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Belladonna Dust Daughter of Hades AU by turtleangel10
Belladonna Dust Daughter of turtleangel10
Hades daughter raised by my most favorite ship RadioDust from my favorite thing to watch on Youtube. Hazbin Hotel. Inspired by the Hazbin Hotel Comics and the Angel Dust...
The Apprentice Of The Radio Demon by Roses52
The Apprentice Of The Radio Demonby Roses52
In 1989, (Y/n) was in the seventh grade when her Best friend's death changed her life. Sure they had a good life together, always defending each other from (Y/n)'s siste...
Triangle Love (Alastor × Reader × Angel) by Teddy_Bones
Triangle Love (Alastor × Reader × Pansexual Peep
I dedicate this whole story to @Tubbo_Beeu! I'm only doing this cause I care for them! But other wise enjoy! XD (Also, this will not follow the plot/show/whatever you wa...
The Radio Demon & His Wife (Alastorxfemreader) by fallenangel176
The Radio Demon & His Wife ( fallenangel176
When the Hazbin hotel characters meet the Gravity Falls characters. Ford finds out he has a 19 year old daughter and she's an overlord from Hell and married to the most...
The Puppet (Hazbin Hotel x Marionette OC) by D1sastr0usK41
The Puppet (Hazbin Hotel x D1sastr0usK41
A story of a person who had a rough life, he ended up killing his own mother and killed himself not too long after that. He was sent to hell and not long after, he made...
CRIMSON BRIDE  by punbunny
She married the radio host thinking everything would be fine until she finds out the mystery be-hide the unsolved case of ' cannibal killer ' what happens when it's her...
The Fox Demon (Alastor x Demon!M!Reader) [COMPLETED!] by NurulAqilah394
The Fox Demon (Alastor x Demon!M! Ryunosuke
"For the last time Alastor, stop teleport me whenever you like when I'm trying to enjoy my day!" "Oh but honey, I know you love it!" 'Fox' or his re...
Male Dom Reader X Alastor Lemon by The_Radio_Fox_Demon
Male Dom Reader X Alastor Lemonby The_Radio_Fox_Demon
M/n is a chief at the Hazbin Hotel and he is one of the Princes of hell but no one knew that he was one of the Princes. M/n is also gay but he doesn't act gay because he...
The Ghost of Hell by D1sastr0usK41
The Ghost of Hellby D1sastr0usK41
Ghast was a very timid and shy boy, he would always get bullied because of how he looked like a girl despite his age. He was insulted many times for his girlish feature...
The Lich King (Fem Hazbin Hotel Harem x Male Reader) by Bicoterby
The Lich King (Fem Hazbin Hotel Tom John Bernal
Hi...👍 (Sorry Introvert Life😐👍) Anyways Read it
How it would Feel to Be Loved || Angel Dust x Female Reader by cioudydonvt_niooie
How it would Feel to Be Loved || Sapphire Magne
How It would Feel To Be Loved Angel Dust x Female Reader ~Earned Ranks~ •1st on HappyHotel •2nd on Angeldust Written By; Cioudydonuv_niooie Time and Date Written: 11:11...
Til' death do us part (Alastor x Reader) by pstiense
Til' death do us part (Alastor x sky x
The Scarlet Demon. Killer. Murder. That's you. Read to find out more (DISCONTINUED)
Our Cute Demon Summoner (BNHA X HAZBINHOTEL) by Vienna_Darling
Our Cute Demon Summoner (BNHA X Vieby/Baby
In which a sweet little girl named kimiko y/n has a quirk named 'hazbin' and she is able to talk and summon demons in hell which are referred to as 'hazbins' or in other...
Alastor x Reader Oneshots by DearMissRelatable
Alastor x Reader Oneshotsby DearMissRelatable
Alastor x Reader Oneshots from the show 'Hazbin Hotel' <3 ~ Art does not belong to me unless I clearly say it does ~ Hazbin Hotel belongs to Vivziepop ...
Trio Turf! (Angel Dust x Reader) by VG_Writes
Trio Turf! (Angel Dust x Reader)by VG_Writes
"Took ya long enough! Where have ya been Angie!" Cherri shouts "Yeah!~ You've been missing the action!~" You pout, "Sorry gals got caught up wit...
Trouble (Alastor x FemDemon!reader) by wi_witch
Trouble (Alastor x FemDemon!reader)by wi_witch
Hello fellow readers and welcome! It's been a while.. Picture's not mine. ( I want to add my style what I imagined the Demon! reader would look like. I hope you dont min...
Predator and Prey by Emerald_Rains
Predator and Preyby Jupiter Emerald
This is a Hazbin Hotel Alastor X Reader story ('cause there isn't enough of these already). All characters belong to their respected creators. ⚠️ this story will have s...
Hazbin Hotel x Reader Preferences/Scenarios by Diamondstripe1
Hazbin Hotel x Reader duststar of roseclan
For that faze of thirsting for a HH character- (this has no exact order, just having fun. you can put requests if you want)
Disney Descendants/ Hazbin Hotel Crossover Daughter of Hades 3 by turtleangel10
Disney Descendants/ Hazbin Hotel turtleangel10
Auradon is in danger and the VKs know only one goddess who can save it. Who else than Harmony the daughter of Hades and the adopted daughter of Alastor the Radio Demon a...
Radical New Therapy by VioletElder
Radical New Therapyby Violet Elder
Alastor is convinced to take over Angel Dusts therapy at the hotel when Charlie cant handle anymore of Angel's shenanigans. What could possibly go wrong? Co-written by...