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The King's Inamorata (A Queen's Tale #1) by LillyStoryTeller
The King's Inamorata (A Queen's Ta...by Lilly
When Vivia Ellspire stumbles across a dying man in the woods, her first instinct is to help this stranger rather than question him. Vivia lives as a pauper on the outsk...
  • highfantasy
  • king
  • royal
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Diary of a Reborn Queen by butterfly_effect
Diary of a Reborn Queenby Kathy
At twenty, I died as I watched my country burned to ashes. When I opened my eyes, I am sixteen again. The first thing I plan to do is breaking off my engagement with Pr...
  • magic
  • romance
  • featured
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Spears of Redriver by Kostavo
Spears of Redriverby Kostavo Livet
Carthus, a young orphan trained to be a warrior like his father before him, is considered to be one of the best Maeli in his clan. However, he is forced to run for his l...
  • warband
  • adventure
  • fantasy
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The Air Howlers Book I ✔ by WinterStars
The Air Howlers Book I ✔by WinterStars
In the Kingdom of Aethorin, gifted people, known as Howlers, help protect the land and its people. In every generation, four are chosen to become part of the King's Spec...
  • teenfiction
  • powers
  • king
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Constantine (Daughter of War #1) by MissBookNut
Constantine (Daughter of War #1)by Rotting for the Break
Religion rules Constantine's world...and she has been condemned as the Spawn of the Devil. She is a Champion, a human being blessed with superhuman abilities by the deit...
  • wattpadblockparty
  • highfantasy
  • fantasy
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Ever So Lightly- Book 1 by paisleypikachu
Ever So Lightly- Book 1by Katie Steele
{COMPLETED} The stars disappeared seventeen years ago. A black night sky has mirrored a bleak existence for the people of Auros. The Gifted, humans with unique abilities...
  • youngadult
  • epicfantasy
  • fantasyromance
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Untitled at the Moment by FrankGainey
Untitled at the Momentby Frank Gainey
A dark evil is falling over the Earth and only two unlikely heroes that can save it. In order to defeat this evil, they must fight it at a time where it was much weaker...
  • gainey
  • elf
  • read
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Unfinished Task by Lonewolf2703
Unfinished Taskby Lone wolf
Some people believe in things which are in existence without a scientific explanation and other just call them superstitious. Pratham is just like those boys who don't a...
  • college
  • fantasy
  • teen
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A Tide of Beasts by sianywu22
A Tide of Beastsby Siân H Webster
Long ago, the Beasts left the lands of men, and with them, an untold amount of knowledge was lost. The country of Rhaja blamed its neighbour, Alsidia, for treating the B...
  • beasts
  • heist
  • slavetrade
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Cas and Aren by MagnetarGirl
Cas and Arenby Charlie
Deep in the desert, many secrets are held. A pair of street rats with a reputation and a large ego to uphold, Cas and Aren plan their biggest venture yet - to steal from...
  • desert
  • city
  • streets
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A Silver Crown (Weaver series) by Elliemina
A Silver Crown (Weaver series)by Elliemina
When Anera finds herself frantically fighting towards her desperate escape from the Threaded City of wicked spider shapeshifting Weaver's and her spiteful father, things...
  • adventure
  • strongfemalecharacters
  • fairies
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Tales From Evenfall by CrimsonEvenfall
Tales From Evenfallby CrimsonEvenfall
A collection of short stories from my universe. Bit of a mixed bag. Enjoy! (Stories are in no particular order, and may be behind or further than the current time in 'Ne...
  • evenfall
  • neweyes
  • dark
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The Edict by PhilippaJaneKeyworth
The Edictby Philippa Jane Keyworth
Amidst robberies, prison breaks, palace intrigues, and an oncoming war, the struggle for peace rests on the shoulders of unlikely allies... The Reluwyn Empire of Emrili...
  • adventure
  • femaleprotagonist
  • action
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Tempting Curse by MsFolle
Tempting Curseby MsFolle
Being cursed and haunted by a dark past, Rhea was met with so much pain that she no longer felt the need for any emotions. But because her cursed past was still dragging...
  • action-adventure
  • mystery
  • demons
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Cinders Rising by Cassandra-S
Cinders Risingby Cassie
In Drakkona, where blood and steel is the trade of choice, a twelve-year-old soothsayer see's a madness stirring inside the Queen of Ashar, and a war that comes on the w...
  • youngadult
  • family
  • crown
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Son of Winter - All the King's Men by dear_wormwood
Son of Winter - All the King's Menby dear_wormwood
The continent of Hrimmhail. To the north lies the dwarven snow-covered wasteland, dotted with tribal humans, all vying for technology from the grand fortress. Further so...
  • fantasy
  • mature
  • supernatural
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I Guess I'm a Dragon Now (Part 1) by Vexitus
I Guess I'm a Dragon Now (Part 1)by Kaleb Keeton
Upon awakening, a man who is steadily losing his memories suddenly finds himself in a peculiar situation. He can't seem to move or breathe while everything around him is...
  • highfantasy
  • dragonmc
  • gods
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A Priestess for the Blind God (Legends of Rahasia Book 1) by authorsophiawhitte
A Priestess for the Blind God (Leg...by Sophia Whittemore
"The Blind God walks around me, and I feel my mind prodded again like it was in the cavern, a spider weaving a tangled web. "Would you do anything to be rememb...
  • kingdom
  • darkfantasy
  • fantasy
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The Lost Queen (Book 1| Complete) by ssmith314
The Lost Queen (Book 1| Complete)by Stephanie Smith
A human seer and an Elven Prince have one thing in common: a missing sister. Seraiah's dreams have a habit of coming true, but when all her dreams turn into nightmares...
  • magicalcreatures
  • fantasy
  • epicfantasy
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The Dragon Queen's Heir [book one] by AmberLynnWriter
The Dragon Queen's Heir [book one]by Amber Lynn
"And the fifth Rider is . . ." * Royal princess Ashlyn Rehlia thinks her life to be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, she's a princess. She's never had...
  • adventure
  • magic
  • villainess
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