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Blood Ties by ntlpurpolia
Blood Tiesby 🇭🇰Nicole✝️Lam🇨🇦
*UPDATES EVERY WEDNESDAY!* THE PRINCE DECLAN LOCKWOOD has a lot to prove to his father when he storms the ancient city of Milona in order to access a long-buried treasur...
A Queen for the Frost Giant (Legends of Rahasia Book 0) by FaeWhit
A Queen for the Frost Giant (Legen...by Sophie Whit
The giant beneath the mountain has awakened after three centuries' slumber and devours some of my fathers' best men every morning. He will continue taking lives, one for...
Icebound by PaintingTheRosesRed
Iceboundby Rose Blackwell
The harsh winters and freezing blizzards of the tundra are all familiar to Anyu. Living amongst her tribe in the frozen wasteland, she has learned to survive and fend fo...
The Human - Soothsayer by RRJBeattie
The Human - Soothsayerby RRJBeattie
Tyfell Calum was nothing more than a thief the day the city was attacked. He wasn't special. He wasn't a royal, and he certainly wasn't rich. He was just a boy that liv...
The Anthem of the Imperial Beasts by austeakette
The Anthem of the Imperial Beastsby Austèa E. Kette
!!! AVAILABLE UNTIL 25/07 !!! • • • The Empire of Beasts is a cursed nation where beasts live. But Elynn is only aware of the latter part, and yet not quite. As Elynn di...
Guardian of Calandria  |  ✔️ by Prisim
Guardian of Calandria | ✔️by Queen of the Gummy Bears
Magic isn't extinct, it's concealed by a pissed off redhead. Kira struggles to find balance between pretending to fit in with her fellow villagers and the one thing that...
Bloodline of a Tempest by SilverElm
Bloodline of a Tempestby SilverElm
Once in a few centuries an Asteralt is born - one that can master all four elements of magic. A being with such great power it can heal everything it touches and destroy...
The Draykon Series (1-3) by CharlotteEnglish
The Draykon Series (1-3)by Charlotte E. English
A sweeping epic fantasy series full of mystery and adventure, rare jewels and mythical creatures. Ancient legends don't come back to life. Until they do... The vast, wi...
I Must Defend the Dungeon by Adrian_Richards
I Must Defend the Dungeonby Adrian Richards
(Hiatus) I am a monster. As a slime I killed a human, died, and was reborn a goblin. The more I kill, the higher I evolve . . . but only after death. How strong must I b...
The Deadly Trials by Kunfabulate
The Deadly Trialsby Madison Yuresko
Princes with dark pasts, girls out for vengeance, and creatures with a thirst for blood. These trials may live up to their name: they just might cause Belline's death. T...
The Windcaster [Fantasy/Adventure | Featured | Complete ] by KatrinHollister
The Windcaster [Fantasy/Adventure...by Kat Hollister
THE WIND ON FIRE meets STUDIO GHIBLI's LAPUTA. Tia, a wind magic trainee, desires to leave her life of monotony in a cosy seaside town. When summons arrived for the wind...
The Kingdom of Kalimum by ExoterraTalon
The Kingdom of Kalimumby girl of the monsters
Enter the portal into Kalimum, the Kingdom where all sorts of monstrous creatures live! Here you will get to meet Werecats, Vampires, Demons, Dryads, Nagas and more. Fol...
Titan's Throne #featured by theonionjunktion
Titan's Throne #featuredby The Onion Junktion
30 year old Bastian Smith died and reincarnated in a different body in a word different from earth. The body he was in was that of a 12 year old noble boy. Bastian was a...
More Than A Game (Epic LitRPG adventure) by fayroll
More Than A Game (Epic LitRPG adve...by Andrey Vasiliev
Harriton Nikiforov, journalist, cynic, and binge-drinker must enter the world of Fayroll in the assignment of a lifetime to discover the game taking society by storm. Fa...
Glorious by a_cornerstone
Gloriousby A. Cornerstone
Nua is a malnourished street rat from the Overlord's Mercy. Scavenging the junkyard for the scraps of wartime magitech goliaths, she stumbles upon an ancient amulet and...
Silver Cathedral Saga by MarcusRiddle
Silver Cathedral Sagaby MarcusRiddle
On Astora, Eleanor and Christian both dream of becoming Spellcasters to protect their world from the great threats that endanger peoples lives. The two desperately feel...
Claire Evans is a small town Indiana gal with a heart for adventure. When a wounded dragon falls from the sky, she runs into a cornfield to rescue it. This isn't just an...
Daughter Of The Dragon by The_OrangeAuthor
Daughter Of The Dragonby Anmol
A Draton Isles Tale : Book 1 (complete) As the Kingdom of Riteron sacrifices itself in war, King Darius must give up his only child to his most trusted knight. Princess...
Have you ever Been reborn as a world before?  by ThatWriterLuna
Have you ever Been reborn as a wor...by Luna
Kimogari Enchilo was your average 32 year old man with an average job in Japan. He was born in Poland, but due to his family's issues with him he decided to flee to Japa...
Knight | Celeste Academy Series BK #1 by MyLovelyWriter
Knight | Celeste Academy Series BK...by Lovely
Life for Valeriana Kerrigan has recently taken bad turns; her father dies, her best friend leaves and her mother is fighting to keep their life together. But in spite of...