall by lumtrexa
The Kingdom's Fallby Lumtrexa
|UNDER EDITING| Faeries and a strange new town of the underground full of pumpkin patches and dark secrets. Elaine is determined to save her family and friends from Vik...
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FANTASY WORLD (Title in progress) by wafflestarzz
FANTASY WORLD (Title in progress)by Bees
Kari Locklyn, a young boy who came from a world where everyone is born with a superpower, ends up in a place he doesn't belong. His superpower lets him form Snowballs i...
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Warrior From the Depths by Taylor_Merlot6
Warrior From the Depthsby Taylor_Merlot6
In a world where guardians to the empire are held with honor and a code of ethics, Vemira is anything but. Raised as Pit Fighter, she's illegal in the eyes of the empire...
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Children of Syval by pnstaudt
Children of Syvalby Paige N. Staudt
"The Gods will rise again." When she was nine years old, Yvette Cross lost her parents in a tragic fire that consumed her entire village, leaving her behind wi...
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The Impossible Fate That Leads To A God Of A New World Volume 1 by LuciferVermillion
The Impossible Fate That Leads To...by LuciferVermillion
What is fate? Is it something that was destined to happen? Can it be changed? No. If it can be changed, it would't be known as fate, isn't it? They say that fate can be...
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L'Épopée des Anciens, An 1429 3E by Davoan2444
L'Épopée des Anciens, An 1429 3Eby Alessio Konn
An 1429, de la Troisième Ère. Dans le Royaume de Britia, soumis à l'autorité et aux décisions du majestueux Empire de Grenat, la guerre religieuse entre l'Armée du Chao...
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Unsightly Gluttony by KekwSenjogahara
Unsightly Gluttonyby KekwSenjogahara
She never wanted much out of life except it's necessities, But one day she was suddenly given friends to treasure. She laughed with them, played with them, worked with t...
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The Dreamers of Draíocht: The Mudford Mob | ONC 2020 by KR_Williams
The Dreamers of Draíocht: The Mudf...by KR Williams
Artur is given to the Deep One on the eve of Imbolc, buried beneath the frozen earth in a ship-shaped casket and bound in thread. For Hild, the undertaker's daughter, it...
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Shadow Weaver (Back on Wattpad 2020!) by Claire-Merle
Shadow Weaver (Back on Wattpad 202...by Claire-Merle
"Mooooorrrrrrrreeeeeeee, this book is like air, i need it!" @noromance101 "These chapters are written BEAUTIFULLY! You are, without a doubt, my favorite...
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To Be Forsaken No More by RL_Mrrs
To Be Forsaken No Moreby RL_Mrrs
Where did you come from? Those who hold the world are those who hold power. Everybody is trying to make a living for themself. Unless you want to be a Vagrant? Yeah, a V...
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Demon's Grimoire by antararaku
Demon's Grimoireby Xhander
Some humans can see words floating inside their heads like holograms. People who can see these're called Players. They hunt, slay, raid dungeons, find hidden treasure...
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The Sword Saint by doneeh
The Sword Saintby Don Pastera
The Sword Saint, the most powerful being in the world but who shall wield its title?
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Divulging Shadows by NarahKvamme
Divulging Shadowsby Narah Kvamme
Svanja is the daughter of the royal family of Bjordor. She would do anything to gain the respect of her father - and the safety of her people. Alin is the bastard prince...
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Chi's journal by DemonQueenHana
Chi's journalby Demon Queen Hana
-Het verhaal van mijn modded Skyrim playtrough- //Je kan dit ook lezen wanneer je Skyrim niet kent, geen voorkennis is nodig// Half nord, kwart bosmer en kwart khajiit...
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Regime of Kingdoms by freyascribbles
Regime of Kingdomsby freyascribbles
[ONGOING] Ashemire is a united realm no longer. Divided into glorified kingdoms, conflict is brewing as each seek out immeasurable power. Treachery, revenge, war and sch...
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The Unbidden: The First Tome (Book Three) (Complete) by Redeyes260
The Unbidden: The First Tome (Book...by Baphomet
A compilation of 3 side stories (3 novella) that stand along within the main series, but help to flesh out the world and provide you with new perspectives from new and o...
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Dawn and Dusk by Icywritings
Dawn and Duskby IcyWritings
When the kingdoms had fallen to the darkness. There are brave adventurers coming to save them, the Dark Knights were coming to attack as they attempted to fight them bac...
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The Erondós, Legends of the Elder Days. 33rd Edition by SwanJFHBylanderIII
The Erondós, Legends of the Elder...by Solinvictus
This is the Authorized 33rd Edition of the Erondós, date of issued edition HIY 3466, 6A 1966. Published and distributed by the Hironian Imperial Magi Circle with coopera...
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Yuün by ansorojii
Yuünby ansorojii
In the centre of the world, the yuün sprouts, grows, and then flowers but once a cycle.
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