Sex and Death in Skeleton City

Sex and Death in Skeleton City

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Jazzua Ki Andrews By Jazzua Completed

💀2018 WATTYS WINNER - The Originals💀 

*undead romance adventure - COMPLETED*

What's an undead guy to do when his girlfriend's depressed, his roof's made of lava and his cat's been misplaced by the Government? Personally, Geoff  wouldn't mind a nap, but the afterlife has other ideas. There's no resting in peace in this underworld adventure featuring hellspiders, pirates and the desperate search for a fugitive cat thief.

FEATURED LIST - October 2018

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#1 in ADULTFIC (22/05/2018)
#1 in SKELETONS (24/11/2018)
#56 in ROMANCE (25/11/2018)
#92 in HORROR (25/11/2018)

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LLMontez LLMontez Oct 09, 2018
Ooohhhh... just wait, my friend. When you get the obnoxious ones like me, you may eat these words.
One of the first thoughts I think of when I think of me dying....
                              'OH NO! What about Cuddly (my cat)? I CANNOT LEAVE HIM ALL ALONE'
Sanguine_Witch Sanguine_Witch Oct 27, 2018
Just the fact that your first real concern is your cat makes me really want to read this. 
                              Because cats are the best thing to ever exist.
morningtides morningtides Oct 20, 2018
This is such a great backstory! Looking forward to this one.
Simply_Hiraeth Simply_Hiraeth Sep 14, 2018
This title totally drew me in!! I think it sounds great 😀
AmyMarieZ AmyMarieZ Sep 09, 2018
So far I really love the title you have and it was one of the things that drew me to the story. I thought it sounded unique and had a nice ring to it. Although I haven’t read the story yet. 😅